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Patrick Kugler, the last of Michigan's 2013 recruiting class still playing HS football, was profiled in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today after his North Allegheny team won its 3rd straight WPIAL AAAA Championship last week and advanced to the state semifinals last night after pummeling Erie McDowell 56-6.



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Good player. Went to a couple games since moving here. Growing up in rural Michigan and watching games here are pretty similar (save for the attendance numbers). Kugler is strong and has a very good first step. Lots of punch. He does play both ways and takes some plays off but when i played both ways in HS (12 yrs ago) i was exhausted too. Very good player though, we are lucky to have him.


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As the potential next multi-year starter behind Molk and maybe Miller, it's hard to resist trying to compare them.  I've heard comparisons between Miller and Molk before.

With Kugler there are some similarities and differences.  It sounds like he has the same locker room leadership ability Molk had.  His size isn't bad, but Molk was a weights freak, so with Kugler only benching 300 (which truly is an only, when you compare to Molk) that will need to come.  Technique sounds good, though he'll be transitioning from tackle to interior - something I'm sure his dad and brother can help with in the off-season.  And as mentioned above, I hope playing one side of the ball only puts an end to taking plays off.

I have pretty high hopes for this kid considering his pedigree.


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"Kugler spent the summer working on his steps in pass protection, allowing quarterback Mack Leftwich to throw for 2,915 yards and 40 touchdowns." - from the article

This was a good read, and thanks for sharing.

He sounds like a hard-working kid and obviously loves the sport enough to dedicate time to it outside of practice to be the best player he can be (being Sean Kugler's son obviously doesn't hurt in the learning department - I didn't realize that until I read this), and I think that's an ethic you definitely want on your team, especially in someone who sounds like he could be a leader in the locker room as Molk was.  


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Whether it is basketball and now football, there are quite a few legacy players.  We have seen how being a legacy kid has paid off for player like Hardaway and GRIII, really hoping this logic transfers to football.

ATL Blue Boi

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No he isnt a legacy player but I feel he falls into that genre because his family ties to the NFL.  A lot of coaches sons have done well anyways though.  I though Kugler had a brother that played college ball though, which I think makes you a legacy player in a way.

I guess legacy may not be the right word but those strong family ties go along way in preparing a player.



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a much better sense of team dynamics and schemes, in addition to technique refinement. Hopefully that makes Kugler a fine center with the ability to identify D tactics and adjust line calls.

Definitely has the physical tools (with a little UM food & lifting).


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Always viewed him as the most ready of our OL recruits mentally but possibly the furthest behind physically. A definite RS is in order (you like to with ALL OL unless they are the 2nd coming like a Pace or such) and then I think he still takes a year as a 3rd option to gather size/strength. Then, I think he is our center starting as a RS Sophmore and he will be a very good one considering the mental part of the game is probably as good or better than some OL currently on our roster. You want 4-5 OL a year to not only keep up a system of offense and system of "next man up" over the year but also to protect against "busts". I think Kugler has the least amount of "bust" potential in this class of OL. I'd (no offense) list TT as most likely to not pan out. Seems to need a lot of coaching work and injuries seem to hit him a lot. I'd give the label of "the best of the bunch by the time they are done here" to Dawson (if we get him back) and Fox if we don't regain Dawson. Our last OL class I'd say I truly see Kalis as another Hutchinson type and the sure bet to pan out. Just a mauler once he gets going. I worry about Bars despite his offer list like I do TT and would say Braden could go either way. His size alone could equal greatness or hinder his play. Just opinions but, yes, I like Kugler a lot! Haha....


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I wouldn't worry about Bars. He has a ton of upside, and so does his younger brother Alex. When he retired from pro football Kevin Mawae started assistant coaching at their High School, one of the top 10 schools in Tennessee for football. Blake had 2 years of OL training (and weightroom training he mentioned in an interview) from one of the greatest Centers, and mentors, in NFL history, and then a full redshirt year at MIchigan. Bars has had a good start, maybe even a headstart. Coaches even told him they were recruiting him for Tackle, even though he's 6'5". It's likely he'll play Guard with the way our depth is stacked, but he's versatile. He could push Chris Bryant for playtime if he underperforms.


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I happen to know the Kugler goes to one of the top workout facilities in Western Pennsylvania.  He goes to the same place as numerous Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates.  I would not be suprised if his weightroom numbers aren't current.  


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Leaders and Best, it is interesting that you posted that article because I just stumbled across it this morning when looking up how Kugler is doing.  He is one of the most interesting recruits to be excited about in the next class.