OTish: Your sports fan pet peeves?

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Was thinking about this topic listening to the radio yesterday. This applies to all sports and sports fans.

my no.1 is up and down guy. The guy in your row (usually at pro sports where alcohol is served) that gets up and down a minimum of 10 times a game to go refill and take a leak. Cannot stand it.




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Don't sit. I got popcorn thrown at me at UTL1 for standing in the first quarter. I didn't sit and the guy eventually got kicked out for being an ass and throwing popcorn at me. Of course, feel out the situation and sit if you think it's best. Personally, I think it's crazy that anyone would ask anyone else to sit down at a game. When it happens to me, I turn around and ask them to stand up. Usually neutralizes the situation.


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The worst that happened to me was at the National Championship Game in Atlanta against Louisville.  I had gotten tickets from a good friend of mine who is an IU fan who reserved them through his company (they had gotten a whole row to give out to employees) and he was banking on his Hoosiers making it farther than they did.  Anyways, most of the people in the section (corner of the dome, about 40-60 rows back opposite the Louisville bench) were corporate people who mostly had neutral (or louisville) stuff on.  After the first opening mins, everyone sat down for a commercial, and after that I immediately stood back up when action resumed.  This was met by a chorus of boos and calls from behind me.  I turned around, and the people were screaming at me to sit down so I could see.  I told them I wanted to watch the action on the court instead of the video board.  This, coupled with cheering and clapping with every three that Albrecht rained from the Heavens did not settle well with me.  A man and his son sitting next to me had also been given tickets, and were in bright Maize shirts.  Amid high fives after another Albrech three, I remember one man standing up, walking over to us by the isle and screaming "sit the fuck down or ill call the security.  its not a rock concert. sit down". This said in front of the guy's ~10 year old kid.  His statement was met with cheers from around us.  Security guy came down, took one look at the situation, and flat out told the guy we werent doing anthing wrong.  He and his group left at the half they were so disgusted.  


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Honestly, don't you think it was a little bit of a jerk move to be 6'4" and make a ten-year-old kid try to see around you standing up?  I'm guessing you don't have a lot of experience being short, but I'm not anywhere near that tall and if you were standing up in front of me, it wouldn't matter whether I sat or stood, you'd be blocking me.  I have to deal with it all the time.  I don't complain if someone tall is sitting in front of me at a concert or game and I can't see, because they can't help being tall any more than I can help being short, I just try to peer around them as best I can.  But if you (or you and a buddy or two) were the only people standing in the section, I totally get why they'd be disgusted with you.


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Seriously, don't be the only guy standing up. It sucks if you're stuck in a lame section, but being an exuberant team-spirit dick is still being a dick. Sit/stand is a democracy, no one appointed you fan dictator.

If you're in a lame section, try to fire people up in a positive way. Stand before a big play, and you might be able to get some otherwise timid people to join in.

But if you can't, be loud from a seated position. The people around you have the right to enjoy the game their way without you blocking the view. (I draw the line at "quiet down" though, unless you're at a golf tournament. Be loud).

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to stand constantly, knowing that you are blocking the view of those seated behind you.  People like you seem to think that they are better fans because they stand.  Some people prefer to watch and cheer while seated while some, due to physical conditions, find it uncomfortable to stand for long periods.


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"it's a game and I paid for my tickets just like you did. Until you point out a sign to me that says no standing during the game I'm going to do as I please with in the rules determined by UM Athletics. But thank you for your concern and have a nice day. Go Blue."

Or you tell him to fuck off, which is what I told a WMU fan, and then the WMU police officer he then went and tattled to at a UM-Broncos hockey game at Lawson. Considering they had no real legal recourse they just left me alone.


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Easily the worst thing is when you have a guy sitting next to you that thinks he is smarter than the coaches and players. I went to a basketball game this year and it nearly ruined the whole game for me. "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" "TAKE THAT SHOT!" "WHY DID YOU SHOOT THAT?!"


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"BLANK Nation." I blame the 2004 Red Sox and Kos for this. There is no Spartan Nation. There is no UAB Nation. There is no Badger Nation. Unless you are named Chad and everyone on your team is also named Chad, there is no nation for you. BLANK Nation jumped the shark two seconds after the 2004 ACLS. Shut up about it.

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but I week point out when someone is blindly & absolutely correct on a point they're ignorant to. I put myself this way: I love FOOTBALL. Further, I love CFB first & foremost. In the game of CFB, I Happen to love, live & die by The University of Michigan Football. That is my priority. Football fan, CFB fan, Michigan fan, Lions fan. The gap between UM & the Lions is an horizonal gulf but still. Also, I TRULY bleed Maize & Blue! Yet, UM plays football & football has to be on top for any fan. POINT BEING: You have to at least respect the logic of football above blind homerism. I'm nether pessimistic or optimistic. I take what I know for sure, what I've seen & other factual factors to determine my opinion regarding UM Football. I think that's how every fan of every team should approach it. Logical honesty that doesn't have to prove to be right but that you'd stand behind calling 100% of the time after the game has been played, right or wrong. You also have to admit you were wrong, if so. My UM fandom does not beat out my fandom of football itself, logic, facts & reason.


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i.e. 75% of the state of Indiana.  Also fans not capable of having anything resembling a rational thought when discussing their team... also, shockingly, probably 75% of the state of Indiana.  Ohio is right up there as well, with the exception of some areas like Cleveland where the OSU fan density is a little lighter.

Also, smack talking OSU (or other school) fan that is only aware of maybe the team's head coach and QB, didn't watch the game last weekend, but is still going to say something to you about it anyway.


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Growing up in Indiana, I found that everyone loves IU or Purdue basketball and most people don't really care about college football that much. The Colts on the other hand are loved religiously. Notre Dame football certainly doesn't have the following that IU basketball has, which makes sense seeing as very few people have a direct connection to ND. 


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Mine is the guy that feels the need to explain everything about the team to the people around him (without request) but he doesn't really know that much.  I have to fight the urge to correct his pronunciation of Breaston or Milicic (don't know why those names came to mind)