OT:What Is Your Age Limit For Wearing Replica Jerseys

Submitted by twohooks on June 15th, 2011 at 11:16 PM

While I was enjoying Verlander's gem at Comerica last night my wife commented that there is no age limit for Jersey's these days. Back in my day (old timey voice) replica's were worn by children although they were tougher to find. The opines also seem to fall harder on men than women maybe it's a transition to your girlfriend wearing your lettermen jacket in high school, who knows. But the question needs to be asked, how old is too old to wear a Replica Jersey? Is it more acceptable/main stream now? 


EDIT: Authentic or Replica's apply, anything that reflects what is on the field.



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Edit: I have an orange Authentic Chad Henne Dolphins Jersey, I dont wear it often, but I do on certain Sundays when I'm in the mood. Its too sweet not to wear.


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Right, context is key.  At the game itself, it's acceptable for anyone to wear a jersey.*  But on a non-game day, it gets a little weird to walk around wearing a jersey after the college years.    



*as long as it actually fits.  If you bought the jersey 500 Triple Whoppers ago, maybe you need a new size.


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At a game?  Rock that shit however you want.**  A Lions "authentic" jersey costs $200+ and for that you get stitched-in numbers instead of ironed-on or whatever that is.  Lotta money.  The replica?  $80.

**Within certain limits, such as, if you get a customized jersey with your name on the back, you suck.  Customized jerseys are for getting players you can't find in the store or for humor.  Mostly gallows humor like the Owen 16 guy.

Naked Bootlegger

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I'm in my 4th decade, and I still bust out my Joey Harrington Lions replica jersey every NFL opening day, Halloween, and T-giving.   That thing will never go out of style.  Thanks, mom-in-law, for giving it to me one week before he was cut.

I would also argue that a #2 UM replica football jersey is acceptable to wear under any circumstance at any age.


Naked Bootlegger

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I wear my Joey replica jersey in pure jest as a public testament to my pathetic existence as a Lions fan for 35+ years.   It generates a ton of laughs and is a great conversation piece.   And I only wear it 3X a year.   As I stated, I wear it on Halloween annually.  I live in Packers territory, and the Packers fans think it's completely awesome (of course they would!).   My last disclaimer...I did not buy it.  It was a gift from my mother-in-law, who probably pulled it off the clearance rack.   It makes the story of my Joey jersey completely full of win.

Now if I could only get my hands on a Jeff Komlo jersey (young Lions fans will have to google this name to understand this obscure reference to Lions QB lore).


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for deciding when to wear the jerseys I hypothetically own:

  1. Are you at a game? 35 years old.
  2. Whose name is on the back? Yours? Then the answer is 9 years old.Otherwise see rule 1.
  3. Do you have kids? IF Yes, let the kids wear a jersey. IF No, then see rule 1.
  4. You can never wear the jersey of someone that is younger than you are.

Indiana Blue

June 16th, 2011 at 9:58 AM ^

Are you at the game ?  No LIMIT.

Nothing better than going to any away game and sporting the away jersey.  You have to be loud and proud to go into enemy territory ... and nothing, absolutely nothing is better, than a nice long tailgate and cruzing around wearing the jersey.

It makes a statement about who we are ... and is also allows other wolverines to spot each other.  Last years trips were to IU & Penn State, in 2011 already have tickets for NW & Iowa (and gonna try for Alabama & Nebraska in '13).

Go Blue !


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anywhere you go, there will be people who judge what you're wearing. i dont think there is an age limit to jerseys, especially while attending the game. 

face paint though... that's a different story.


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I think most jerseys people can get away with without worrying as long as:
<br>1. It's not customized
<br>2. Basketball jerseys should be given thought

Naked Bootlegger

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Excellent catch, ILwolverine.  Basketball jerseys definitely have an age limit.   There's nothing more hideous than a hairy middle-aged man sporting a tight Richard Hamilton jersey at a Pistons game (sans undershirt, of course).   There's something grotesque about visible non-athlete arm pit and shoulder/back hair that creeps me out.   Maybe it just reminds me of that terrorist in the white t-shirt photo.


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Every Saturday I rock an adidas jersey and plan on doing so this fall at 29 years of age.  I have a Denard (wife x-mas gift), authentic #2, and a few others.  If you are watching your team, no worries.  If you are wearing a football jersey in the middle of the summer, WTF?  Yes I am talking to you OSU jersey wearer at Sams Club last weekend (with OSU basketball shorts?!?!?!?)  I just walked by and laughed.... he lowered his head and kept walking. 


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This is all I have to say on the matter.

I'm going to be 37 this fall. I own 2 customized jerseys, and I do not have any intention to buy another one: Steve Yzerman and Lou Whitaker. I paid $165 for Yzerman's, ~$110 for Whitaker's. I make no apologies for wearing either to a Red Wings/Tigers game, no matter how long I own those jerseys, no matter how old I am.


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I really never understood why this is so taboo for adults to wear jerseys.  Does it really bother people that much?  Obviously its probably not cool to wear one to a wedding, but otherwise who the hell cares?



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I was twelve when I stopped wearing mine, but I wouldn't say no to wearing a good baseball or hockey jersey to a game (personally, I'm not a big fan of how football jerseys look without pads and I don't think replica basketball jerseys are that great).


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I bought the first jersey of my life at the M Den before the Iowa game last year, my first time at the big house.  Drove 16 hours to get to the game.  I will wear that jersey every game day until I'm too fat to fit it anymore and make no apologies for it.  For what it's worth I am currently 28.


BTW it is the expensive #16 with the sewn in numbers. 


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The opinion seems equally divided between those who say something like "never if you are over something like 30" and those that say "always if at a game." I am old enough to be able to tell someone to "GET OFF MY LAWN!" And I have to say I haven't worn mine in years - except dirty secret, I still sometimes put it on if I'm watching a big game at home by myself.

I can't help the feeling that on those out of school, and please don't take this the wrong way, is that it is kind of tacky - or am I just too self conscience and up tight?? I think my main reason for feeling that there is a certain tackiness is  from seeing the large numbers of tOSU fans of all ages who wear their jersies not just to games but seemingly on all occasions.It just doesn't seem cool.


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Yes you are too self-conscious.  If you want to wear a jersey to the mall or if you are hanging out, go ahead.  Stop worrying about whatever other people think of you.  Just be yourself, be respectful and if someone gets bent out of shape or looks down on you because you are wearing a jersey, its their problem. (Unless you show up to a funeral, wedding, or job interview in one).


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My first thought was that there should be no limit at a game, but 30 in "normal" situations. I have a self-imposed rule that I can't wear a hat and shirt/jacket from the same school/team unless I'm going to one of that team's games that day.  


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This may be inappropriate, but sometimes my girlfriend rocks my Barry Sanders jersey, and nothing else, while strutting around my condo. And then I thank God that I kept it around.


June 16th, 2011 at 12:37 AM ^

No. Naked girls are cool and all, but I'm more inclined to have my girlfriend wearing at least something when walking around the house. Plus, there's just something about a girl in a sports jersey. I have a surprising amount of hilarious stories that relate to girls wearing sports jerseys.