Peach Bowl Snowflakes: The Offense

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Here is the thread for snowflakes and hot takes regarding the offense against Florida in the Peach Bowl.



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We can say all we want that "we're not the coaches and we don't know what happens at practice so we need to trust the coaching staff"; however, I have eyeballs and I've been watching football religiously since I was 7.


My conclusion:

Jim Harbaugh runs an offense the same way a wrestler tried to only master wrestling 10 years ago in the UFC. The sport has evolved beyond the thing that dominated, but our coach is sticking to what worked years ago. We get shredded by passing, watch the best teams in the country air it out, and yet we stick to "body blows". We have a top 5 QB and possibly the best receiving core in the nation (when including Eubanks and Gentry) and yet we run the ball with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. If we don't hire an OC to institute a new philosophy and give him full reign, we're going to be living deja vu every year. We have a legitimately good (yet not flawless) defense and we waste its potential on an offense that worked 30 years ago. Imagine a wrestler in MMA down 4 rounds in the 5th and then going for takedowns for meaningless points, completely unaware of how far down they are. That's a Harbaugh offense.

Another analogy is imagining Shaquille O'Neal becoming an NBA coach and trying to run the same style offense he ran during the 90s. Even mediocre teams in today's game would torch a team with a center and power forward that couldn't be effective outside 10 foot from the rim. That's a Jim Harbaugh offense.


If you're going to run, you have to be army or Nebraska where your QB is just as involved as the RB, or a truly dominant offensive line. On our offense, we coddle our QB and run with him "on occasion" to save him for what, 35 handoffs?


Lastly, our clock management is Les Miles bad. We are down 20+ and running long pre snap movement and not snapping until 8 seconds left. To not get a play off in time after the first play after a safety is enough for people to lose their job in high school, let alone a staff making 15+ million a year.


Here's hoping 2019 is a year of change in offensive philosophy.


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"College Football Offense" has completely passed Harbaugh.  His philosophy and game plan only work when you are a better team than you're playing.

It seems so simple.  Offensively, what position are you most loaded at?  Ummmm...WR's and TE's.  They are the only game breaking talent on the offensive side of the ball

Offensively, what is our weakest spot (other than Karan) by far our RB's (Evans, Wilson, Turner...clearly their ceiling looks to be an average to perhaps slightly above average B10 RB) and our OL.  

So if that is what all of us can see, why would you choose to run 60% of your plays utilizing the weakest part of your team offensively.  I mean that just makes zero sense.  And its not like you don't have ample evidence that it just doesn't work.  


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Jim calls in 2 plays at once, and yes, terminology can take awhile depending on the offense.  Sometimes, Shea will say "kill kill" before the snap, that lets players know to run the 2nd play called.  

There is no urgency, no tempo when it matters, almost like we hardly practice a two minute drill.  It's sad


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I’m trying to think of a more overrated player in UM history than Gary based on actual production. Sorry to pick on the guy that wasnt even there. Just free thinking here. Waiting for a non-“double teamed” explanation because ive re-watched most games looking for the constant dts and havent seen them


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You summarized my thoughts almost entirely. Specifically, the “body blows” do not work because the new way of running defense is frequent rotation, which is what Florida was doing all game. You can body blow someone who is on the sidelines for half the snaps. This is also why Wisconsin will not win a championship. It just doesn’t work any more and especially not outside the Big 10. 


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Mccaffrey, from his limited tape looks legit and should win the job easily next year. Then again who knows what Shea would be capable of with an O coord who allowed him to play. The last  2 games, the other team said they knew what was coming and we did exactly that. I don’t know who could be better than Harbaugh, so we all need to let that sink in... we know what can happen. This team isn’t far off but it’s predicability is destroying its talent. 


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The offense yielded ten points and two turnovers, one for a defensive touchdown. You couldn't draw up a worse game plan if you tried.


We need to face the facts. We'll NEVER beat Ohio State with Harbaugh at the helm. Either fire him or stop scheduling Ohio State; I don't care which.


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For the love of God, please get rid of Pep Hamilton.  This offense has gone from just inventive enough to work in Harbaugh's style to completely unwatchable in two years.  Fire him pleeeeease!

Navy Wolverine

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The play calling is putrid. Clock management is terrible - a 15 year-old playing Madden could do it better. They have to huddle after every play.

But I think the worst thing is their substitution patterns. I simply can't believe that Peoples-Jones, Collins, Black and Gentry aren't all on the field at the same time all the time. Why are Perry, Bell, Eubanks and McKeon ever out there? DPJ, Black, Nico and Gentry are your best players. PLAY THEM! They are on the sideline half of the time. Are they so tired they can only go 35 plays per game? I don't care if Perry or Bell are "Slot" WRs. They are not half as talented as the other guys. It should not be that difficult. The players know this too.


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This guys a genius. Tonight I saw bama fake a weak side tunnel screen only to rpo Tua who dumped it to a rb for 9 yards. It was basically a broken play that was an easier first down then ive seen michigan get all year. Why do we make it so hard? If we dont have 11 guys getting the best case scenario on each play the play goes for a loss.