Overrated and Underrated

Submitted by The Shredder on August 23rd, 2009 at 1:07 AM

Who do you feel based on practice reports(yeah we are talking about practice..practice..Not a game..but practice)is overrated at the moment and who is underrated?

My overrated: D-Rob-Sounds like he is doing very well but I can see all the excitement not taking shape once he hits the field in front of 110,000 and a live D. He will have growing pains when and if he plays.

Underrated: Brandon Smith-I think he is athletic as they come and once it starts clicking for him he wil be very good for us at LB. I haven't heard much about him but I think given some reps through out the year, he will slowly become a force(or so I hope).

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RR has said he's going to play more than one QB for at least the first like 3 games or so...

I think everyone will say that, based one what everyone has seen and knows so far, it's more likely that Forcier will be steadier and more consistent. Not that D-Rob will suck, but won't be as consistent as Forcier.

However, hopefully Sheridan is the steadiest and most consistent -- going 0 for 0 with 0 rushing attempts, every week, from the bench.


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Overrated: Vincent Smith- With all the hype he got in spring drills, it would be impossible for him to live up to those expectations this year. He could see some playing time this year, but I don't see him having a big impact until next year.

Underrated: Michael Shaw- He looked pretty good at times last year when he was healthy. I know he's been out for most of the summer, but I think he will be a solid 3rd string back this year and could have a big impact if Minor and Brown can't both stay healthy.


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Underrated -TE's

We know are TE's are athletic, but I have been reading about a lot of TD's by the TE's in practice.

Overrated - Sheridan

Keep hearing about how he is a lot better than last year. Well yeah, he couldn't get much worse. He is Sheridan though, so its overrated


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Alot of people are over looking him as FS and talking about Vlad. I think they are both going to see the field this year but Williams is a big hard hitting safety that is going to lay some wood and make some plays this year. Every time I see him on film I see a physical specimen like a Sean Taylor or OLD school Ronnie Lot. He can be one of those safety's that make people think twice about coming over the middle. He just has to keep his head on straight on the field.

Chester Copperpot

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The guy I'm most looking forward to seeing is Roy Roundtree. Much has been said about Kelvin Grady's progress, which is awesome and I'm really rooting for him. Tay Odoms, whether you like him or not, is the incumbent and should be seen as such until he's displaced. However, I think Roundtree provides us with the allure that he may be a big playmaker, which I'm really looking forward to, as much as Joe Tiller hates us for it. Also, I want to see what Jeremy Gallon can do. If there was ever a slot electron, Gallon is it (as far as the film I've watched shows).


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I don't think we've heard a peep about Odoms this fall, but I thought he played pretty well overall last year. Should be even better this year - he'll have the experience that the others don't and besides that a QB who can throw the ball where it's supposed to be.


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Overrated: Troy Woolfolk

Everyone has been talking about his move to safety has been the best decision for this defense but I don't see him bolstering our secondary. Yes, he is fast, but I think he is vulnerable. There is something about watching him (in drills albeit) where he just doesn't look like he fits. I hope I'm wrong.

Underrated: Michael Cox

Just by hearing subtle references to Cox' improvement from last year and getting quicker and seeing some of his clips from practice/scrimmage, I think he has a chance to be a sleeper for this offense. It looks like he has not blazing speed but the ability to hit holes and get up field. We have an array of speed in the backfield but I can see him contributing "some" in 2009 but even more in 2010. It's refreshing to hear that we have a good problem when it comes to not being able to predict who will have impact. This wasn't the case in 2008.


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Overrated: my ability to discern whether anyone is overrated or underrated based upon watching 2-3 minute clips produced in-house, or the practice reports of Chengelis, Rothstein and THE BEAVER.

Underrated: my faith in Coach Rod and his staff to put together a team that will win more games than is expected from the consensus of the national media and this board's fans.

As for players:

Underrated: Odoms. One thing I have read is that Tate and Denard can actually throw the bubble screen. Having researched Odoms' receptions last year, he averaged 14 ypc when his teammates didn't colossally screw up (as in, horrible pass or blown block). And, the first play on the scrimmage was a 40-yard pass play on a ..... bubble screen to Odoms. He'll be great this year.

Overrated: Only in the sense that this board thinks he should play this year - Jeremy Gallon. He's been on campus less than a month. With the slot WR talent on campus, he should redshirt.


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I'm really hoping that Carlos is being underrated right now and he has a hugeee season. To have a thunder and lightning esque combo would be great (a la what Clemson had two or so years back but with obviously better coaching) and make defensive game planning against Michigan a nightmare.

In terms of being overrated, Jack Kennedy. No way that dude can ever live up to what he did in the Spring Game.

The King of Belch

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Over rated: Rating guys based on a couple days of practice.

Under rated: Totino's Supreme Pizza. Shit, at 4 for 5 bucks, this is a steal. It beats a Border Run. Sitting in the car for 45 minutes while you have to piss like a racehorse with four other drunk dudes (two of whom may or may not be wearing clothing and two of whom fart incessantly) sucks.

Big Boutros

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If Kelvin Grady gets a lot of PT this year and uses it well I guess we could say he was underrated by recruiting services. Otherwise I would say Patrick Omameh. It's harder for an offensive lineman to be heralded, but I feel like it's been a pretty anonymous rise to the starting job for Big Patricio.


August 23rd, 2009 at 11:24 AM ^

Keep in mind, I'm basing this on RIGHT NOW, not what I think of this person's future, but...

Overrated: William Campbell. I don't think he would be terribly effective, yet a lot of fans I talk to think he should be a starter from Day 1. I don't think he's ready technique wise to be a big impact guy yet. Don't get me wrong. I think he'll play and show us some glimpses of his future. So I guess what I'm saying is not that he is overrated, but that Campbell being Campbell is not going to happen yet.

Underrated: Mike Cox. I can see him being the next Brandon Minor. With such a deep stable of backs, he's allowed to come along at his own pace. He's unheralded as a recruit in our fan base yet had some good guru ratings out of HS. (**** on Scout)


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When comparing the Spring to the Fall:

Overrated: Roundtree and V. Smith. I have heard nothing about Roundtree this fall (after all the hype from the Spring Game TD's) and V. Smith was running with the 2nd -tier RBs on Saturday.

Underrated: Huyge - In Spring he was barely mentioned in the 2-deep; now apparently leading for the RT spot.
Cox - Although I doubt he'll see the field much this year due to depth, looks very promising for next year as a Soph.
Herron - not only the obvious starter at The Quick, but looks to be legit after it appeared no one on the roster fit the position after the Spring Game


August 23rd, 2009 at 12:07 PM ^

was a first team WR on Saturday and has repeatedly caught TD passes in scrimmage situations this fall.

The running backs in front of Vincent Smith yesterday were Carlos Brown and Michael Shaw. I'm not sure it would be a good thing for the team if V. Smith was currently more than a 2-3 carry change of pace back with the team's RB depth.

In the spring, Huyge started the spring game.

Herron seems to be a physical freak like S. Brown, and both seem to be playing very well (yesterday, according to reports, S. Brown was the defensive star). If both play very well, this defense could be rather good.


August 23rd, 2009 at 12:18 PM ^

Savoy. He cannot catch in games. Just cannot do it. No matter what he does in practice he cannot replicate it during game time.

Mouton. He is a pure athlete. He is going to have a big, big year.


August 23rd, 2009 at 12:36 PM ^

I hate to say it because I love him, but Martin may be overrated. I don't think he could exceed expectations this year. I think all the underrated guys have been mentiond. Sheridan is probably underrated. I'm not saying he's good, but he's probably better than most people would like to believe.


August 23rd, 2009 at 1:43 PM ^

obi ezeh - this is rather unfortunate as mlb is such a vital position, but Im just not very high on him. He was playing behind a somewhat solid dline and still didnt have a great yr. I would say hes no better than avg in pass coverage (and that is prob generous) and his reads in run support are just too slow. Im not saying hes horrible, but I think anyone who is touting him as first or second team all big 10 is going to be disappointed.

denard - Although he may have a stronger arm than I had anticipated based on his billing, I just dont think he is near ready to run a d1 offense. And as fast as he is on paper, his rushing stats in h.s. were not terribly impressive (5.2 ypc). Those deeming him Pat White with a better arm must know something I dont. Based primarily on speculation I would say he is probably the third option at qb this season. If there is a game that tate doesnt start due to injury or poor play, I suspect sheridan gets the first go of it. I might get my head bitten off for this, but I predict a position change as of the start of Denards junior yr.

campbell - He may have incredible potential and upside, but I would be somewhat suprised if he plays more than a few downs this yr. If it werent for our scary lack of depth on the line, Campbell would be a shoe in for a redshirt. Im crossing my fingers that the line stays healthy and Campbell isnt forced into play.

Shaw and Cox - As good as I'm expecting our sr runningbacks to be this yr (brown and minor) I find myself suprisingly not worried about their departure following the 2009 season. With Cox's power and Shaw's jets, I think theyll make a great 1-2 punch come the 2010 season.

Van Bergen and Herron - They may not be all conference, but I think they will hold their own on a line that many feel will be below avg. If herron's crazy athletic ability can translate into solid football play, he might just have a breakout yr. For some reason I just really like van bergen and think he will pester offensive lineman with his high effort and high intensity. With the majority of the oposition's attention being focused on brandon graham and mike martin, I think these two might get overlooked. Based on how disappointing the dline play was last season, I think this line could very well be on par with that of 2008.

moundros - I think it is very easy to overlook how important and valuable this kid is to our run game, but he might just be the best run blocker on the team.

hemmingway - i think/hope he is gonna have a breakout yr

zoltan mesko - for whatever reason, some people still think this kid is human

biggest questionmarks:
stevie brown - I predict a very impressive yr know that he has less responsibilities in the deep pass game, but I predicted a solid yr out of him last yr too so u never know.

mark ortmann - He might be a weak link on an otherwise solid Oline. I recall hearing about him getting eaten up by our dlinemen in practice. Hopefully he will shock and aw, otherwise our freshman qb will be seeing a lot of weakside pressure, in which case this could be a very long season.


August 23rd, 2009 at 2:31 PM ^


Denard Robinson- I just don't think he wll be as good passing the ball as is being said in practice. I still think he will just come in to run the play and for occasional trick plays. He will not pass the ball alot this year.


Mike Cox- I wouldn't be shocked for him to share carries with or even beat out Michael Shaw for 2010. He has really been looking good all practice and I think he will continue to get better and better every year.