OTL E:60 clip from this morning - focuses solely in MSU MBB

Submitted by Dennis on January 28th, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Lauren Allswede provides an interview, and Travis Walton is on tape denying both the physical assault charges from January 2010, and gang rape accusation from April 2010. Interestingly, the video focused solely on MBB. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=22240940



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The only new thing is Walton's denial and further establishment of a pattern at MSU. He reacted like a person who both 1)totally knew of the allegations OTL was asking about

2)acted (poorly) like he'd never heard them before in his life.

Nobody ends a sentence with "wow".


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Walton couldn't have come off as more guilty if he had tried. Really. And worse still, he is truly surprised to hear the gang rape get mentioned, like he had truly believed the "machine" at MSU that his back and that of the other players had made it disappear. .00000001% almost feels bad for the guy; he had actually convinced himself that it never happened, but now it's back, 8 years later, and he truly doesn't know what to say. 


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Talk about displaying your lacking-in-self-confidence masculine persona for the world to see. "I didn't hit her. She was only bruised. If I had hit her, it would have been way worse...Because I'll punch a bitch and fuck her up, I've done it before and will do it again..." [Last part added be me...] 

Arb lover

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Based on this it seems that Walton was charged with assault and battery from the 2010 incident at Dublin Square in downtown EL where he punched a student twice, knocking her out. It seems the staff at the bar knew exactly what had happened and the bouncer had already escorted Walton outside when the ELPD arrived, and the ELPD had several witness statements attesting that Walton had done it, so there doesn't seem to be any legitimate issue of fact regarding the concussion caused by Waltons two punches. 

Frustratingly enough, the assistant city attorney (former) for EL, the other assistant city attorney  at the time is now the city's only attorney, decided not to take the case forward and he got a parking ticket instead. Frustrating because the city attorney pursued a charge of sexual assault against Grant Perry when there was no evidence to support the claim, (he was definitely guilty of trying to get away from the police) and this guy was going after Perry while he (city attorney Yeadon) was committing fraud with $135,000 in federal flunds. Oh, yeah but the city violated Michigan record retention laws when it destroyed Walton's file early. I suppose it was probably better for the city than releasing it. 


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If what you say is true, then East Lansing criminal justice system has no sense of morality, or really is run by a bunch of stereotypical beat Michigan at all costs, couchburning fools. Grant Perry made a lesser mistake than Walton and got fucked because he plays for Michigan, and Walton walks with a parking ticket? Unbelievably disgusting. This rabbit hole goes deeper that the university.


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If what you say is true, then East Lansing criminal justice system has no sense of morality, or really is run by a bunch of stereotypical beat Michigan at all costs, couchburning fools. Grant Perry made a lesser mistake than Walton and got fucked because he plays for Michigan, and Walton walks with a parking ticket? Unbelievably disgusting. This rabbit hole goes deeper that the university.


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Yeadon's law firm (McGinty et al) serves as the City Attorney for East Lansing, as it has for over 25 years, and not just Yeadon.  So there aren't assistant city attorneys in the commonly understood sense--like there would be in larger cities like Lansing or even Ann Arbor..

{and Perry most definitely was guilty; thinking otherwise is what everyone is accusing MSU apologists of doing]

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They had an interview with the woman that was raped by Appling and Payne.  That was pretty compelling and damning stuff.  And the interview with the parents of woman who was raped by a handful of MSU football players was also pretty compelling and damning.  I hadn't seen either of those before.

The whole hour long special as a whole was pretty damning for MSU.

Mike Damone

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that the RCMB is the "lowest common denominator".  It has always amazed me how unintelligent that bunch is as a whole - it is like a bunch of 17 year old boys who all have an IQ around 80, with no perspective of the world beyond Sparty sports worship.

But you are wrong - doesn't matter how many more stories and sources come out - even if Dantonio and/or Izzo resign or are fired, that group at the RCMB will live in denial the rest of their lives.  In 20 years, they will still be posting on the RCMB about the greatness of both coaches, and the conspiracy of ESPN and the Freep/Detnews sportswriters who unfairly took down their program just because of Nassar.  Count on it...


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Just like with Baylor and PofSU, you will have the iron clad fan that refuses to accept that their holy Campos could have any flaws. I talked with my sister in law, a MSU grad and life long Sparty. Those whom are not drinking the koolaid see the issues and want answers. You will always have the loyal soldiers who march through the innocent to follow their leader.


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ESPN no doubt has a plan of attack. They got their open records, and probably plan to cover one topic at a time: gymnastics, basketball, football.

The AG will also uncover non-athletic sexual assault issues as well. When I visited MSU as a teenager, it was common knowledge that women should avoid certain areas of campus after dark. When I lived in Lansing several years after college, nothing had changed.


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that anything will happen to Izzo. I really hope he and Mike D are fired. But until it happens I find it hard to believe. They deserve it . At the very least this should have a huge negative impact on their recruiting. What parents would want to send their kids to play for guys accused of this stuff? Not isolated incidents but a definite pattern of behavior. 


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The Payne interview video being public is going to be hard to come back from. A great way for MSU to save face from this whole thing would be for the new AD to come in and force Izzo and Dantonio to retire to “start a new culture”.


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When the records of all the counseling sessions from Allswede's office are opened up by consent of the accusing victims, this will likely get way way worse.

And they will be opened up as necessary to civil suits. Either ongoing, or to be filed.


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Though not digging in that deep. Entire report poking holes into sexual assault handlings by both coaches. Sounds like it won't stop until it's torn wide open into complete transparency. OTL digging and will continue to dig. They smell blood in the water. Add in the Michigan A.G. and MSU will be hard pressed to keep their silence and unwillingness to cooperate. Their lack so far was noted and makes them look even worse.

Mitch Cumstein

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Internal report mentioning Hollis and that Izzo was aware wrt the 3 players including Walton

Also the Payne interview video. Maybe that was out there, but that was a lot worse than I expected. Especially with the narrative that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute. How was that video + the victims statement not enough? Also how could Izzo see that video and say, ‘yeah these guys are good to play every game’. Or was it intentional ignorance on izzo’s part? ‘ DA says we’re cool, all I need to know’.

Edit: I think someone needs to ask Izzo point blank - did you see the Payne interview in 2010?


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Thank God we have Harbaugh. Perry received more punishment for what he did outside of a bar and Mitchell for smoking pot, both would have played a MSU without missing a beat. 

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From the limited amount I know about the story, the investigation was settled and the sentencing wasn't criminal, I beleive he only had a misdemeanor and did some community service. Handled very well by the school for suspending the player while the legal system sorted it out, and once it did, it was clear that the susepnsion already served to Grant was enough for the wrongdoing. But again, I'm not 100% sure