From our Sponsors: Away Game Travel Package Deal (Tickets, Transport, Hotel)

Submitted by Seth on August 1st, 2012 at 2:56 PM

From the Ed-S-itor: Some of you may have noticed the new ad on the top of the site: 

(Don't be fooled by this size; in real life, it's really big!)

Meet the latest sponsor of MGoBlog, Sports Power Weekends. What they do is put together group travel for Michigan's away games (Dallas, Notre Dame, Nebraska, etc.) So instead of doing the driving and the booking and the ticket scrounging you just give these guys about what you'd pay for all of that anyway and they do it for you. They have a limited number of spots based on how many tickets and bus seats there are.

I have images in my mind of busloads of MGoBloggers singing "The Victors" all the way to Sound Bend. I have to take the family caravan to that one, but I'm gonna try to meet up with the bus at some point.

Their message is below. And yes, it's not too late to be in there for Alabama in one month (ONE MONTH! EEEEEE!!!!!) -S


From Our Sponsor: If you are looking to follow Michigan on the road, you'll want to check out It is a Michigan alum-owned sports travel company with away game packages for Alabama, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State this season. They'll also help customize sports trips and experiences for other Michigan (or non-Michigan) events you are interested in.
They handle anything and everything from game tickets, discounted hotels, gameday transportation, tailgates and even city guides and restaurant suggestions.
Check out this page for the 2012 Michigan football offerings, including limited remaining Cowboys Classic packages and buses to South Bend from Chicago (partnering with the U of M Club of Chicago) and Ann Arbor:



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If anyone has any questions or is interested in following Michigan on the road, feel free to contact me through my company website or leave them here.

I hope to help many of you travel to Dallas, South Bend, Lincoln, Columbus, the B1G Championship Game in Indy, or anywhere you want to go. See you there!