Outback Bowl Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 1st, 2013 at 12:29 PM
You know you're thinking about this game more than the other games or the Rose Parade. It's early, but let's start it. Next best thing to being there. Go Blue!



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A good game overall by both teams. Wish our defense is stronger but it's not ours to win today. I'm nevertheless excited about next year!


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Please please tell me he will never play again.  A sub 6 foot free safety who is SLOW?!?!?!? What the hell were you thinking in recruiting this guy RR??


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Calm down and stay away from the Internet for awhile Gordon is a heady player who's not a great deep safety. We've known this for years, it not is today but that is what Wilson, Clark, and Thomas are for. Also who knows maybe LM3 just saw a chance for Hugh quality immediate playing time.


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He played great today, stay or go, either way he made himself a lot of money today.

The last drive just made me throw up though! I'm so fucking upset we couldn't make one fucking stop when we needed to. I can't understand how and why Smith got the ball on both of our most important plays going for 2.....

I am very happy w how our young guys played though. We w be ok next year if we get a running game going.


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The hardest part of watching the game was listening to the announcers. It was all about South Carolina. Clowney got shut down today other than two plays and the announcers continued to praise him like he was dominating the game. Then they give him the player of the game with 4 tackles?! Lewan won the matchup in my opinion


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From student to player, to cut to player, to starter, to STUD, to team CAPTAIN, to all team leading tackler at Michigan!!

Look I'm 40 yrs old and Mr. KOVACS it has been a pleasure to watch you play and to watch you play w class and with Heart! You my friend will be missed most as they say. Good luck in the NFL because you are what all future Michigan players should use as an example.


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Well, in a game that was decided by a punt return TD and multiple blown coverages, I think it might have been the loss of Hagerup & Floyd that burned us. Wile had a deep punt, but against good returners the hang time is more important. Also, Raymon had a rough game and probably had no replacement to get a breather (with everyone bumping up to replace Floyd). I think Mattison called good defenses, but the D-line couldn't take down the QB, and the DB's couldn't cover ANYONE. Realistically, they should have had even more passing yards than they even did. Every receiver out there didn't have a defender within 5 yards or more. Props to Borges for calling a couple nice drives and keeping Clowney quiet (relatively speaking). Also, props to Hoke for realizing he had nothing to lose and running multiple successful fakes in the special teams game (with some ref help). Overall, good game and I think we would do no worse than 5-5 in a 10 game series against SC (a top 10 team).


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...I f'in hate Michigan football.  I'd be a much happier person if it wasn't for the stressfull bullshit like what I just wasted the past few hours watching.  For once, Borges (who I still despise) doesn't call a game like he's up in the booth watching cooking shows the entire time, and in return the defense decides to take a shit in the middle of the field and let's Ace and the rest of the f'in Cocks catch them with their pants around their ankles.  I can't take this shit anymore. 

Now on to Michigan basketball where the players are all competent (except for McLimans) and all the coaches consistently call a good game.


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Honestly don't know who you the hell you are and why you act as if you've never seen an over emotionally attached U of M fan over exaggerate their frustrations in an attempt to try to come to terms with a loss/sub-par season.

I've clearly been around a lot longer than you and have contributed more to the forums than you have and someone likes me because I've managed to maintain a +2 karma, so stop trying to fight my temporary douchebaggery with yours.  Thanks.


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Michigan fought hard and could/should have had this game if they could have wrapped up the QB once on that last drive or not given up so many huge plays.  Bottom line...This team doesn't have stud playmakers.  I am hoping there are some on the way.  Before RR, we always used to have some on offense and defense.  The only ones we have are Denard and Devin.  If is frustrating to lose the way we did today.  With one or two big-time playmakers, this could be a much different football team.


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crazyy how often UM had to blitz this game to get anything. When the DL did appear to make a play they couldn't get the sack. Ryan, Clark, and Black all failed to sack the QB on plays that could have won the game. 

Got to bring him down.

Gardner, also not too sharp most the game. Played good enough to win, but could have controlled the game if he makes better throws. Gallon got open ALL game long.

Just like against Bama and OSU. Gallon is the only WR who can make plays and get open vs. good teams. Prob should have had 200yds if Gardner is on point.


Overall, UM coaches called as good a game as [ossible. UM just needs more playmakers and a little more consistency from Gardner. He was just good enough to win though. D couldn't close the deal

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Missed most of the first three quarters attending my best friend's granddaughter's 2nd birthday (this is what happens to you when you grow up, kids).  From what I saw it was a helluva game where Michigan just got out big-played.  Carolina had what, one sustained drive (and that one at the end of the game)?

Clowney's hit on Vincent Smith won him the Player of the Game...that was one of the most amazing hits I've ever seen watching college ball...I'm glad Vincent wasn't hurt, and I can't really blame him for losing the ball.  From a karmic point of view, come on...the 'Cocks should've had the ball one play earlier anyway.

Watching their QB's just shrug off Michigan tacklers was pretty discouraging.  Can't believe the combination of strength and balance those guys have (that's what I'm telling myself rather than choosing to believe that Michigan tackling on defense still reflects echoes of the RichRod era).

Very sorry that the Florida guys on the team couldn't come back home for a win.  Especially Denard.

Freaking UNIFORMZ were awful.  Couldn't read the numbers on the jerseys in the sunshine.

This should have been Hoke's first year result.  His ACTUAL first year was a remarkable (but dearly needed and appreciated) overachievement...I await Team 134 with a mixture of anxiety and uncertainty.  Maybe Charles Woodson will retire from the NFL and come back to complete his degree and use his final year of eligibility on the field...secondary help is badly needed.

Just watched the PAC 12 smart kids run all over the People's Republic of Madison on their first possession.  Looks like another loooooooooooooooong day for the B1G.


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You win some you lose some.  It's the attitude and effort that you come back with after a loss or poor play that makes you loved by your teammates and by fans.  So, Kovacs couldn't run the guy on that TD pass (maybe even a few others).  He showed great effort, he was a great leader, and if he wasn't in there it would have been way worse.  We were in the game and it could have gone either way.  A couple of those near sacks could have easily won it.  The pressure on that last play a second earlier could have won it.  Sometimes you lose.


I don't think this loss hurts us that much considering we played pretty well.  It tells us that we can play with a good SEC team.  We're not there yet, but we're not that far away either.  Countess comes back healthy, Devin gets some more experience, the o-line puts on some beef.  Most of our proglems/challenges have been addressed and they simply need time to take effect.  I believe this loss could be a beneficial experience for us to show that we still need more work and effort to get back, but we're getting close.  So, let's not be so negative towards guys who did things the right way, played hard, had a good attitude, and did their best.  Lets send off those seniors with a thank you.  Dealing with a loss is a part of competition.