OTish: Gunner Kiel transferring from ND

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Kiel Intends to Transfer

A friend of mine who is a ND fan has be suspecting this might be happening since something happened around the NC. I think it was that Kiel didn't specifically say that he was rooting for ND on Twitter? Something like that.



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They are on the upswing. Tre Roberson was among the best QB's in the conference the past two seasons, and in fact might have taken the crown last year had he not broken his leg in week two.

Tre Roberson Career Stats
2012 33 50 368 66.0 7.36 71 2 1 0 137.0
2011 81 142 937 57.0 6.60 43 3 6 12 111.0

They lost by 4 points or less last season to Michigan State, Ohio State, Ball State and Navy, had two convincing Big 10 wins and didn't really fall apart until Junior RB Stephen Houston was injured vs Wisconsin and had only 6 carries vs them and 4 the following week, both losses with no offense.

Prior to that, Roberson was like a mini-Denard but with a more accurate arm and Houston was on par to be a thousand yard rusher. With Roberson and Houston in the same backfield, the offense was dynamic and dangerous. Get them both back healthy this year and put a little time in to shore up the D, and I can see a 7 win season, easy.


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Is this kid gonna ever stick with one school?? Saw this coming with Golson taking the job over Rees.. Plus the fact Kelly likes a mobil qb..


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Wherever he goes, he better hope he sticks; the NFL is about the only place someone named "Gunner" could be taken seriously.


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Maybe Kiel, Pittman and Chance are planning on teaming up a-la the Miami Heat  to form an amatuer version of the super-friends at some lucky school.

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I think IU is pretty well set at QB. Tre Roberson should be back next year, and even if not, the guys they had this year were able to put up a considerable amount of points. I doubt he'd get much playing time.

I'm glad to see IU on the up and up, though. If they can field even just an average defense next year, there's no reason to think they couldn't get 6+ wins.


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"Possible landing spots could include Ball State, Miami (Ohio), Northern Illinois and Cincinnati."

They must be shrooming... no way a 5 star with three years of eligibility chooses some MACtion over some SEC and B1G offers.


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Fair enough, but that is one example from the last 10 years. Roethlisberger was the #12 Pro QB, from Ohio, and went to nearby College. Kiel was/is a 5 star QB and one of the top ranked players in his class. It just seems odd that they would assume a player of his caliber is most likely to play for one of a bunch of mac teams when he held offers from better schools in power conferences.


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I concur with that assessment, face it, if you've grown up playing football, you have a favorite program.  Too many of these kids seem to think "well I'm a 5 star blue chip of awesomeness, I need to go to X school, without thinking that hey I really dont like X school", and then they end up at a MAC or D2 school.

This is why I dont like it when kids commit to a coach Vs. the school.  Coaches can (and should) be a factor in your decision, just not the whole, and kids need to take into account the entire fit of academics, and sports. 


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Its been rumoured for a long time.  I got no hard feelings, he wasn't going to unseat Golson and Golson has 3 years left.  Not exactly sure what this kids deal is, but he was already turned down by an unnamed coach at a Major program apparently.

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