Patrick Beilein the favorite for recently open Siena job

Submitted by jimmyshi03 on April 13th, 2018 at 6:15 PM

Per Jeff Goodman

Siena, which is located in Albany, accepted the resgnation of Jimmy Patsos today. Patsos is probably best known as the coach who double teamed Steph Curry the whole game while he was at Loyola Maryland. They lost that game by 30. 



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they were very good - 2 straight years with an NCAA win - when McCaffrey was there in the late 2000s.

Fallen off a bit since, but they probably have (alongside Iona) the biggest structural advantages of any team in the MAAC.  Fairly close to NYC talent, and they draw pretty solid attendance (for their level, ~7000 a game) up there in Albany.

Rochester Blue

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Maybe Coach Beilein will stick around at Michigan at least long enough to coach against his son at Sienna. Looking for Warde to get Sienna on the schedule for the ‘28-29 season.

They’ve only coached against each other once, and that was an exhibition.


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While it would be great for Coach B The Elder to still be here piling on championships, it seems reasonable to assume it would be in Coach B The Younger's best interest to have moved on by then, to a better job. That would mean he's had success at Siena and has been plucked by a more lucrative school. With that said, what is his affinity for Michigan? Is this his dream school? Is it his dream to follow in his father's footsteps? Maybe he isn't as big on being here as we are of him being here...