OT/rocker: Urban to teach Character & Leadership @ OSU biz school!!!

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Not on the web yet but 97.1 just said he said it on a Columbus radio show today!!!


What a fucking embarrassment!!!!!



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Is the real concern that Urban will be teaching Ryan Day to recruit top 5 classes 2.0?  All of his connections and gravitas still on campus... In the worst possible scenario with a coach leaving they still signed three 5 stars and the 3rd highest per recruit average in the country.  2020, while meaningless until 364 days from now is off to an incredible start already.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  


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In all seriousness I don’t understand the ivory tower.  When you lose recruits it’s “SEC Bagmen” or “Academics”.  UM football has the exact same NCAA mandated entry requirement for “scholly” athletes as the rest of the conference. Harbaugh giving jobs to unqualified parents of prospects is the exact thing the board would lose their minds about of it was Bama.  UM playing a player who plead to a felony sexual misconduct charge, a rapist and promoting the person who threatened to rape the victim to captain would seem to take away the elitist attitude of moral high ground.  The cognitive dissonance is absolutely astonishing.   I understand the contempt for a school you have never won against since my kids stopped drinking juice boxes, but to post these sanctimonious threads makes no sense.  UM isn’t as clean as you think, tOSU is not pro spousal abuse and Bama likely didn’t pull up with Brinks in the driveway of every recruit.  

I’m sure this will get flamed but in all seriousness I think part of the issue with UM is constantly playing the victim and crying “unfair”  instead of addressing the real issues with the program not winning even division titles.  


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Ok, so be it.  I was hoping for an actual response not the “people who only lost memes and GIF’s bit allright.  Add to it playing athletes who are concussed and jeapordizing their health.  If it’s as simple as tOSU bad, UM good then I get it.  These posts actually sound like people believe that tho which is what I was trying to understand.   Thanks for the GIF instead of and actual discussion tho. 


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no, you actually don't prefer actual discussion.  you popped off on another one of these threads a couple of days ago and i posted this in reply:

i consider domestic abuse, non-stop lying, cheating, coaching scandals,'we don't come here to play skool', and the cooler pooping fans to all be indicative of a school and state that has sold its soul to the devil.....like food poisoning.  i choose not to use sharper language which would've fit just fine. that good enough for you? 

your response was....crickets.  look, you root for one of two of the largest community colleges on planet earth, with MSU being the other.  if you can fog a mirror you have passed the entrance exam to get into ohio, particularly if you are in-state.  your team is corrupt to the core, the values are twisted and your own players and coaches provide the very best evidence of it:  meyer, tressel, clarrett, pryor, c. carter, and on and on.  there is no part of your life you suspend discernment about like you do about your program and its disgraceful, but admittedly 'successful' history.  you couldn't make it to the bathroom in the morning if you were actually that foolish.  please don't come on here and troll, then whine that nobody responds to you.  i did. you dropped the ball.  you didn't come here 'to play skool'.  we get it.  


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I actually did respond, sarcasm is still a response.  Bringing up the items you do, Tressel, Pryor etc is fair although their actions are quaint by college football scandal standards.  If you actually read the post and googled the big words, that’s not what I was questioning.  I was asking if it was pure cognitive dissonance that you ignore the raping, assault, witness intimidation, playing concussed players etc and still claim the moral high ground.  Your reply only acknowledges tOSU failings so I think it’s fair to say that it is CD, the complete inconsistency of beliefs.  Thanks. 


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your underlying premises are wrong and/or grossly exaggerated.  so no, no cognitive dissonance.  you, on the other hand, have to be capable of pretty much of a sociopathic disconnect between your skool's 'success', and its true record decades long lying, cheating, domestic violence, your players and heck, even your band's sexual assault issues, and the academic joke that it is.  

Naked Bootlegger

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Sarcasm is apparently a higher moral ground than gifs/memes?   As XM stated, you didn't really respond to him in a previous OSU-related thread, but now you argue that "sarcasm is still a response".  Yet you rip EastGermanJudge a new asshole for only replying to your recent barrage with a gif.   You are painfully transparent.  And hypocritical.  And churlish.


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Michigan does not have the same entrance standards.  Not as severe as Stanford to be sure, but more rigorous than many schools.  Mind you, the criteria for athletes is not the same as for the general student population, but that applies to uniquely talented students in the School of Music, Dance, etc.  Case in point:  Dwan Mathis.  Was never a take for Michigan due to grades.  Got into OSU.  At least OSU said he couldn’t be an early enrollee until he got his grades up.  Georgia... WTF?  This suggests Georgia will take anybody, so long as they’re good at football.


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I think the difference between you and us is we think Taylor Lewan is a bit of a scumbag, just like everyone else. I think he was a great player but his actions are undeniably embarrassing. I think a lot of my fellow fans would agree. I’m not sure which unqualified parent you’re talking about paying but in my mind these things are a matter of degrees. Are we perfect? No. But you cited two transgressions, one of which occurred under a prior coach and the other which strikes me as nitpicking at best. Here’s what your school has going for it:


-Zach Smith and his multiple years of wife beating

-Hiring Urban Meyer knowing full well he permits violence and criminality on his players. By doing so your administration put the entire campus as risk by simply having him in charge of the football program 

-In a shocking turn of events, Urban Meyer permits violence and criminality under his watch for years while at OSU and leaves ignominiously

-Rather than discipline the man, your board of trustees fight the president tooth and nail to reduce Urban’s punishment to a nominal one. He gets a slap on the wrist, and literally the entire country excluding Buckeye nation (lol whatever the fuck that is) is rightly appalled. Your university (and by associates all it’s students and alums) are ridiculed and reprimanded in the media. Buckeye nation appears to feel victimized in a puzzling turn of events

-Your other most famous coaches have been fired nearly as ignominiously. Your most famous of all time was notorious for childish bouts of anger and gamesmanship and was fired for literally punching an opposing player. Your third most famous lied to the NCAA but would have been retained my your morally bankrupt institution had he not received a show cause

-Your players proudly and publicly proclaim things like “not playing school” (as if anyone needs to be disabused of the idea that OSU is a serious academic institution in the first place; we know it’s not) and that it’s ok to murder and steal

-Countless stories of your fan cruelty and violence are readily available. Stories of sucker punches, whole cans of beer being thrown at or poured on opposing fans, and credible threats of intimidation abound on this message board around the time of the Game. I’m sure in isolated instances the same has occurred in Ann Arbor but there’s no way the frequency approaches that in Columbus. For that reason, even though I’d love to see the atmosphere live I’ll never go see a game in Columbus. You call it home field, we call it avoiding human trash

I’m sure I’m missing some things, but my point is both of the following premises can be true: Michigan isn’t perfect, and Ohio State is actual trash. Permitting Urban to teach a class on ethics would be hilarious if it wasn’t one last sad “fuck you” from the school to Courtney Smith



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is it like when a drunk driver who killed an innocent bystander has to go 'teach' high school student in the auditorium about the dangers of DUI?