Outlook on '14 Class and Recruiting Question

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It's nice to see Wilton Speight taking the Shane Morris role for the '14 class, but I found this quote interesting:

“After this crazy day settles down, I’m going to try to get coach (Al) Borges on the phone, and I want him to get me a list of who they’re targeting and who I need to start working on, because I plan on this class being the top recruiting class they’ve had in awhile. Every day, (I'll) contact as many guys as I can, build friendships and draw trustworthy relationships,” he said. “I think they’re taking 16 (players). Put together a group of 15 guys and myself to be as close to perfection as possible.”

Which leads me to a few questions I'd the MGoCommunity to take a stab at. First, why such a small class? With him in the mix, plus Ferns, and hopefully the McDowell and Hand tandem, that leaves only twelve spots. Also, how do you think our recruiting compares to that of Ohio in terms of raw talent and addressing areas of need?



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While it may be an "opinion" that Hand is not going to end up at Michigan, it is a VERY sensible one.  I would be utterly shocked if he ended up anywhere other than Virginia Tech or Alabama right now. Does Michigan have a shot?  Sure.  But, we are WAY, WAY behind right now in his recruitment and that is not merely an opinion.


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Hand has Michigan in his Top 5 and lists Hoke and co. as his favorite coaching staff. So while its far from a sure thing there's reason to believe its a possibility. Maybe you shouldn't so matter of factly dismiss the notions of other people unless you have some sort of insider info that apparently no one else knows. Maybe you could start realizing that


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"Green never professed any significant interest in VT or UVa."

Virginia Tech was in his top eight at one point, so it all depends on your definition of "serious interest."  I don't think "serious interest" has to include the final three.  He took visits last July and August to Georgia and Ole Miss, respectively.  Does that mean he never showed significant interest in them, either?  I mean, he went to VT when they were supposed to have their spring game.  To me that's fairly significant.

Oh, and if Michigan has to be in your final three in order to have shown "significant interest," then I guess we can't say that Hand has "significant interest" in Michigan.  After all, he only has a top five so far.


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Lets not ignore what he said about VT:

"Coach Lawing is my favorite recruiter, but Bud Foster is my favorite coach. He's just a nice guy, and I can talk to him about anything. We barely talk about football. Virginia Tech is close to home, and they're the hometown favorite. Everybody knows that if I had to choose between Virginia and Virginia Tech I would choose Virginia Tech. Of course, they have that great engineering program also."


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I think of "attrition" separately from 5th year seniors:

Attrition - John Doe, Jr LB, threw a kid through a window last night at charlies and was kicked off the team.

Whereas the 5th year discussion is much more specific and relies less on chance. Speculating on attrition is different than speculating on 5th year returnees.


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Kids are more likely to transfer in this era instead of playing on the scout team for four years.  As soon as the writing is on the wall, the player is on the phone.  It's just the way things are done now.  

Some think it's callous, but if a coach is honest with a player, as Hoke is, he is actually doing everyone a favor.  The kid goes somewhere he can play, and the team gets another scholly.  When it comes to scholly counts, Michigan is "playing the game" like everyone else does, but with one major difference: they are doing it with integrity and honesty.