OZone Michigan Monday - week 2

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Link?  Link.

Now, a few choice highlights from the column.

I've seen quite a few “yeah, but's” from Buckeye fans regarding what Robinson has done to this point, and it's ridiculous. When things are being done weekly that have NEVER been done before, it almost doesn't matter who it's done against. And you can say whatever you want about the Big East defenses that Michigan has played to this point, but other quarterbacks have been playing Big East defenses for years, and almost nobody else has done what this kid has done.

There are definitely valid criticisms of Robinson's game, and believe me, I'm going to get to them. But don't try and diminish what he's done to this point. It diminishes what every other player has done previously. Give him credit, acknowledge his success, and root like heck for your team to stop him.

Nice way to start the column, no?  Then he takes a dig at the intelligence of Michigan fans.  Really?  An ohio state guy wants to go THERE?

In the realm of “water is wet”, let's just all go ahead and agree that Denard Robinson is not going to survive the 28.5 carries per game he is currently averaging. Even the most Maize and Blue of Michigan fans will acknowledge this. (As long as you tell them what “acknowledge” means.)

 Anyway, he goes on with some spot-on observations, some obvious hyperbole, and a (un)healthy dose of buckeye bias and smack talk.   He ends fairly positively for Michigan, though:

Come November, good teams will be much better equipped to control a lot of what we're seeing now from Michigan's offense. But I also think come November, we'll be seeing a few new things from them as well.

At that point, it's anybody's game. It will still come down to execution, and the Wolverine offense finally seems to have figured some things out.



September 13th, 2010 at 10:51 PM ^

God, I just hope Michigan can dethrone Ohio State.

And seriously, acknowledge?  Dude might need to work a little harder on the insults.

I'm really getting tired of this topic regarding the # of carries.  It's really old.

Deep Under Cover

September 14th, 2010 at 12:55 AM ^

Whoa, the Michigan girl from the Big Ten calendar last year.  Yeah, I have her proudly displayed in my shit hole in Columbus.  Probably the brightest thing here in Mordor.  The best thing about her was that she carried a high GPA and a difficult major (can't remember what, too lazy to go look), unlike most of the girls in that calendar...

EDIT: Ok, maybe not the BEST part... you get it.


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He has to throw some red meat to the Buckeye slappy's, but it seems contrived.

Any OSU columnist that makes circa 2008 Stevie Brown references is paying attention.

Zone Left

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I always like Michigan Monday.  I see it through different glasses, but he's still basically right: Denard has been unreal, the next 2-3 games are going to (hopefully) find a solid running back to complement him, and the defense and kicking games are really rough.

MMB 82

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but felt that Tom Orr and early Tony Gerdeman were better and more objective. More recently I think Tony has been letting his bias get through to his analysis. Still, a very useful read....


September 14th, 2010 at 12:25 AM ^

My only nitpick is that he makes it sound like 24-40 isn't a good passing day.  That's 60% completions.  Even for a QB made of dilithium, that's a good day.


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TUOS will always be this way.  It tells us one thing:  They're very jealous. Denard has done in 2 weeks what Pryor has not done in 3 years.  Good luck chasing Denard from behind, and if you won't let him beat you the all the other skill positions are going to be having big days.  Pick your poison boys.