Peach Bowl MGoNos

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Lavert Hill



None playing. A Michigan Captain is skipping a NY6 bowl game. No further comment. 



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Don't think it follows that the players don't care. But if you are a kid from a poor family--hell, from most families--and getting injured once you have made the decision to turn pro means potential loss of millions. . . how can you justify taking the risk, including to all those (immediate family, progeny) who stand to benefit? I absolutely agree that it sucks, but in a sport where these kids already get little or no remuneration to begin with I--just speaking for myself--find it impossible to condemn.


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Don’t have to be poor, either, or to have millions at stake (though it helps). There have been times I’ve made choices based upon the small chance that something going wrong could hurt my ability to work or keep a job. 

A young person who has a multi-year career in a multi-million dollar profession riding on surviving a 3-hour game in which serious injuries are a regular occurrence would be foolish not to think about it. 


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Disagree with that! You could say for Nick Bosa the 2nd half of the season was irrelevant to his draft performance review, and could only demonstrate his recovery from injury. And if he hadn't recovered enough to HELP himself then then it could only hurt.

For players not guaranteed of being a top 10 draftee, regular season games are part of the CV, so to speak, of a college football player. And the bowl game COULD be as well - notice Shea will play yet hasn't declared his intentions beyond that.

So let's assume any players skipping any bowl, not just Michigan's, they've done the calculus that nothing that happens in the bowl could help.them, while an injury could be devastating. 

And just because they put a label of NY6 on the Peach Bowl doesn't make me care more or less about it, based on matchup etc.

If players start skipping CFP games then there's a problem the NCAA will have to deal with. 


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I honestly don't know the story (only created my account last year) but after seeing stephenrjking's posts and how well thought out 99% of them are, I stopped being surprised and just figured he said something really great one time that Brian gave him a million points for (and that he earned the other million on his own)



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This could end up being a very good thing offensively.  With Higdon gone there is no way Evans can make Harbaugh's offense work like he as wanted all year.  Evans does't have the same power or YAC that Higdon brought to the table.  Harbaugh will now be forced to bring a different offense to the Bowl Game than what he used all year...or I should say we should all be praying he will.


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The general guideline has been that people known to have info get some leeway (umbig11 is not the only poster that occasionally has info). Additionally, certain inflammatory-sounding rumors may get evaluated on their own merit. Brian and Seth have often heard things they can’t report, but will conspicuously leave threads standing that contain accurate info. 

This might qualify, but the OP doesn’t even claim inside info. We’ll see. 


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My post pretty clearly says that there are other people who have reliable info (and “denying” your statement is not how insider stuff works). I do not eliminate the possibility that you are correct, though you have no history of accurate info on this board and don’t even claim a source in your OP. If you are correct, why are you so sensitive?


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I really don’t need a history of accuracy on a message board because I spend very little time here and rarely post. 90% of the people on this board who post with frequency are in middle school; so I’m glad not to be included as a “regular.”  But as it stands right now, these 5 aren’t  playing and I’m not flaming or guessing


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 "90% of the people on this board who post with frequency are in middle school"

I keep having to re-take 7th grade, and at my age of 65 the girls in my class treat me like I'm their grandpa—they expect help on their math homework but give me the cold shoulder otherwise.


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You may not be in middle school, but your desperation for attention and your reading comprehension fit in nicely with that age group. It has become pretty clear that, regardless of the accuracy of your post, attention is your goal with this thread. 

It worked, but at the expense of people taking you seriously.