Patterson - the possible nightmare scenario

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on December 3rd, 2017 at 9:49 AM
Just saw a discussion elsewhere about a nightmare scenario involving Shea Patterson. Let’s say we accept his transfer. (1) It’s a reasonable scenario that Brandon Peters transfers. It’s not much of a vote of confidence. (2) that means O’Korn plays the bowl (whatever) (3) we still have to wait and see if Patterson is cleared to play in 2018 which would require him to sue the NCAA Let’s say we take Patterson and the NCAA holds its ground and he has to sit 2018. (1) again, O’Korn plays bowl (2) Peters probably stil transfers as the legal battle will take time to play out and Peters probably doesn’t want to sit around and wait to find out. (3) McCaffrey is your starter in 2018 with two true freshmen as the only backups while Patterson sits. (4) 2019 sees McCaffrey a returning starter competing with Patterson coming off a year on the bench. If the Patterson thing comes to be, Jim should hold off accepting his transfer until he’s cleared to play 2018 through whatever legal means. Otherwise it’s a pretty big gamble that could seriously damage the program.



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Would be he's my math teacher and I'm a senior in high school.  And it's the day before the final exam and I realize I've been cutting class for so long I dont even know where the final is being held or at what time.  I'm trying to find Patterson to take the test but I know I dont know any of the material and I'm sure to flunk the class and not graduate.  

Or another version is Patterson is my history professor in college and I've got a 30 page paper due tomorrow and I havent read any of the material or even started on the project and know I'm going to get an F, fail the class and not graduate.   I'm looking for Patterson to try and get an extension but I know Patterson wont give me one.

Then I wake up.


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But pretty sure those types of dreams all relate to stress in your subconscious. I had those dreams when I was looking for work or other family drama going on. I doubt that helps, but helps explain why those dreams are ubiquitous and shared across so many different people regardless of what else they may or may not have in common


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that I arrive in some college class to take an important exam, and realize I haven't attended class all semester, or done any of the assigned reading.

That's bad enough, but in many of these scenarios I'm also buck naked for some reason.

The fact that I finished college 35 years ago, always attended class fully-clothed and always did the reading doesn't seem to matter. I'd rather have dreams about being chased by an adult T-Rex, which I've also had many times.


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What part of Patterson game is straight drop back. The kid is a dual threat by every definition of the word. Think taysom Hill with more arm talent. People are so high on Peters after playing the basement of the big ten. Shea Patterson is a proven commodity. Harbaugh is all about competition. If Peters isn’t willing to compete for a job as a Rs soph, then that tells enough right there. In the words of some coach in the south, this is MAJOR college football.


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the problem with this scenario is fhat patterson is not a "pocket passer" as he has been compared mostly to johnny manziel but taller. so if he is truly a dual threat guy or someone who can make plays with his legs that he would be a fit at most schools including ohio state


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Seriously, he isn't going to transfer if he has to sit for a year. Since he's got two years left the new probation for Ole Miss won't let him transfer without sitting - unless he's graduated in just 2 years.

He wants the money, that's why he went to Mississippi in the frst place. He'll go pro after next year.

I Like Burgers

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I don't think he'll go pro after next year if he can't get immediate eligibility elsewhere.  He's played a total of 10 games in two seasons.  With transfers and scholarship reductions starting to kick in, Ole Miss isn't going to be good next season and it'll be tough to shine enough to leave early and be a first rounder.

Going to a place like Michigan might be his best option -- even if he has to sit out a year.  Get a year of training from someone like Harbaugh, and then ball the fuck out in 2019 when Michigan should have a loaded offense.


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Enough of this nonsense. If Harbaugh takes Patterson the other QBs need to sack up. I’m tired of all this “don’t hurt anyone’s feelings” garbage. If anyone leaves due to Patterson coming in. See ya! The team needs as many bullets in the chamber as possible. You can either cut the mustard or you can’t. Plain and simple.

Mack Tandonio

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This "bullets in the chamber" thing is starting to irritate me. Brian says it all the time and I ignore it because it really doesn't matter and I get the point. But if we're all going to start saying it, can we switch to "bullets in the magazine"? I'll even settle for clip as that is not technically incorrect... I don't know if football players are kept in clips or magazines.

Mr Miggle

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players that run away at the first sign of competition when they feel entitled to a starting job. That's particularly an issue for a leadership position like QB. It's not as if Harbaugh will announce that Patterson is the starter if he transfers. He'll still have to win the job just like the others.

It's part of Harbaugh's job to avoid that in recruiting. You can tell our recruits have been drilled with the idea that there will always be competition for jobs and they can earn playing time rather than having to wait in line. That's why so many true freshmen play.



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Still amazed people think we couldn't keep good QBS on the roster without them all immediately wanting to transfer. Osu has no problem doing it. Not everyone is afraid of competition.


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Does OSU really have good QBs? Or is their system just so easy to pick up for young QBs and simple to run that it makes them look better than they actually are. I mean Barrett is good in OSU’s system and maybe a handful of other systems in the country, but for the most part he would struggle to operate in probably 75% of P5 offenses around the country.


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"Does OSU really have good QBs?"


JT Barrett: 3 time B1G QB of the year, Freshman All American, 4 star (0.93) - #2 dual threat recruit

Joe Burrow: 4 star(0.90) - #8 dual threat recruit

Dwayne Haskins: 4 star(0.96) - #7 Pro style recruit

Tate Martell: 4 star(0.97) - #2 dual threat recruit




G. Gulo of the Dale

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... but I've heard people use the argument that Alabama and OSU convince elite players to come and comptete every year.  Well, as but one counterexample of which many of us are aware, Alabama had three quarterbacks--Barnett, Cornwell, and Bateman--transfer just this past year, and Saban was none too pleased.  It's easier to convince players to come or stay at, say, the defensive line position, where they might be competing for multiple spots in a position that rotates in players.   


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actual lol

maybe we should come up with some offseason games for the board to play instead?