OTish: Question to anyone in maize rage

Submitted by ak47 on February 16th, 2012 at 9:55 PM

As I may have mentioned in previous posts I am from Maryland and currently a junior at Michigan.  Currently there is a student manager for the maryland basketball by the name of zach.  He has dealt with brain cancer since middle school with his most recent brain surgery occuring on january 25th.  While in the hospital he took a picture in a pose that has become known as zaching.  He is an inspirational story and there is currently a blog where people post pictures of themselves zaching and it has now spread outside the Maryland community. The reason I am posting this is because I think it would be cool if the maize rage got the students to 'zach' during college gameday, I'll be there but don't really have any influence.  I am posting the link to the blog and if anybody has any questions I'd be happy to answer them.  




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I'd also settle for an email to someone who could set this up, just kinda figured maize rage people read the blog.  Also just some notable people who have done it outside of pretty much everybody associated with MD is scott van pelt, dane cook, tom izzo, monte ball, etc. so it would be nice to get some michigan love too.

turd ferguson

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This is cool, and I hope it works out.  I'm just curious... I went to the blog, and it's not obvious to me whether those people were "zaching" in response to a request for support for Zach or if someone just did a Google image search for people flexing their biceps. 


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All the pictures are from people who sent a picture to the blog, not random.  I realize the blog isn't set up the best but the first post has his story and an email to send pictures to with zaching.  A bunch of the celebrities have done it with twitter by tweeting at him or using #zaching. If you search right now jon carrlson from the capitals just did it.


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I'm in the maize rage and I'll be there bright and early Saturday morning. I'll make sure to try and spread the word to everyone I know. Hopefully we can make this happen, because this would be great.


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You could also try asking Dylan @ UMhoops.com to post something about it, I bet a lot of Maize Ragers go over there. Great idea, BTW, I'm also originally from Maryland (UM '08), I would be happy to support a fellow Maryland-Wolverine!