Parker tipping his hat.. facebook?

Submitted by JC3 on January 28th, 2010 at 3:10 PM

I know how much the whole facebook creeping is frowned upon.. but this conversation popped up on my news feed today.

Ray Vinopal
I hear we are gonna be teammates. You committ yet?
Sean Parker
Naw not yet....
Ray Vinopal
N sean ur waitin for signing day then?

Unless Parker was just saying that to respond.. I take a "not yet" to be a eventual yes. Thoughts?


Six Zero

January 28th, 2010 at 3:20 PM ^

to the OP: I'll take anything up to and including "I am 99.83% sure I am not coming to Ann Arbor" as an eventual yes. Hell, I'd take "Broccoli" as an eventual yes.


January 28th, 2010 at 3:54 PM ^

Get rid of this thread. We know Vinopal reads this blog. We don't need him showing up here and realizing people post his Facebook messages too.



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when she said she hadn't slept with him yet?

Yet. What does 'yet' mean, anyway? It means you're gonna do it, doesn't it? Or does it?"

Rob: What would it mean to you, that sentence: “I haven’t seen Evil Dead II yet” ?
Barry: Well, to me it would mean that you’re a liar. You’ve seen it twice. Once with Laura — oops — and once with me and Dick remember? We had that conversation about that guy making Beretta shotgun ammo off-screen in the 14th century.
Rob: Right. But let’s just say that I hadn’t seen it. And I said, “I haven’t seen Evil Dead II yet.” What would you think?
Barry: I’d think that you’re a cinematic idiot and I’d feel sorry for you.
Rob: Alright, but from that one sentence, would you think that I was going to see it?
Barry: I'm sorry, Rob, I'm struggling here. You're asking me what I would think if you told me you hadnt seen a film you have already seen. What am I supposed to say?
Rob: Just listen to me, if I said to you--
Barry: I haven't seen Evil Dead II yes ...
Rob: Would you get the impression I really wanted to see it?
Barry: Oh, ah, well you couldn't have been desperate to see it otherwise you would have already gone.
Rob: Right, I'm not going to see that movie.
Barry: [thinking] But the word 'yet' ... Yea, you know what? I get the impression you wanted to see it, otherwise you would have said you didn't want to go.
Rob: But in your opinion would I definitely go?
Barry: How the fuck am I supposed to know? Probably!
Rob: Why?
Barry: Because it's a brilliant film, it's so funny, and violent and the soundtrack kicks fucking ass. ... I never thought I'd say this but can I go work now?

EDIT: Yea, just realized I probably could have just embedded the clip from YouTube instead of transcribing the whole thing.

Section 1

January 28th, 2010 at 6:22 PM ^

I really like the sound of "Sean Parker." It takes much of the sting out of the sound of "Donovan Warren." In a California-neutral kind of way. Like Algebraic equations.

As for Ray Vinopal, I could scarcely understand some of the jibberish being typed. If somebody here is calling Ray Vinopal names, I suggest you present yourself to Ray for a first-class beatdown. But since that's not going to happen outside of East Lansing, I have a term for you, and it starts with "d" and ends with "g" and rhymes with "douchebag." Indeed, the term is "douchebag."