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Submitted by imdeng on September 20th, 2010 at 7:50 AM

I was re-watching the UMass game on DVR and I was pleasantly surprised by the hustle shown by Denard in BLOCKING on run plays. He is the epitome of a team player. If you get a chance - revisit these two plays:

1. On Shaw's 50+ yard run - in the end Denard is ahead of Shaw and looking for someone to block on the right side of field. Imagine - on a 50 yard run - our QB is clearing the way for your RB!

2. On the Shaw run where he hesitates before the O-Line and then explodes for the TD, Denard is taking on an unblocked LB coming in from the left side. The LB could have had a TFL - but Denard slows him down and Shaw has time to let the gap develop and shoot through.

On the offense at least, the team is showing amazingly strong fundamentals, effort and teamwork. This will trickle into the defense as well. Football is a game of probabilities - and this kind of effort raises the probability of you winning. Combine this with a few lucky rolls of dice and we can beat anyone - yes even OSU. I am not saying it will happen - but it can - and these little things improve the odds that it might happen.



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Denard on that first run was amazing.  As Shaw was getting tackled and I saw Denard looking back.  I was like what the heck is he doing down there.  It was like he teleported instead of running.


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I'm seeing the best team attitude I have seen at Michigan since about 1997.  Having a QB who prides himself on doing things like blocking instead of listening to Heisman talk is very refreshing.  The odds are very much against the current attitude translating to a season like 1997, but it is great to see and does bode well for the program.  Saturday was a bump in the road, but this team still looks much-improved from last year.  I can't wait to see what happens when RR actually has some fifth-year seniors that he recruited on his team.


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In many of his interviews, I've heard Denard Robinson mention that he prefers to avoid talking about his individual performance, because he's "All In for Michigan".  Other players mentioned in post-game interviews how Denard kept the team focused and together when they were down 17-7 late in the first half against UMass.

Unfortunately it's too easy to dwell on the negatives in the UMass game, but I've been impressed by the attitude of the players on this team and the effort they've been putting out.  While it was far from a stellar performance by the Michigan defense and special teams, there were enough positives to take from all three units in the UMass game.

Among the praise for Denard Robinson's overall play, the continued impressive blocking from the receivers,  Mike Martin's strong play,  the key turnover caused by Jordan Kovacs,  Taylor Lewan's work at LT in the secnd half, and the big days for Michael Shaw and Darryl Stonum, I haven't seen it written or said too often, but Brandin Hawthorne's recovery of Jeremy Gallon's muffed attempt to corral a UMass punt also deserves mention among the positives from the UMass game.

Robbie Moore

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a most impressive individual.  His formidable football talents aside this guy is a real leader. I've resisted saying this out loud but Denard appears to have the talent and commitment to become a better college quarterback than Michael Vick.  Denard is the same size as Vick when Vick was at Va Tech, is just a fast and may have a better arm.