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This ain't no joke, but why don't more coaches do this? I mean, look at Saban last year. He didnt receive any punishments from NCAA or anyone, so what gives? this year Davis doin the same thing at NC, and he'll probably slide too. I'm surprise more coaches ain't doing it.



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Personally, I prefer to change all the lyrics around so instead of being not ironic and merely amusing coincidences, they just make no sense at all:

"It's like ten thousand spoons on your cigarette break."

"It's like meeting the many of my dreams and getting a headache."

"It's like rain when your kid was a mistake."

West Texas Blue

January 19th, 2009 at 5:51 PM ^

Uh, North Carolina is in the ACC, not the SEC. Going off Rival's commitment lists for NC for '09 (29 total), they had one EE, thus leaving 28 players to sign on Nation LOI Day. I'm not sure how many players you can have oversigned in the ACC; I'll assume +3, in which North Carolina will be fine.

I know NC had been pushing hard for Sam Montgomery lately; curious to see what effect NC's oversigning will have on his recruitment effort. We'll need all the breaks we can get to land Montgomery.


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You know what a cat being castrated with sharp spoon sounds like??? The ACC and SEC do this to hedge their bets. They already know that some of the signees will not qualify. If you notice when ever RR speaks of recruiting he rattles a little dsclaimer about qualifying academically. Listen closely next time he talks about signing kids and recruitment.


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"Hello mister Mann....

-we interrupt this broadcast for an important message from Alanis..."Talk of Johnnie Farms belongs on another thread. thank you."....and now back to our broadcast-

"I see right throooooough you...