PAC 12 Championship Viewing Thead

Submitted by FranklinHatchett on December 1st, 2017 at 7:51 PM
Happy Friday evening to all y'all. Anyone watching the game tonight? USC vs. Stanford. Who u got? USC playin well and think they are better than Stanford, but Stanford tough. I'll go USC by 7 or so. Everyone enjoy your weekend.


Bigly yuge

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I think Fulmer secretly gets a kick out of the lack of success at Tennessee since his retirement. If I were Fulmer I would’ve stayed out of this mess. Who could he possibly hire that would actually take the job and could be successful? Tire fire!!!


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LOL...are you serious?! Come on, man.

Look, I love Harbaugh, but there's no shame in giving credit to his successor at Stanford for - at minimum - maintaining the high levels of performance Harbaugh helped create.

Stanford is probably the most difficult P5 school in the country to consistently excel in football due to the high academic standards required for admission. To Harbaugh's credit, he embraced those standards and took Stanford from tire fire to a BCS game (Orange Bowl), finishing with a 12-1 record in 2010.

Shaw has done pretty damn good since then too. He's gone 64-17 overall (42-12 in the PAC). He's posted a 4-2 bowl record; taken Stanford to 4 BCS / New Years 6 bowl games (including 3 Rose Bowls), and has done a wonderful job this season with a relatively young core of players. They only lose four starters and will be very loaded for next year. Not sure how you can say they are fading at all...And - if your standards for "fading" include multiple Rose / Fiesta Bowls and participating in a conference championship game, I am concerned what your defintion of success looks like for Michigan!


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They aren't winning 12 games like they did during coaches last year there. The only way there winnin 12 games again is if he goes back and he's not. Coach Shaw is a good coach and has done well, but they are slowly fading... i mean they lost to San Diego st this year... that's proof of fading in my opinion.


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Too many hot takes...

Harbaugh won 12 games one season...his last. As I said before, he inherited a tire fire. So, advancing from three wins to 12 wins is incredible, especially at an institution like Stanford (where admissions requirements for football players are very high).

However, since his departure, Shaw has won 12 games twice, in 2012 and in 2015. Moreover, Shaw has won 10 games every year but one since Harbaugh left. That's pretty freaking good and does not seem to reflect a "fade" in my opinion.

Stanford has maintained what Harbaugh built. And, they are going to be a top-10 team next year with the potential to make a deep run in the PAC. 


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OK...And I bet Stanford would say, "We could beat Michigan with a healthy defense." 

I don't deny UM could beat Stanford. They certainly may be able to; they also may lose. Who the hell knows. But there is not a team in the country who is not dealing with and managing through injuries. It's part of the game. For reference, Stanford is down six players on their defense.  


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USC is doing everything possible to let Stanford into the endzone on this drive.

Defensive holding and pass interference, both of which are apparently OK in the Big Ten, are being called here.