Pearlie Graves possible decommittment

Submitted by Goblue89 on January 19th, 2009 at 11:32 AM

According to Sam Webb this morning, Pearlie Graves had a great visit with Tennessee over the weekend and is more than likely to decommitt. Here's to an early signing period...



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this weekend.

Graves? Best of luck. No way is he sticking Blue. Dude says that the UT visit set the bar really high, and other schools will have trouble clearing it. Only problem? He's done with visits (except a possible OU visit). So, um, yeah, UM's out.


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Way to be positive...because 17yr old kids never have anything positive to say about the school they just visited. He did actually verbally commit to Michigan..I wonder if Tenn boards said no way we get him he actually verballed to Mich.


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put on the winged helmet.

I think an early signing period is crazy. All that would do is lock confused and very impressionable kids into early commitments that they're going to seriously regret by the time they're ready to go to school. The better thing to do is to move the earliest date for verbals to January, and that would prevent the large majority of decommitments, since those are almost entirely involving players who verballed relatively early in the process.


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You CAN'T set a date for verbals. A verbal commitment is just that - it's when a kid says, "I'm going to attend _______________." There. Verbal completed.

A kid could graduate eighth grade and verbally commit to a school.

Now, most verbals aren't taken seriously until the kid is offered. So you could change the date of when offers can be sent, but that's different than changing a date for verbal commits.


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Butch has a mediocre NFL career, but to deny his success on the college level is just absurd. He re-built the Miami program, even with the scholarship and bowl restrictions placed on him, and his last team was one of the original members of the "BCS screwed us in the pooper" club.


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I hate that we keep losing the commits with the cool names. RichRod really needs to prioritize his recruiting based on this. If we lose Fitzgerald Toussiant, I'm going to lose my shit.


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Comment on early signing period: I believe Brian made the point last year that these late decommits are one of the best reasons NOT to have one. Better for the programs, better for the fans.....not better for the kids who lose the chance to find a place they like better.


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But I don't think guys like Pearlie Graves or DeQuinta Jones would utilize the early signing period. It would be for the guys who are completely sure they want to come, and end their recruiting period with finality. A guy Tate, but who couldn't enroll early.

Most kids would wait until the Feb date, but some would sign early which would give the schools a better idea of who they will for sure have and where else to focus. It would also give the recruits an idea of who will certainly be going to which schools, to help ensure each recruit gets a good fit.