Outback / Cap One / Gator Bowl Open Thread

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on January 2nd, 2012 at 12:23 PM

NOTE: Here's the plan for these three bowls because they all involve the B1G and they are all on  at the same time. 

To  avoid clutter for the time being, I will create just the one thread for the following:


1 PM, ABC - Outback Bowl - Michigan State versus Georgia

1 PM, ESPN - Capital One Bowl - Nebraska versus South Carolina

1 PM, ESPN2 - Urban Meyer (Gator) Bowl - Ohio (yes, that one) versus Florida

However, if the thread quickly becomes unmanageable or hard to follow, then I will  break it out and create threads for each game and this one can be repurosed to perhaps talk about the B1G performance to date - highlights, complaints, etc...does that sound fair to all?

Anyway, quickie summaries:

Outback Bowl - this is the consolation prize for flubbing your conference championship games. Michigan State (10-3) will be playing Georgia (10-3) in what I hope will  be a rather competitive game. I went Michigan State here - I think they actually could pull this one out unless Aaron Murray starts throwing bullets which his receivers can catch. Oh, what could have been in the SEC championship game, right?

Capital One Bowl - I dare say the folks at Capital One were looking for variety with the B1G tie-in and went Nebraska (9-3), which travels well, as we saw in person, and will probably be a huge presence in Orlando. South Carolina (10-2) brings Steve Spurrier back to Florida - I think they still like this guy there. This one might be close, but I went South Carolina. 


Urban Meyer (Gator) Bowl - the past and future of Urban Meyer will be on the  field here in the battle of 2011 underperformers. Ohio (6-6) and Florida (6-6) will be there to play, I am sure, although I seem to remember Ohio not having much luck against Florida in a bowl not too long ago. These are different teams, of course, but I took Ohio by a slim margin. I think a middling Ohio team is just a little better than a middling Florida team. 

So, there you are - if you see threads reproducing by fragmentation around 2 PM (or sooner), you'll know why. 



January 2nd, 2012 at 2:21 PM ^

The Gator/Outback bowls are unbearable to watch right now.

On a side note, if I'm an NFL scout, I'm drooling over Aaron Murray. That's 2 PERFECT deep passes he's thrown so far that I've seen.


January 2nd, 2012 at 2:45 PM ^

Did we not see this coming?  We were all saying the B1G sucks this year in the middle of the season.  Plus, the B1G was favored in 3 of their 10 games.  The match-ups are terrible.  7-5 Iowa against preseason number one Oklahoma?  Who thought that was gonna be good?  PSU shitting the bed hurts considering Huston barely beat UCLA and got jailsexed against freakin' souther miss.  Frankly, the B1G getting a second BCS bowl every year really hurts the match-ups as well.