OT:Iverson on pace to start in All Star game

Submitted by Drake on December 24th, 2009 at 7:14 PM


The biggest surprise is in the East, as Allen Iverson has surged in the guard race. Originally on the West ballot, Iverson has gone from sixth place in the first returns two weeks ago to a starting slot opposite Wade. Vince Carter (Magic) has dropped from second to third.

...um, WTF? Just one more reason why All Star games are useless and fan voting needs to be taken away.



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I've always liked Allen Iverson, I think it's a nice story of his "return" to the Sixers. All Star game rosters aren't based entirely off merit. This happens especially in MLB.

As far as the NBA All Star game goes though, I don't have a preference either way. That game is a score-fest, and it's not reflective of how basketball should be played. If you can accept that, then I suppose it's a fun game to watch.


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If one were to look at fan balloting in the NBA, it would lead you to believe that T-mac and Yao Ming are demigods. Allen Iverson should not be near the all-star game, unless he's doing a farewell tour.
Fan balloting should be taken away from NBA fans to ensure we see the most deserving players, even if that means no Chinese support.

His Dudeness

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I always liked AI before the shit he pulled in Detroit. Afterwards however all the things people had said sort of made sense to me. I think this inclusion in the All Star game should be embarrassing to him more than anything and after his act in the D he most likely deserves some (without knowing the true details of what happened).


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If I was Iverson I'd decline because I'd be embarrassed to go considering it wouldn't be deserved.

Something tells me Iverson doesn't think like that.

Still angry about Iverson ever wearing a Detroit uni.


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...isn't this kind of what we did on Dr. Sat's Decade Teams? If we're going to applaud the power of mgoblog to sway internet polls we shouldn't bash the power of some other site to get the vote out behind their favorite, in this case AI.

Just saying.