Ozone: Meyer > Hoke on Recruiting Trail = Egg in Face

Submitted by Amutnal on February 19th, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Idiots. My laughing grew more intense as the day went on. Here is the link. http://www.the-ozone.net/football/2012/Meyer_dominatHokeRecruiting.html For more well-deserved schadenfreude, 11W has a thread linking above article talking about how Meyer wouldn't even look at players ranked as low as Rivals 160. Then successive eggs to face in the form of Bosch and Fox. I wasn't going to post this but the timing of their unfounded gloating was impeccable. Go Blue!!!



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Whoever posted that GIF with the ice cream cone in the Bill Sheridan thread a couple days ago needs to bring that back!

It is clear that this rivalry has found new life and I CAN'T WAIT to see how it turns out. I like our chances.... Meyer doesn't scare me.


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Meyer's classes at Florida were always flash and no substance, but Tebow and speed could always make up for it. He lost Tebow, and suddenly substanced mattered, and Urban was sunk. And this whole "won't touch a player below below" 160 is nonsense. I'd love to sit down with these clowns and discuss Urb's past recruiting classes.


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How do you get a consesus top 5 class and say that you have a lot of "medicore" players?  What an ass hat.  Hoke bleeds Maize and Blue and recruits talented kids who feel the same way.  You would never see him bad mouth his own recruits and that is why he will continue to get quality kids. 

Meyer is a charlatin who will seduce his fair share, but give me the ernest, hardworking combo of Mattison and Hoke any day.


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Unfortunately, Ohio fans don't "discuss" anything.  They are brought up from birth to think that their team is living embodiement of all that is right, not only in sports, but the world in general.  Consequently, any "discussion" only goes one way: from their mouths to your ears. It goes something like this: "We're great, everyone else sucks, and we hate Michigan."

I'm sure they really hate Michigan today, just like they did last November.


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 I was reading that article the other day and couldn't help laughing as I read the first few Hello posts. They can say whatever they want lol The only thing I'm going to say is It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine


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Old Tony has really let the homerism come out after the loss in november. You could see it in all his michigan monday columns leading up to the game. 

Suddenly, his blatant homerness which should be expected I guess has really come out. Dude has pretty much lost it at this point.


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I'm just wondering if Meyer will actually be able to develop a decent run game aside from the quarterback position.  I always remember that they never seemed to get much production from the RB position at Florida.  We all saw how rough that is on a player in 2010, just wonder if the two RBs he took in 2012 will actually be successful there.


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Yeah, so Urban was able to flip all of Penn State's commits and get lifelong Buckeye fans like Adolphus Washington (whom Hoke wasn't even recruiting after October) to commit. Armani Reeves was our only big loss head to head. Big deal. I will bask in the glory of tonight of having 8 of the top 225 locked up already for 2013. 


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Yeah, so Urban was able to flip all of Penn State's commits and get lifelong Buckeye fans like Adolphus Washington (whom Hoke wasn't even recruiting after October) to commit. Armani Reeves was our only big loss head to head. Big deal. I will bask in the glory of tonight of having 8 of the top 225 locked up already for 2013. 


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Big surprise -- hometown rag puts hometown coach on a pedestal.  Who cares what the others say -- why do you waste your time reading that shit?

 Yawn.  Move along, nothing to see here.  

This is Michiganfergodsake.    




Sione's Flow

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I hope all of those homers are still talking crap, when Meyer doesn't produce the results they want right away.  I don't see Meyer being in ohio, when his first recruiting class graduates.


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As far as I remember...since Ive followed recruiting rankings in the early 90s, Ohio usually has a higher ranked class than Michigan...not always...but typically, Moeller, Carr and RR were outrecruited (at least in the rankings) by Cooper and Vest... so nothing has changed...Ohio will usually be ranked in top 10 and MIchigan dropping in from top 10 to sometimes as low as 15 etc... history never changes.


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That article is terrible. Just seeking out stats to support their point of view without providing any context. With context that article reads Ohio st beats out Michigan for recruit (reeves) due to lifelong friendship.


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Dumbest article ever. Our class was pretty much done... we couldn't have got commitments from all of them if we wanted to and OSU was only half way through their recruiting.


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Anybody else getting sick of this one or the other crap? 

They're both great. They've both done great jobs since they've taken over at Ohio State/Michigan. They've both done great jobs prior to their current jobs. 

To argue over who's a better recruiter when both are consistently pulling in four/five stars is pretty stupid. To actually try and win that argument is even dumber. Especially since you really can't judge a recruiting class until the players have graduated and you're looking back at their accomplishments.

I hope this continues and Hoke and Meyer make the next 10 years the second coming of the Big 2 and Little (insert correct # here). And here's to Michigan winning the majority of those matchups. 

As for Meyer's national championships ... he won them. Of course, neither of those Florida teams managed to go undefeated.  




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That Ohio had signed the last 3 or 4 recruits with offers from both schools. Then talked about how sinecure Urban started he has singed all these recruits and joke hasn't done much. They neglect to say that our class was full when he started and his was bare. They always twist the facts. And now the last 3 kids to commit with offers from both schools picked UM. They only go to Ohio when we are full.


February 19th, 2012 at 10:26 AM ^

Urban Myth recruited questionable guys at Fla.Tebow saved him over and over. He quit, no wait he didnt. He left again was so happy at ESPN no more worries about his health. Big money offered from Ohio, dream job and health is fine. Takes a bunch of guys Mich didnt have room for or turned down. 2 coaching staffs, PSU scandel makes it a bit easier to recruit.Spin it how you want Michigans staff is doing a great job getting great kids. Go Blue


February 19th, 2012 at 10:43 AM ^

With Fickell as HC, OSU already had a lot of good commits.  Had he stayed on, they still probably would have had a top ten class.  OSU is probably the easiest school for recruiting in the country, especially now.  Ohio is one of the top states for producing high school talent as is Pennsylvania.  OSU has no in-state rival for recruits and now that PSU has imploded, Pennsylvania is also wide open.  Most of the players Meyer brought in were OSU leans, except for some concerns about the NCAA punishments.  Once news was leaked (before the actual NCAA announcement) that the punishment would be rather minor, mostly affecting the team only during the recruits' freshman season, they were ripe for the picking.

The national media commentators go on and on about what a great recruiter Meyer is and how that make's him a game changer in the Big Ten . Perhaps. But so far he's shown he's about as good at recruiting as every coach OSU has had in the past 50 years.



February 19th, 2012 at 11:34 AM ^

Don't like Meyer much at all. Do suspect he'll do alright at ohio -- after all, FLA is not the only stop he's built his record on. In fact, it's probably as close to a perfect fit as U-M and Hoke.

Don't think we -- this board, us fans -- need to spend much time sweating it, except for about four hours once a year. They'll get theirs and we'll get ours and then we'll fight it out in November, the way it's supposed to be.


February 19th, 2012 at 11:50 AM ^

The simple truth is for whatever reason each recruit may have for committing to the school that they do, both schools are going to get some great players.  The thing I really like about Hoke is he recruits players that fit our mold regardless of whether some other slobs rate them highly or not.  Talent AND intangibles (drive, character, intelligence, etc) make up a player, not just talent, and Hoke sure seems to look at it all.  I don't give a shit what Meyer does or doesn't do.  Moreso, I don't give a shit what Bucknut fans think.  Spending time thinking about the shit they dwell on isn't worth my time.


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I'll be very happy.

Michigan and Ohio always do well in recruiting. And I agree with the earlier post that typically Ohio gets a better yield each year than Michigan - this was very true during the Cooper years, but UM did a better job in the Game.  Hoke's success in recruiting has been very good, even in talent-rich Ohio, so that's promising for UM.