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The last 2 times I went to this game I parked in Munn Field (which is now closed for public parking).  It was great tailgate location, and was close to the wreck that is call spartan stadium.  It was a "use a McDonald's cup field" because of the No Alcohol signs - and was police patrolled.  Obvious partying there though .. haha.

Anyway - with that now closed, I need some help with places to park.  I would love to tailgate - but MSU indicates public parking in the "ramps" (I assume this means parking structures) ... and that is not a great environment for tailgating.  Any help from MGo blogger tailgaters is very much appreciated.

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The 4 times I have been to a Football game at Spartan stadium we always parked in "Lot 89" The parking is free but it is quite the walk to the stadium. There is bus shuttles though.


Lot 89 is on the corner of Mount Hope road and Farm Lane road.


You should be able to enter "Commuter Lot 89-1" into google maps and it should find it.


I haven't been to Spartan stadium since 2011 so I can't say for sure it is still free.

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They don’t park Munn Field anymore, but you can now drink on the field, you just can’t tailgate there.  So basically, you can pass through there with a beer in your hand now.

Weather permitting, they now park old Cherry Lane, which is south of Munn, off Harrison between Shaw Lane and Trowbridge.  

Lot 89 has shuttle service (think it’s $5 round trip) and is a decent place to tailgate.  Unless you have a permit to park in other lots, you’re pretty much stuck with the ramps.

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There isn't a ton of close parking open to the public. I usually park in Ramp 6 at the top of this map when I don't have a parking pass:

It's a nice walk through the older part of campus, over the foot bridge, to the stadium. The band warms up over there too so you can hear the best damn fight song in the land


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There is no vaccine for what most MSU fans have.

Stupidity, not herpes. Also not HPV, I just found out that you can now be vaccinated up to age 45. Seriously, get your HPV vaccination: think of the last 10 people you had sex with - all 10 of them likely lied to you about their exposure to HPV.


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This discussion brings back memories for me ... from 38+ years ago.

I attended MSU back around 1980**.  I worked for the campus police doing traffic control for events.  I was the student supervisor, and I had 110 students wearing orange vests to do traffic control all across campus.  I'd work from midnight until 6:00am setting up signs and barricades, then start signing in students around 8:00am.  I'd work the game, then after the game I'd tear down the barricades and signs, getting off at about midnight.  So, 24 hours straight for $3.15/hour.

Seeing a map for parking today, I see they still retain some of the names used back in 1980.  For example, back then the lot where today the Beslin Center sits was called "Lot T63 and the Flatops."  Today I see "63" is used for what remains of that area after Breslin was built.

** Was a Michigan football fan from well before my college decision was made; applied and was accepted to Michigan, but the extra $1000/year was more than I could afford since I was paying for everything myself.  I never wavered in my allegiance to Michigan football, though freshman year I learned to keep quiet about it.  Remained a Michigan fan to this day.  45 years and counting!


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A follow-on story: one year the UM/MSU game was going to be in East Lansing, and they posted student workers in the stadium (with police radios) to protect against anyone breaking in and vandalizing the field.  I worked a 9:00pm to 6:00am shift with one other student employee.  It was just the two of us in the empty stadium.  No lights on, just darkness and whatever our flashlights could provide.  

About 11:30pm a Lansing Police Department helicopter came overhead and spotted us on the field.  They turned on their spot light and centered it on us.  The helicopter lowered to a few hundred feet, and they kept the spot on us.  We stood still in the center of the bright spot light.  Bring the focus of a police helicopter spot light is a weird, eerie thing.  Eventually they turned off the spot and flew off ... I'm guessing they radioed MSU police and were told the two in the stadium were authorized student workers.

Two other people did get into the stadium that night -- a young couple seeking, I assume, to play out a fantasy of having sex on the 50 yard line.  Imagine their surprise when two people approached with flashlights and orange vests to shoo them away. :-)


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I parked at “Municipal Park” in 2016. It’s on the northeast corner of Clippert and Kalamazoo. It’s about 3/4 mile west of Breslin. It’s free and easy to get in and out. Go Blue!


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DO NOT park in one of the parking structures by the stadium.  If you do, remember which one.  My daughter and a friend went up 2 years ago.  After the game they couldn't find the car and they went to the police thinking it was stolen.  The police looked through all of the structures, but could not find it.  The police drove them around and could not find it. At 11:30 PM I had to drive an hour and 45 min up to EL to get them.  When I was 5 minutes form the police station.  They found the car.  3 1/2 hours driving for nothing.  Good times. Cool Story.  Thanks EL police.

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On the contrary, I went to the game in 2009 with a friend whose parents had a parking pass in one of those structures, and it was kind of awesome. Never thought I'd enjoy tailgating indoors, but it was great. Way easier than the time I tried parking on Munn and got stuck in the mud. I'd do the structure again in a second.

Honestly, if you think Michigan has problems with parking, you should talk to MSU donors about their constant struggle with their athletic department over tailgating and gameday parking.


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UofM Alumnus. MSU graduate student here to help you.

You can park in pretty much any open lot or parking garage. Check out the map here.

I've seen people park in lot 83 on Service drive, and that being about the farthest away you'd want to go if your walking. Lot 89 off of Hope I believe has shuttles and lots of parking. I'm not sure where most UofM/visitors tend to park though. Otherwise, you can head closer to campus and park in any lot. I'd recommend just driving east down Wilson Rd till you find a lot that's letting people in (there will be guys with vests to take your money). It's all campus coordinated.

It'll run you a few bucks, but that's like anywhere. Parking at the stadium can be a real hassle so I'd just avoid the congestion and park a little farther away. Alternatively you can park for free elsewhere in the city and take a bus in. For instance, if you want to go cheap, park in Frandor shopping center and take the the #1 CATA runs along Michigan Ave and Grand River, which would allow you to park for free farther away, but I'd generally avoid that if you want a more entertaining tailgate scene.

You say parking structures don't sound like fun for tailgating, but they're no worse than Pioneer parking lot. Concrete is concrete. From personal experience, I've only ever parked at Shaw parking structure. It was fine.

If you want to experience tailgating, you dan hover over the random parking lots. But I'd definitely say head to the Tennis Courts (directly south of the stadium). That's where you'll find some pretty raucous tailgating from what I've heard.

And, yes, alcohol is permitted on lots for tailgating and on campus, just not in any building.

After the game, if you're looking to celebrate our victory, you may want to check out Arcadia Brewery and Smokehouse on Michigan Ave. It opened like 3 weeks ago (still getting some kinks out, so may not have all the food) but beers were under $4. There's also Ellison brewery east on Grand River Ave, but it's small, really small and kind of in a warehouse area. Otherwise you can go watch the afternoon games at a place like Reno's (drive) or Harrison Roadhouse (walking distance).


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The funny thing is I have Michigan License plate holder and have had MSU magnet stickers on my car. Living in Lansing, I've had the stickers stolen twice, but never had anything happen to my M plate. Surprisingly, I've seen way more UofM fans here in EL/Lansing/Okemos than I ever saw MSU fans in AA.

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Use the above map for reference.   MSU campus is really nice between Grand River and the stadium but there isn’t a ton of tailgating going there.    Traditional tailgating is found in all of the zones on the map.   You can basically tailgate anywhere on campus on game days and open alcohol is allowed all over campus. Your best bet is the public  lot south of Breslin(63).   Large open grass area.   Breslin has a nice tailgate scene if you want to check that out and so do the lots directly outside the stadium.    I will be in lot 67 outside of Jenison Field House at Old College Field.    There will be Wolverines everywhere for this one.   Home or away this game draws a lot of visiting fans as it truly is a sibling rivalry.   Have fun. 


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I tried to wade through so sorry if someone has said this already. I've been there several times. We park on the east side of Farm Lane right after you go under the second train viaduct. It is right by a bunch of greenhouses. If you look at google earth it is a little southeast of the stadium.


I have walked it a bunch of times. It is 3/4 of a mile to the southeast corner of the field.

I can tell you haw to get there from Detroit 96 or from Marshall 69 or from Jackson 127.