Patterson interview talking about us not getting our playmakers in space like other programs

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A pretty casual interview with Patterson with one answer that I think is telling.

“Just letting guys go make plays,” Patterson said. “All the best athletes in the country are getting put into open space, and there’s no reason why we can’t. We did a lot of good stuff this year, but I think we’re realizing how talented we really are -- and explosive we can be.”

Although that seems innocuous, I believe that does show frustration with the play calling. All the fans know it, and obviously the players known it too. It's just unusual in a Harbaugh regime to see it mentioned by someone in the program.


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If Shea can grow into a qb that can have the freedom to check to a different play, that would help. 

Not sure even if Harbaugh would let him but if that was part of his game...could be deadly. He wants to open it up clearly.  

He sees anyone of our monster WRs 1on1 and the play is a dive or whatever, check out throw that up 



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Message board accountability, I like it NashvilleBLUE! You can have my upvote. I think it's a good thing that Shea said this - and I also think it's good HOW he said it. He's isn't putting anyone on blast or expressing dissatisfaction with the coaching. More like dropping a hint that will hopefully lead to some good changes this offseason


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Hopefully more players say the same thing to JH in private.  I think JH would be more willing to change his philosophy if the players told him instead of fans and media.  What Shea said is 110% accurate and I am glad he said something because he is the leader on offense and a QB can make it easier to change things then anyone else on the offense.  His input could help change alot of things as long as Jim listens to his players. 


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“This will be my first year going into next season with the same offense and same scheme and everything,” Patterson said. “I’m definitely excited about that, because I’ll know it. I’ll know it like the back of my hand."

We have the people in place on offense that we should be passing for more than 200 yards a game. I hope this changes next year. 


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This is total speculation(BS ?) on my part. 

I don't know how the offseason discussions between coach and player go with a player that can return to college or go to NFL.  I know coaches always say they support players decision, but coaches must lobby for certain players to come back.  

If Coach H wanted Shea to come back, its possible Shea could inquire if the offense was going to be opened up a little more.  He could have let his feelings known when he might have had a little more leverage deciding to come back or not.  

Just a thought.  


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personally I would hope Jim is the kind of guy who wants his players to do what Shea is implying and speak out, then back it up...seems like a qb who wore #4 did the same under a stubborn and hard headed coach...and it paid off. Jim is a coach in the mold of Bo and it's not by accident. He spent most of his formative years in and around that office, even with his feet up on the desk...if anyone gets it, Jim SHOULD. Sounds like Patterson is growing into his leader role, and doing all the right things when they need to be done. I would LOVE to see Shea on that old boot passing tree that Griese ran so well. Brian got it done, but Shea is twice the athlete Griese was...he's the first to admit it.


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I think people are missing the impact from the McDaniels hire. If there’s anything big brother Josh does with the Pats it’s unexpected/rhythm enhancing hurry-up, isolating 1x1s for playmakers (Gronk & RBs) and quick passing to keep the pocket clean. 

I’d be shocked if we didn’t see progress here. Glad to hear Shea already adding to that confidence.  



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I don’t see this as controversial or challenging the coaches or past play calling.  I imagine he and the coaches are on the same page and he is merely publicly saying what has been discussed as the plan for 2019.  

Or at least it better be....... 


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Exactly. Plenty of confirmation bias at work here. It is just as likely that he is acknowledging what he has heard from the coaches.

As Woodson put it; “My message to them is as young leaders on the team, those guys have to demand greatness out of themselves, their teammates and coaches as well."

The difference between greatness and mediocrity can be half a step, the two inches that keeps a LB from getting a handful of jersey, the half a finger length that spells the difference between a highlight reel catch and a ball that is deflected for an interception or that falls to the ground on third down. The coaches can't provide that.

I'm not defending the coaches - they have plenty to be accountable for on their own. I just don't see this as Patterson calling the coaching out.


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I don't believe it shows frustration.  I don't get that take. I get it that they can do more and they will.  I don't understand why everything every player says is made to sound more ominous than it is.  For example, Penn State has at least 5 underclassman who are declaring.  Where is the outrage with comments like? "has Franklin lost his team with these early departures?" "What is wrong with Penn State with so many jumping ship?" "why are so many leaving early, has Franklin worn out his welcome?".

"It's just unusual in a Harbaugh regime to see it mentioned by someone in the program"  Really? I don't find it to be the case at all. I think the comment reflects what Harbaugh is thinking. I think the comment reflects what Harbaugh and Patterson have talked about and I think we can expect good things from Michigan's offense next year.


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"I think the comment reflects what Harbaugh is thinking. I think the comment reflects what Harbaugh and Patterson have talked about"

I hope you're right, but there is literally nothing in that comment to support what you're asserting is the case.

It's sad that our starting QB is even having to make this observation. It must be frustrating as hell to be the QB on an offense with our talent at receiver, yet only Wisconsin and Maryland had fewer pass attempts among conference teams in the regular season.


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I 100% agree with you.

It's this comment where I think Shea really lets his frustration show:

"I’m more capable than that,' Patterson told MLive on Friday from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl awards ceremony. “I’m the quarterback and have the ball in my hands every second, every snap. It’s not the way I wanted it to go, but we’ve got to move forward.”

With the weapons that Michigan has on offense, they shouldn't be 80th in the nation in passing yards per game. Hopefully Shea can force Harbaugh to change.


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I read Shea's comments to be broader. Both about what the team can do and about how Shea is capable of playing better. 

Huge upgrade at the position but a little late on his reads and intermittently missed seeing open guys all year. Not a surprise given new team and offense but that's also a big opportunity for passing game improvement. 

I hope they throw it around a lot more next year but it's not just the playcalling that can improve. 


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I would love for Shea to sit down with Coach Harbaugh and plead his case for becoming more modern and explosive on offense. We as fans can complain and hope for whatever we want, but if the starting QB wants to start change, then we may be on to something.


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Michigan attempted a 58% pass percentage vs Florida. How did that turn out? There is little question they tried to open up the offense.  Keep in mind, Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma all ran more attempts then they passed in 2018.  Let me say that again, the final 4 teams all had MORE RUN attempts more than they passed for the season.

Now what can be said about those four teams? All of them had very good offensive lines. Michigan is not there YET.  Everyone thinking Harbaugh should be just slinging and winging the passing game is looking for results very similar to OSU and Florida.

Count me in on the open up the passing game crowd.  However, without a strong running game Michigan will NOT win the B1G.  The great teams of Michigan's past all had great Oline's.  Michigan had a "good" Oline in 2018.  Not even close to the competence of ND, Bama, OK and Clemson. NOT EVEN close.  Next year you will 4 very experienced Olineman. If they remain healthy and we can get someone in the 2 deep to play better than JBB you are starting to have something special.  Didn't Florida have 6 sacks vs Michigan? That can't happen and have a proficient passing game.

Michigan's problem for the last 14 years have more to do with talent and depth than you can imagine.  It is now Michigan is starting to show some depth and elite talent in most areas on the team.  It is now that Michigan has an elite QB room, it is now that Michigan might have some depth on Oline. 

Next year everyone is thinking that Harbaugh opened up the passing game due to pressure from us the fans or maybe the players.  Harbaugh will open up the passing game if he has the horses in front of Patterson to give him time to pass.  Go look at the time Haskins had vs Michigan.  If Patterson gets that kind of time, Michigan will win EVERY game in 2019 in the B1G.


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All those teams use the pass to open up the run. They get safeties to play deep and linebackers to back off the LOS, then gash the defense with the run. I’m fine with running the ball if we can still get 40+ on the scoreboard every game. Michigan’s offensive line is perfectly fine to be able to throw the ball 35+ a game. Shea had time to throw the ball this year against every team except for maybe ND.  You cannot run the ball into stacked boxes. Bama can’t even do it. We did it over and over again. Florida stacked the box and Jim was insistent on running the ball into them. When we threw the ball down the field, except for the interception, plays were made. You will never beat an elite team with the offense we have now.

Frank Chuck

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"Michigan attempted a 58% pass percentage vs Florida. How did that turn out?"

We were trailing much of this game so it skewed the final percentage.


Counterpoint: Ohio State passed more than it ran against us for the first 3 quarters. How did that turn out?

Haskins had 31 pass attempts and Ohio State had 36 run carries. 12 of those 36 came in the final 3 Ohio State drives.


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Regardless of the ailment, I think firing Pep helps. Let's look at the scenarios:

  1. Pep calls most of the plays, which is what Harbaugh says is the case. The passing plays are shit. Pep is also a poor recruiter. Pretty clear that Pep needs to go in this case. 
  2. Pep doesn't call the plays, but he influences Harbaugh in the passing game. The passing offense is hot ass with his influence. Pep is still a poor recruiter. Pep still needs to go.
  3. Harbaugh actually runs everything on the offense. Pep's main job in this case is to recruit. Pep is still a poor recruiter. Pep needs to go. What exactly is it that you do here for your $1.4 million?

Unless we plan on firing Harbaugh, which I think would be monstrously stupid at this point, it seems like Pep should go. 


January 5th, 2019 at 3:30 PM ^

This is Jim Harbaugh's offense regardless of who designing plays or who has primary responsibility making gametime play calling decisions. Pep is running Jim's offense, not Pep's offense. That said, I would love to see us bring in an offensive coordinator who can install a modern college offense at Michigan. If that happens, I dont care if Pep stays on as co-offensive passing game coordinator or QB coach or whatever else.

Honk if Ufer M…

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Bullshit. I believe the caller to TKA the other day from down south somewhere that said his good friend is Pep's cousin and that he said Pep was looking to get out because Harbaugh won't listen to his ideas.

That comports completely with other examples that players have told me about where Harbaugh screamed at trainers or players who asked him to change things or had other ideas about doing something "It's MY fucking team and I'll run it MY fucking way!"

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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 These comments are a week old. Nevertheless, they are aging well.  As Cody Stavenhagen says, Jim Harbaugh did not get this far by refusing to adapt.  The program is on the ascent, and our trio of extremely talented wide receivers will have the opportunity to manifest their diverse talents. 

  The future of Michigan football is very bright.  We all remember how Chase  was able to influence Coach Harbaugh. We have a new leader for next year who is going to influence him further - Shea Patterson.  The Mineral King is our go-between - we are lucky fans to say the least.