OTish- Son of guy who lost Heisman to Woodson commits to NCSU

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Thaddeus Moss, a 4 star TE recruit from North Carolina has committed to North Carolina State. Moss is the son of Randy Moss, who's best known for being a Heisman finalist in 1997. Good luck to him, and hope his dad's career ended up ok.



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I can't remember very many wide receivers having made it to New York in the modern era, although I don't have the exact number - it cannot be very many though. Actually, I think Desmond Howard might have been the last one to win it, and if I am not mistaken, that was only four years after Tim Brown from Notre Dame won the award.


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In 1997, ESPN MACtion was not a thing.  There were not 25 different sports channels. Marshall literally had ONE regular-season game on National Television all year: the MAC title game that aired on ESPN2.  Every other game was only on local West Virginia over-the-air television.  That was IT.

People only saw the numbers (26 TDs, 1 every game!) and the occasional highlights (his most infamous highlight was a 90-yard catch-and-run against Army).

But enough people recognized that, he got just enough votes to get the invite (he finished 4th).  He was a supernova.  Moss was absolutely remarkable at Marshall --- and of course he validated his greatness the very next year by taking the NFL by storm with Minnesota (1998).

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