Paul Finebaum lobs smack from the cheap seats at Harbaugh

Submitted by Maizen on April 14th, 2016 at 11:25 PM

He got petty and personal today...

"I think Jim Harbaugh's problem is he's never grown up. He just doesn't have any maturity".

"At some point you like to look at a head football coach at a major university, which Michigan is, and see an adult, see someone that is mature, see someone that doesn't throw tantrums on the sidelines, that doesn't always cause division like he did at San Francisco."

"At some point you have to graduate from being the spoiled kid to someone who is respected, and I'm not sure he has quite reached that yet."

"I'll tell you who he reminds me of a little bit, Lane Kiffin at Tennessee, who clearly didn't know what he was doing, who was out of control, who was like a puppy running into walls, and in some respects that's Jim Harbaugh now at Michigan."

"I will tell you what he is, and what will happen, he had a good first season, but he made fun of Hugh Freeze for wanting to spend time with his family, maybe Jim Harbaugh should actually spend some time working on special teams and he wouldn't have had the biggest special teams failure in college football history."

"He got run out of the stadium in what Joey Galloway calls the greatest rivalry in the country."




April 15th, 2016 at 9:19 AM ^

you are being a little revisionist evenyoubrutus.  The dropped snap was certainly the but-for element of the debacle, but there were questionable coaching decisions involved as well.  Finebaum is certainly reaching here, but our coaching staff did not manage the end of that game well and I am sure they learned from it.


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I agree that the coaches could have handled that particular situation better, but I think there are a lot of situations where coaches make little mistakes that go unnoticed because it doesn't lose the game. Especially MSU fans seem to think that this is one thing is an indication that Harbaugh is no better at coaching than Brady Hoke or Rich Rod. It just seems to be blown way out of proportion.


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everybody evaluates the play with the benefit of knowing what happened as opposed to how the coahces were managing and evaluating the circumstances as they unfolded.  When you look at it in that way, of course there will be 100 things they would do differently to avoid that specific outcome but that specific outcome was not even entering their mind at the time.  But, lining up with gunners cannot be excused and he should have been out to the midfield yelling to take the delay of game the minute he saw how unbalanced the line of scrimmage clearly was even to the most casual viewer.

That said, I don't sweat it.  I think it was that exact moment when Harbaugh's plans went from "have a good football team" to "complete and total world domination" so I am cool with it at this point.


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I guess the way I see that game is Harbaugh won the chess match with fewer pieces. Spartans keep pointing to the fact that they out gained us as evidence they were the better team, but to me all that means is that Harbaugh out coached Dantonio to have his team in a position to win at the end. Maybe that's just me.


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Just tore crazy Jims ass up......

You can bet your ass Finebaum is counting on crazy Jim to respond. Finebaum is a genius, he needs some offseason ratings help, and crazy Jim Harbaugh will almost certainly take the bait. Finebaum is playing him like a's a no win for Jimmy


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When your savior coach gets his ass raped to the tune of 42-13 while in his own house, with everyone expecting him to at least look respectable nobody is more disappointed that OSU. We were really hoping that since UM I now on its 4th coach in the last 7 years that maybe you could finally do something that would help all your opponents strength of schedule. But you continue to fail us. The only thing that's been accomplished is your coach getting camps banned for everybody, that's his biggest impact thus far.


April 14th, 2016 at 11:30 PM ^

It's all about ratings. The best thing we could do as a fan base is just ignore him and don't let him do the same thing that he accuses Harbaugh of doing...draw attention to his word vomit.

Wolverine Devotee

April 14th, 2016 at 11:34 PM ^

$200 says this puppet wouldn't say one word in the OP to Harbaugh's face.

It's amazing how nice people are when you're standing in front of them. 

Also: Hey Hugh Freeze, stop bitching about having to work hard while getting paid SEVEN figures and why don't you score more than 10 points against Florida.