Our Mascot is in Peril

Submitted by 2 Walter Smith on February 18th, 2011 at 4:56 PM

The National Center for Atmospheric Research recently released a study indicating that climate change could wipe out the wolverine from the lower 48 states within our lifetimes.





The Michigan Gulo Gulos!


Blue in Seattle

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Ohio Buckeye

"The tree species Aesculus glabra is commonly known as Ohio buckeyeAmerican buckeye, or fetid buckeye. It derives its unflattering common name from the disagreeable odor generated from the flowers, crushed leaves, broken twigs, or bruised bark.

The fruits contain tannic acid, and are poisonous for cattle, and possibly humans.[2] Native Americans wouldblanch them, extracting the tannic acid for use in leather."



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If it is any consolation, rumor has it that climate change is also eliminating the buckeye from the worst state ever.  That' the good news.  The bad news is that the damned nut may thrive in Michigan's colder climate.

Black Socks

February 18th, 2011 at 5:44 PM ^

Well I have spent quite a bit of time researching wolverines.  They have lived through much warmer times than the current age (relatively cool).  Mainly a threat to them in the lower 48 is habitat fragmentation and winter recreation.  They need secluded areas in the winter without heli-skiing and snowmobiles.

Overall though I do not expect them to go extinct in the lower 48.


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So what you're saying is that driving aroudn these big Detroit -manufactured SUVs might be harming state animal? No way man!

I prefer they focus on solving the main problem: getting more wolverines together so they can mate and reproduce.  We can rebuild them. We have the technology. 



February 18th, 2011 at 6:50 PM ^

That is an awesome doc. Everyone check it out. The guy who raises them in captivity as pets would likely get a preferred walk-on spot from Coach Hoke just on balls alone.  If he could swing the out of state tuition for a year.

Section 1

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There are only about a dozen times a year when I say a silent thank you for all of the mascot problems that we don't have.  You can fill in the blanks perhaps better than I can:

  • "Mascot slugged by opposing mascot..."
  • "Mascot slugs opposing mascot..."
  • "Mascot found to have never registered for school..."
  • "Mascot found with child porn..."
  • "Mascot's ridicule insults opposing player saying prayer..."
  • "Mascot head and costume stolen by rival..."
  • "Mascot auditions subjected to civil rights/gayrights/womens rights complaint..."
  • "Mascot arrested in FBI sting..."
  • "Mascot from 1974 found dead in alley..."

The funny thing here in Michigan is that multiple Sparty-actors have done almost nothing to get into trouble; instead, the actual scholarship athletes in East Lansing do that.