Penn State hires Joe Moorhead as Offensive Coordinator

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It looks like Franklin is going in a much different direction on offense with Moorhead:

Statistically, his teams at Fordham finished in the FCS national top 20 in most important offensive categories with the exception of rushing offense. Fordham was 19th in total offense (453 yards per game) in 2015, ninth in scoring offense (37 points per game), 20th in pass offense and 42nd in rushing.

In 2014, Fordham was seventh in total offense, 15th in scoring, third in passing and 70th in rushing.

In Moorhead's two seasons at UConn, he installed an up-tempo, mostly no-huddle attack, largely from spread formations, at a program known for running the ball out of pro-style formations. The Huskies finished second in the Big East in scoring offense both years with a fairly even run-pass mix. In 2010, they won the conference title and played in the Fiesta Bowl.





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Guy is legit. He has the ability to craft new ideas to suit his talent. The article doesn't say it but I wonder if Moorhead might bring along his OL coach Rodriquez. Rumors have swirled around Herb Hand and Rodriquez had a big role in Fordham's offensive success.


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They'd better get a miracle worker for an OL coach.
We've seen how tough it is to run any kind of offensive system without a solid O-Line.
They just don't seem to have a lot of talent to work with right now in that position group.
Good luck to them, though. I don't think an improved PSU will stop us from our goals, but it would be good for the conference.


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Agree on the PSU offensive playcalling.  Both of these points are from memory, can't find anything online about either.  

1. Too many straight drop backs for Hackenburg.  They would've been better off running more roll-outs, letting him see the field a little better and running pass routes slanted toward that side of the field.  

2. If I remember correctly, their O-line was not the most mobile group we saw this year.  I think they were built to be a little more of a mauling-type OL, weren't they?  


#1 is probably moot at this point.  Hackenburg may not come back.  Regardless, this new OC sounds like a coach who won't run a stupid system.  

#2 could be a big impact on their ability this year, if the group is not mobile enough to run a spread O.


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the only program in the country more determined to remain in the past than UM installs a fast paced hyperspread offense before we do (haha). I can't see them looking like Oregon but we better get this offense going because half of defense in modern CFB is matching your opponent when they inevitably get in the endzone. Even "our 3rd team defense is comprised of 5* recruits" Alabama gets poured on occasionally. You have to score and we'll be the only B1G East team with a QB under Center next year with msu starting Terry. We gotta get going but I like the hire. Hackenberg better gtfo but I'm sure his bags were packed last Winter.


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What is this comment? We installed a spread for 3 years, look how that turned out. Spread teams, when not loaded with 5 stars on defense, can't stop anything. And, weather has been proven to shut teams down. I'll take our offense in a year of Penn State's in two years.

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The only thing this hire says to me is "cool, automatic wins vs. PSU the next 2-3 years." They're going to need 50-75% roster churn before they can run this system effectively, never mind the fact that this recruiting cycle is almost over. This hire might make sense if Franklin thought he was getting another 3 years.


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do well. They can pull recruits from New Jersey if they get their act together and it makes it that much tougher to win the conference to say nothing about the past that make me want to see then wallow in garbage forever.

My hope is Franklin doesn't survive the turnaround and this screws them over for decades.


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Yeah, I am actually rather intrigued by a slightly new-look Penn State on offense, given that this guy actually makes use of uptempo, no-huddle spread concepts, something that I didn't think I would ever see in State College quite honestly. It might take a while to install, but watching the Nittany Lions not take a year or so between snaps sometimes will be....different. 


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Considering how good their RB is, this is weird short term. I guess it could bring long term success when they recruit the right guys, but I don't know how much time Franklin will get.

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Eye of the Tiger

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Probably more accurate to say he's an uptempo guy, as his offenses use both spread and tight formations. Kind of like what PSU ran a few years ago, when they were good for a brief period.