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Submitted by jerseyblue on June 17th, 2010 at 10:36 AM

So the players and owners are talking about the future length of the season. The length of the preseason started all this. The owners are willing to eliminate 2 of the 4 preseason games but want to lengthen the regular season to 18 games to get the same gate $$. The whole point of killing those unnecessary preseason games was because guys were getting hurt unnecessarily in games nobody cares about. Adding 2 regular season games will only increase chances of injury because starters will be playing full time in those games giving 100%. I hate how the owners need something in return in order to do the right thing. If the players go along with this then it's their fault too. The right thing to do for the players sake healthwise and for the good of the game is to reduce the preseason to 2 games and KEEP the regular season at 16 games. Of course that won't happen because it's slightly less revenue and that won't fly.



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The preseason is way too long...just switch a couple of those to regular season.  Please...watching backups play backups is fine by me when there's nothing else in August, but they're...just backups.


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I totally agree. Why add two regular season games? These players bodies have that much more of a beating to endure. Good thing the players union has at least a say in if this happens. I'm getting sick of the money grabbing by every sport out there. Is it not enough to make millions upon millions with the current setup? You have to make millions upon millions upon millions by fixing something that isn't necessarily broke?


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As I understand it they are looking to maintain the status quo on how much money they are making, since even pre-season games usually sell out (and are included in season ticket packages).  I'm guessing there would be some increase in TV dollars from this, but pre-season games are still relatively well watched so I doubt it would be huge.

From a fan's perspective I would love this.  If I was a player though I would not.  The players came to the owners with a problem and the owners presented a solution that made the problem worse.  Goes to show that in the end the players are little more than parts of a business for the owners.


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...start talking about NFL expansion.  Not another LA franchise, I'm talking about destroying the CFL, baby.  Think about it.  There are nine CFL franchises and eight NFL divisions.  What franchise will be left out?  Hamilton because it's so close to Toronto?  Saskatechewan or Winnipeg because they're in the middle of nowhere? 

How will we handle the divisional alignment?  Anyone have a proposal?

The Real T

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I think it is long enough as it is.  Some may like it longer but I think the players will tire if it goes on too long.  It is important to keep them satisfied throughout,