OT:TCU Football players caught in drug sweep

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Seventeen TCU students, including four football players, have been arrested on drug charges ....The football players arrested are: junior linebacker Tanner Brock, junior safety Devin Johnson, junior defensive tackle D.J. Yendrey and sophomore offensive tackle Tyler Horn.





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Those guys are done at TCU - possibly going to jail for a long time. What's interesting to me is that they are kicked off the team, expelled from the school and kicked off campus for being arrested for selling drugs - NOT convicted of selling drugs.

I don't know the protocol on this one - is TCU jumping the gun, here? Should they wait until the athletes' cases are heard before cutting ties?


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One of the players arrested told an undercover cop (according to the police affidavit) that only about 20 players on the team could pass a drug test. 

A recruit also told Patterson that he would not attend TCU due to the heavy drug use he saw while visiting.

Wonder if anything happens to any more players.  They busted the supply end.  I guess we will see what happens to the demand end..


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This is a culmination of a 6 month investigation, during which drugs were sold to undercover police officers, so I can't see there being much to hear. Also, even if they do manage to eventually get off with the law under some technicality, there's a far lower burden of proof to be deemed in violation of things like student ethics code.


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Guess it's good we didn't end up with Gary Patterson after Coaching Change 2011.  Not that he was involved or even had knowledge of the activitiy, but we've seen first hand how the media attention (and accompanying negative karma) can follow a coach from one school to another.


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I agree with you, there is nothing more he could possibly do.  But life isn't fair, and if Patterson were Michigan's coach now instead of remaining at TCU, I would hazard a guess he'd face a grilling from Sharp, Rosenberg, Foster and the rest of the MSM.  And that "cloud" just follows you around and continues to grow - see RR's real estate dealings which had absolutely nothing to do with football at all!

OSU is a special case (along with most SEC schools) in that their local media acts only as PR agents for the athletic department. 


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I guess I'll never undertstand how people choose to moderate posts - why would this be considered flamebait and my previous post trolling?  I'm simply posting an opinion that if Patterson had been hired as the Michigan HC and this news broke down at TCU, there would most likely be a few columns in newspapers about it questioning his ability to recruit good kids and provide appropriate levels of oversight.... 


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in college to see really smart people get involved in stuff that could send them away to prison for a long, long time just so they and their friends could get high or they could make a little money.


I always wondered if they really knew how close to the edge of oblivian they really were.




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Anybody else here on the board old enough to remember OUR basketball teams from the mid 80's? Fantastic teams that always seemed to flame out early in the tourney for reasons unknown.

I remember looking at the team and thinking "shit these guys are seriously f'd up" during timeouts and such and later on it turned out that some of them were. During games.  You didn't need a piss test to tell these guys were doing some serious shit and were doing it with enough frequency to SHOW in their faces and their play.  So when I hear that the coach didn't know his players were doing drugs en masse i call bullshit.

Like Bill Frieder here in AA Patterson CHOSE not to know about what his players were doing.  Because "knowing" means you might actually have to do something about it.


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Cannabis University.


I remember Roy Tarpley getting suspended for the first game of the NCAA tourney in 1985 for violation of team rules. That rule was you were not supposed to buy a six-pack and consume it before game time. That was just the tip of the iceberg for Roy.


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If this is true, then I'll have to take back what I said about Patterson. If 82 players are on drugs, then he must have known about it. 

That said, I shudder to think what a drug test would look like here. There have definitely been some players in the recent past who would have failed tests here. I wonder how widespread it is.


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if it's weed, then I really don't care, but would they put so much trouble in rounding up such a large group of students if it was just weed?  I really hate when newspapers say "drugs".  It would be like if every criminal report said that the suspect was arrested for doing "bad things".  Let's get a little less generic please.