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Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 7th, 2011 at 12:52 AM
With the Harbaugh thread right below this to take the JH talk, if this takes another 2 hours to get over 200, that should lead to 3 am EST, and midnight west coast. If you're at the point that you don't want to scroll through a couple hundred posts at that point, maybe you should go to bed. ;-) Odds are Brandon isn't calling Harbaugh at this hour anyway.....but if You DO hear something, you can post it here.

Other SC news....Mallett goes pro. So does Ingram. And can Luck really not reconsider in the 10 days or whatever till the deadline? I mean, doesn't someone have to grab him and say ROOKIE CAP NEXT SEASON, THROWING AWAY $50 MILLION!! ?



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Following the KC - Ravens game on Sunday.

Jack (to John) - "Boy oh boy, you guys really shit the bed today!  I can't believe KC ran it up on you like that!"

John - "Yeah, I guess the team didn't want it this year."

Jack - "The team?"

John - "Yeah.  The Team, The Team, The Team."

Jim - "Aw screw you guys!  Just because 450,000 Alumni are DYING to have ME move to Ann Arbor doesn't mean I'm gonna pick up my family and go for ONLY $5 MILLION.  And besides, I wanna coach in the NFL too!  DAAAD, John got to coach in the NFL!"

John - I wasn't talking to you pipsqueak, I was talking to Dad"

Jack - "Huh?"

John - "Think I'd like it there for the next 20 years?"

Jack - "Yep.  I loved it there, and I wasn't even making 100K.  You boys loved it there too."

Jim - "John, you want to eave the NFL...to coach Michigan?"

John - "Might be a nice life."

Jim - "DAAAAAD John's trying to take the best opportunity I've ever haaaad!"

John - "Fine, you do it."

Jim - "Really, I don't know if I wanna."

John - "Well that's fine.  I don't want to either.  It's settled, then."

Jack - "Aww fuck it. I'll do it.  Gimme that phone!"

John, Jim - "NOOOOOOO!"

Jack - "Well then, which of you?  I gonna count to three.  One, Two..."


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Ross and Harbaugh agree that Miami will keep Sparano for one more year while Harbaugh goes back to Stanford to chase a MNC and Heisman with Andrew Luck. Next year, barring Miami in the Superbowl, Ross replaces Sparano with Harbaugh. This works out best for both of them because Harbaugh/Luck would like to play out one final year at Stanford and Miami is not eager to sign up a brand new $8 million per year coach in the face of a potential lockout.


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I didn't see this mentioned out in the open and I've been wondering about it for a while: when Dave Brandon decides on a candidate, does he take into account their future aspirations? A longterm coach would be ideal, so it seems to me that we need/want a guy where the Michigan job is a goal and not a stepping stone to the NFL. 

The Block M

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Just think how crazy "The Big House" will be next year with damn near 115,000 fans screaming The Victors before we beat the hell out of ND in our first night game. ESPN Gameday there with Des and the boys. JH is comming guys watch, you think he rather have Luck for one more year? When he can have Denard with 115,000 watching? We would be the talk of the entire sport of football. Think what this does to all of our rivalries in the big ten. Think what this does to the new improved divisions with the chance of playing OSU twice. Dont think DB and the President arent thinking of all of this too.  DB said he wanted to unite and bring the UM Brand to the top, this happens when JH comes to A2. He is worth a hell of a lot more to us than any other college of pro team.  UM as a brand is just as good and in my eyes better than most of these nfl places.  DB knows all of this guys, and to let him get away from us for Stanford???? He will have some explaining to do trust me on that.

Hail to the truth

Steve Lorenz

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If you're bored there's 40 of us or so at the liveblog: http://ghostsofferry.blogspot.com/2011/01/lol-harbaugh-liveblog_7480.html

I used to know Harbaugh a little bit. I helped run his Celebrity Golf tournament and was invited to do so by his best friend, someone I got to know very well, but who I will not name here. He works in A2 still and manages Jim's money. Bottom line, Jim Harbaugh loves UM more than anyone I've ever met. He gushed maize & blue and unless something has changed that passion, I see him being the next coach here. I really believe all of this "news" is being manipulated by Ross and Brandon, possibly to justify the whopping salary we're about to pay a guy who has a record of 29-21 at Stanford. Perhaps MSC was so against it, they needed to show her the market price. To be clear, I don't have any ties or communication with Harbaugh any more so my gut feeling could be useless. Just beware of Loeffler & don't give up on JH.


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True story. After all this speculation and mindnumbing debate about hypotheticals I feel like getting a job at a hedge fund or bank selling subprime mortgages, credit default swaps, and tranches with a false AAA rating. I can sell anyone a CDS for LIBOR plus fifty right now!

Thank or I am craving a nuclear bomb appearance...I'm going through withdrawl...and I'm drinking.


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DB and JH are sitting back sipping drinks laughing at all the eroneous media reports.   Every now and then DB's cell phone rings and on the line is Ross telling them to "turn on ESPN, you're going to love this one."



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I also think this comes down to Harbaugh not wanting to leave the Bay Area. Much more than money or returning Michigan to glory. He has a young family and a wife who doesn't want to leave California.


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then he would have bolted for SF already. That job has to be filled this coming year, so if he passes this year, it won't be available next year and if he leaves for the NFL then, he will be leaving  the Bay area then. 

The other alternative is that he stays at Standford for the next 15 years   /ya right


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If anyone is interested in the UConn HC or Assistant position here is the link to fill out an application.


The openings will say 

Specialist IIA (assistant football coach)

and Specialist IVA (Head Football Coach)


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The media is such a joke.  All of these rumors about JH for 7-8 million at Miami, and the truth is they don't even have an opening for a head coach. These rumors are actually making me think that it is more likely that JH will be at UM.


January 7th, 2011 at 2:47 AM ^

SF now seems to be on the back burner.  Miami went with their lame duck coach instead of JH after laying over 7 million on the table to him which he obviously did not accept.  Elway says he wants a shat at a JH interview. And in all of this, Michigan and DB quietly say nothing as all of this plays out...I still gotta believe it could happen.


January 7th, 2011 at 5:25 AM ^

Maybe Luck announced his return so that he could transfer to Michigan right after Harbaugh gets announced. He had a change of heart about his school and major, and decided to transfer to the Ross School of Business--the Dolphins meeting with JH under the auspices of hiring him was just a smokescreen so that S Ross, Luck, and the NCAA (in conjunction with Luck's father, Oliver, whose ties to WVU morally compel him to assist Michigan as recompense for humiliating Rich Rod) could have time to hammer out such a tricky relocation. With everything in place, Ross and co. quickly affirmed their commitment to Tony Sparano. Meanwhile, the 49ers plan to hire Brady Hoke soon after Stanford reintroduces Head Coach Ty Willingham as the final domino hits the table.


January 7th, 2011 at 3:07 AM ^

jim heacock? (if you're up this late, i'm guessing you're willing to read off-the-wall suggestions.) he was a head coach for years ('88-'95 IIRC) at illinois state, although i can't find records going that far back, and i'm pretty sure we'd be ok if we had OSU's D the past few years. it's also a serious back-to-bo kind of move, and would really reinvigorate the UM-tosu rivalry. thoughts? aspersions?


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What even is an "official offer" and when they hell would one make it? I'd say now would be a good time. What about reports/rumors saying that we supposedly offered JH something in the realm of $5 million+? If we offered him a number, is that not official. I need sleep.