Partridge: Nordin Could Hit from 70

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on September 20th, 2017 at 4:42 PM

Sorry for another Wild Thing thread, but Chris Partridge was asked today what Quinn Nordin's range is. He said Nordin has hit from 66 and 67 in practice, and could hit from 70 if he was well-rested. Also said that 55 is his comfort zone.

If we make it to our own 47 late in the first half, I'm hoping Harbaugh lets him try that 70-yarder.

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I hate to be a curmudgeon but I don't want to see them try something like this unless we already have like a three-touchdown lead. A kick of that distance requires a lower (more blockable) angle and also allows the opponent to station a returner in the endzone, something history has shown us is no small threat. An athlete with acres of open space setting up a return with a bunch of big uglies trying to bring him down? That's a dangerous proposition.


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But here's the thing; When you have a guy with a great leg and accuracy behind it, you want to showcase him to put the fear of God into any defense about giving up ground. Not only does this alter your game management choices but it forces the defense to reconsider how it will it align itself as you near any threatening FG area.

This fear allows you to make even bigger plays because the defense is focused on not giviing up field goal territory, when you might just want to throw it over their heads as they worry about the short stuff.

In any case, here's mty contention: having a dynamic field goal kicker puts Michigan in pro football offensive mode in every game it plays. Which means you are allowed to play to your strength and give your offense scoring opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise get because the opposition is concerned about you reaching a certain place on the field from which to score which could be well outside the 20. So much for red zone efficiency.


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Even NFL teams are reluctant to try field goals of 60+ (records are typically set at the ends of halves) due to the field position and return risks. If Nordin is a steady threat from when the team hits the opponent 40, and he already is, that's about all you need. 


Mr. Yost

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I think Janakowski did, but I'm not positive. That said, leaving after your redshirt junior year isn't really leaving early in my mind. 

If he plays one snap at the end of last year all of a sudden he's a seasoned senior ready for the NFL? He'd be the same player, with 1 more snap in his career.

I understand the term because he's got eligibility left, but I could see another guy...if considered THAT good...leaving after his RS JR year. He's a senior in school and would be ready if he got that snap last year. Not getting it wouldn't make him any less ready.

I just hope he loves college and wants to be the all-time greatest kicker in...B1G history.