Penn State Game Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on October 12th, 2013 at 4:41 PM
Let's get the win, let's try and keep the thread like human beings over the age of 10, and Let's Go Blue!



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When you hire a MWC coach with a middlng career record who doesn't even understand offense enough to give input during the games, you're going to get waxed by teams that lose to Indiana by 20.  This team is continually getting worse, and I see no signs of improvement.  Zero plyamakers at receiver, maybe the worst O-line Michigan has ever had despite starting two senior all-Big Ten tacklers, and a QB who absolutely cannot stop turning the ball over.  It's a national embarassment.


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Ok I was sarcastically exaggerating a few posts ago, but you are obviously not. Defense is getting put in some garbage situations, snaps are snaps and they are getting worn down. Hoke isn't completely innocent here (headset is on), but Borges is just....I really think he is an  Ohio State spy. That or he is just spectacular and destroying talent. Inside screen with Funchess? Whaa...Why? Without an invisibility cloak, that should never be run.


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all pass plays are 7 step drops? We have gallon and dileo...two slot ninjas.

why can't we dink and dunk it somemore. PSU is shading everything to gallon so the other half of the field has to be open. BOth picks were thrown to bracket coverage on gallon.



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seems to be tracking dangerously close to those of ty willingham and charlie weiss. 1 good year utilizing the previous regime's players, and then no improvement, then regression. now on to mediocrity!


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You have to give the freshman QB opportunities. Their freshman QB seems to be doing well.

Live by Gardner and die by Gardner is eventually just going to be die.



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  Michigan Penn State
1st Downs 7 7
3rd down efficiency
22% 43%
4th down efficiency
0-0 0-1
Total Yards 144 149
Passing 88 111
6 for 12 9 for 15
Yards per pass
7.3 7.4
Rushing 56 38
Rushing Attempts
23 17
Yards per rush
2.4 2.2
YPP 5.8 4.7
Turnovers 3 1
Fumbles lost
1 0
Interceptions thrown
2 1
Possession 19:38 10:22



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PSU is just putting 8 in the box knowing, since Borges/Hoke are on the road, that they will just run it up the middle. I don't really get it


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Now we see why Borges has been a journeyman OC. He has no rhyme or reason to his play calls. I wonder if he watches game film sometimes

Dilithium Wings

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I know the defense has been put in tough positions and PSU hasn't had to drive far to score but son of a bitch will Mattison turn this defense up. Passive fucking game is allowing an 18 to pick apart his so called great defenses


October 12th, 2013 at 6:32 PM ^

put these guys in the posiiton to succeed. 

Our stategy of not b listzing has directly resulted in 3 TD passes for a true freshman. No pressure has only built hi confidence. On the other hand, Penn State has rushed 6 and caused pressure directly resulting in 3 TO's for Michigan. Those factors along with our unimaginative 1st down play calling have resulted in a first half whooping. 


October 12th, 2013 at 6:35 PM ^

We did the same thing against Akron and uconn. No blitzes, and no pressure. 3 out of 6 weeks we have been outplayed by absolutely pathetic opposition. I never comment during games but this is infuriating. I can't believe we r this bad. We can still win this game but we suck.


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OK but seriously. I cannot stand that Michigan's gotten three touchdowns scored on them on 3rd and longs. Stop just ONE of those plays and suddenly the game doesn't seem so awful. Same thing with Devin. If he doesn't turnover the ball just once out of those 3 times, game is different. I don't get why this team loves shooting itself in the foot.

The larger issue is the run game. What a tire fire. I don't even know what to think anymore. 


October 12th, 2013 at 6:34 PM ^

Mattison's game plan has been pretty piss poor as well.  No way PSU should've put in a TD after either of the first two INT's.  IU messed with Hackenberg by bringing heat.. For Mattison to rush 3 on bod 3rd downs is mystifying.


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The turnovers are the difference in this game based on those stats from above. Think we have to make better calls since it seems every first down is run up the middle but the turnovers are killing us.

Mr. Yost

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Hire Cam Cameron.

Again, Borges is one of the top 10 play DESIGNERS in the country.

Borges is one of the top 10 WORST play CALLERS in the country.

He also is a horrible QB coach.

Borges should be some kind of play design assistant, he should never call another play at Michigan.


Mr. Yost

October 12th, 2013 at 6:41 PM ^

Don't call 5 and 7 step drops that take time to develop.

Throw quick passes that eliminate poor O-Line play.

I'm sitting behind an computer with no football coaching experience in my life and even I know that. If I know that, why doesn't the offensive coordinator for the Michigan Wolverines?


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Is it lack of confidence/experience or more just philosophy that Gardner isn't given options at the line? When we run plays straight into the overplayed D, they wouldn't work with last year's Alabama's line.