Outlook for Michigan Recruiting in 2013 and beyond

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Jim Stefani, just posted this great "article" on Michigan recruiting. Very interesting read, I got especially excited that there are alot of legacies including Braylon Edwards brother, Alan Branch's cousin, Craig Roh's brother that are looking like good targets.






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True. I guess I just wasn't ready for it. The 2013 guys haven't even played their junior season yet, so I sometimes question how people can evaluate their athletic abilities based on limited data points. Info starts to trickle in over the summer after some of the camps and to me that is more of an apt time to start talking about those recruits 2 years out.



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I don't pretend to know the intricacies of high school recruiting.  I generally skim the TomVH posts and leave it at that.  Some of the folks on this site get ridiculously into that kind of thing but I feel there is too much drama-queenishness to the whole process for me to invest a large portion of my time and emotional energy into it.


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You have to have a really good headstart and start recruiting young kids if you want him to commit to you.


John Beilein is pretty much done with 2012 recruiting but I suspect that he'll work on recruiting on the remaining uncommitted prospects to fill the last spot once Darius goes pro after next season.  They're now concentrating on 2013 prospects but they haven't been formally offered yet.


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I've always hoped the same thing, but having grown up in Jackson and having watched both play, Amani doesn't have nearly the amount of talent Antonio did. I remember seeing Antonio Bass as a sophomore playing quarterback for Jackson High, and being far and away the best athlete on the field. Needless to say, as a junior and senior, he completely dominated games and was easily the best high school athlete I ever saw in person. I am extremely hopeful that Amani can follow suit, but at the same stage in their high school careers, Antonio was vastly superior to Amani.


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Berkley Edwards (Braylon's brother), Brandon Moore (we already have one), Adam Coon (He's a wrestler, not a football player, IMO), Jake Khory (Rocko's cousin), Jake Roh (Craig's brother), Christian Skrepenak (as was mentioned), Desmond Branch (Alan's brother), and even the name Kendrick Mouton, who turned out isn't related to Jonas.

But the name that stuck out was Amani Bass. Might we get from him what we always had hoped to get out of brother Antonio? Got to love the legacy recruiting.


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Why do you think Adam Coon is a wrestler and not a football player?  It sounds like he has the size to be a solid D1 prospect, and him being such a good wrestler only helps his game, I'm sure.  Terrence Taylor and Mike Martin were star wrestlers, and obviously very good DTs as well.  What makes you doubt Coon can't do the same?


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but the difference is, they were football players who happened to wrestle. Here are the national wrestling rankings at 215 pounds. Keep in mind that Coon is a sophomore:


Also, he went 51-3 and was the 215 state champ as a freshman. This year he went 56-0 and repeated as state champion. That's 107-3 in his first 2 years, and well on his way to being a 4x-state champ, and likely the top recruit in the nation as a senior at his weight class.

What I'm saying is, I think he's always been a wrestler first.


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No doubt he's a very good wrestler and could certainly wrestle at a high level in college.  However, I've yet to see a kid pass up on playing BCS-conference level football for a non-revenue sport.  People talk about this a lot, but it doesn't often happen. 

At a major school like Michigan, wrestlers are student athletes and football players are celebrities.  Plus there's that whole NFL thing that really drives kids to football.


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No doubt he's got options.  But he was a first team sophomore all-american, honorable mention all-state as a sophomore and already 6'5" 230, combine that with presumably elite athleticism and leverage and I bet he gets many Big Ten offers.  He's a kid who I bet gets a very early offer from Michigan.


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  Anthony Thompson (RB/DB, 6-1, 175, Deerfield Beach, FLA, Class of 2013):  Think Denard can help in possibly luring this future star from his alma-mater to Michigan?  As a sophomore he led the team in rushing with 99 carries for 647 yards (6.5ypc) and 5 TDs, and had 6 receptions for 117 yards (19.5 avg) and 2 TDs.


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Alex Korhorn from Grand Rapids Christain, he's started on varsity as a freshmen. hes 6'2" 285 as a sophmore. and started on the team that lost to East Grand Rapids by 1 in the playoffs this past year.

This kid is a younger Taylor Lewan, nasty mean streak.



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Jim Stefani is one of the best in the business. All of the top colleges use his service (which is an awesome recruiting database). I think he went to Michigan, but LSU, Auburn, Bama, all the big boys are on his site daily looking at prospects.