O/U 6.5? How many in-state recruits does UM sign?

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Just curious as to what effect Harbaugh has on in-state recruiting this year. How many of the top 11 does Michigan sign? All of these kids have been offered by Michigan excpt for Pettaway. Using Rivals as the gauge.

I am going with the over and 7.

Ann Arbor, MISkyline
5 stars
Detroit, MIMartin Luther King
4 stars
Detroit, MICass Tech
4 stars
Canton, MIPlymouth
4 stars
Farmington Hills, MIHarrison
4 stars
Detroit, MIMartin Luther King
4 stars
Southfield, MISouthfield
4 stars
Farmington, MIFarmington
3 stars
Detroit, MIMartin Luther King
3 stars
Traverse City, MIWest
3 stars
Farmington, MIFarmington
3 stars




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One thing that helps is to first paste the data into Excel and remove all the hyperlinks before formatting the table. That will usually take care of about 90% of the issues created by copying anything directly from some sites, recruiting ones in particular. Also, it will help to check "Table Properties" (right click on the table in Rich Text Mode) and make sure it is around 400 pixels so it fits well in the frame.

Yostbound and Down

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I'd guess under, 5 seems about right.

For those in the know what is the dael (dons sunglasses) with Daelin Hayes? Is he dead set on SC or considering options? UM could use probably 2 or 3 linebackers this class and I would think he'll be a heavy target.

Edit: also is he actually a LB? or is he being recruited at RB?


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I'll take the over. Corley is trending up, onwenu is a lean, Jordan is a lean,Kareem is trending, lots of talk on hill flipping sooner then later, I think Fitzpatrick might be the next to drop, and we already have Reese and falcon If I had a guess I think we get 8 and wouldn't be surprised if Hayes has a come to Jesus moment near NSD.

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I would say 6:







We could also get Kareem and Jordan, and we might lose out on Corley and/or Onwenu.

I will say that 6.5 is a good line.


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I'll also take the over. Glad to see the staff is working on all of the top in-state kids now. When we start locking the in-state kids down, then Dantonio's program will fall back to mediocrity. 


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To be honest, I have questioned football at the HS level in the state. Who in resent years has panned out from the state (that Michigan has landed)? We have had many high ranked players and not much contrebution has come from them. Gardner was a 5*  Bobo was a 5*  Ross and Jenkin-Stone were ranked high 4* and I haven't seen much contrebution. I am glad to see that this staff is looking where the real talent is.


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On our team: Dez Morgan and Jourdan Lewis. Morgan was our best linebacker 2 years ago and Lewis was our best DB last year. Morgan doesn't wow you, but he is a great tackler and very sound. He was a greater asset than Jake Ryan after the staff started moving JMFR around. 

In-state players have also done well when they go to other schools. Anthony Zettel, Dior Mathis, and Danny O'Brien all went out of state and have seen a lot of playing time at their schools. Then there is MSU who has had great production from Max Bullough, Bennie Fowler, Taiwan Jones, Jeremy Langford, Tony Lippett, and Malik McDowell. 

We have had really bad coaching the last 7 years. Really. Bad. Is Michigan a top 5 talent state? No. We will never be FL, TX, OH, CA, GA, but this state does produce talent when they are properly coached. This class is pretty thick and we have stellar coaching now, so I would advise completely turning your back on state of Michigan recruits.


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The only one I could see Dantonio getting is Corley. Michael Jordan is pretty much a lock to Michigan, Onwenu is trending UM, Hill is either Michigan or PSU, Hayes is USC, and Kareem decommited from there and is visiting lots of others places so I have a hard time seeing him recommit.


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I have opposite feelings to yours wrt to Corley and Kareem. I think Tennessee leads for Corely and we are a rising #2 with his family being huge Michigan fans. I think Ohio State is 3rd for him and State is a distant fourth. He just isn't enamored with them for whatever reasons. Kareem however really likes MSU and Dantonio. I think we will be neck and neck until he commits finally, but the feeling was they told him to not commit anywhere yet, not so much that he didn't want to be committed there anymore. With how close this class is though, I can see us getting every big name in the state except for Hayes and Lukusa, neither of whom have much interest anyways.


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Over. We will for sure get (Falcon, Reese), Fitzpatrick, Onwenu, and Hill. We are in very good spots with Corley, Jordan and rising with Kareem. 7 is a safe bet, UNLESS out of state kids at their positions fill the class first (which is less likely given the comraderie in state of Michigan recruits this year). 


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I see 6 for sure as long as their spot doesn't get taken, one probably, and 2 or 3 50-50 maybes. So, I will take the over and guess 7. 


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Over, for sure. 

Of the 9 listed that are not currently commited to UM, I really would like them to land Onwenu, Corley, Fitzpatrick, Kareem, and Jordan. The good news is that UM is in very good position with all five of them. Although I don't know if they would take two WR's from in state. Hill would be a nice addition.

I'm predicting 7-8.


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Hayes seems set to leave the state and Thiyo has been trending out of state as well lately. Won't be any room for Pettaway. The rest have either already committed, are close, or we're in their top 3.


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We'll get Corley, Onwenu, Hill, Falcon, Fitzpatrick, Reese, and half of Jordan. Tennessee's getting the other half. Luckily, we get him from the waist down so he can move around a little.