OTish: End of Mike & Mike coming soon?

Submitted by superstringer on January 12th, 2017 at 6:20 PM

ESPN brass is transferring "Greenie" to lead a morning newsy/talky TV show.  Unclear if Golic stays on the radio, or if the show gets entirely new talent.  Golic Jr. potentially in running for that.  WOTS is this will happen "sooner rather than later."


Lots of folks here bash M&M a lot, but I also suspect a lot of us listen to them driving to work each morning.  I find myself disagreeing with them (esp Greenie) far more often than nodding in approval.  Golic pretty much is Mr. Obvious.  They are huge Harbaugh fans, esp Greenie.

IIRC, they are in the radio hall of fame, their show has been on for nearly two decades.  It's easy to decry them as uninformed / generic talking heads, but it's still a pretty impressive run they've had.  And a few good moments too (Greenie milking the cow was effing classic).



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I don't pretend to know the financial situation of ESPN. It wouldn't surprise me if what you say is true though. Their overall product - sports news - has gone downhill for years. The days of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann seem long gone (that was the last achnor duo that I enjoyed). Unfortunately, ESPN execs have seemed to read the same strategy playbook as their late-90s counterparts at MTV, and I'm not sure its working out ifor them.

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They're losing massive amounts of revenue year-over-year from losing cable subscribers. Like over $100 million in revenue loss or something, and they have paid boatloads to broadcast live sports (NFL, for example). Here are a link discussing it: http://deadspin.com/espn-is-hemorrhaging-subscribers-and-pretending-it-…

This one discusses it from an investment/business angle, but does a decent job telling the story: http://seekingalpha.com/article/4016741-espn-losing-amazon-google-netfl…



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Yep. Professional leagues and college conferences are eager to cash in now before things hit the fan. As much as people hate ESPN now imagine when you have to pay to watch every conference individually via their own steaming services

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They are not bleeding red ink. They are still very much in the black making billions a year. The difference is that instead of posting double digit percentage growths like they had been for years, they are now in the single digit range as the cable industry as a whole -- not just ESPN -- deal with shrinking subscriber bases and changing viewing habits.

As for the talent that left? Tirico is the only one I can think of that people actually like that could be described as a loss. Maybe Bill Simmons, but what has he done since leaving that makes you miss him? Which leaves us with jackasses like Cowherd and Bayless - two idiots behind many people's disdain for ESPN - and I don't think anyone would call the loss of them damaging to the ESPN brand.

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People like to bash ESPN for not being the way they remember them 10-15 years ago, but the fact of the matter is they changed they way shows like Sportscenter are because viewing habits and the way people watch sports changed.  If people still liked watching the old way, the ratings would back it up and they would still do it that way.

But with the internet, there's no reason for a wall to wall highlights show anymore.  In the "glory days" you'd have to sit through 30-45min of highlights waiting/hoping they would show a Michigan, Pistons, Lions, etc highlight.  No rundown on the side to tell you what was coming, just watch highlights of a bunch of teams you don't care about waiting for one you do. If you want a highlight now, just Google it and watch it. Boom, done.

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They had a broad appeal - not too edgy or offensive - and provided the brand with a good platform for their tv programming. Good company men last long. I didn't hate them, but I always looked for an alternative during drive time.

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I like the show. I don't always agree with them, but that's the point of sports talk radio. I can respect guys who know their stuff and can have fun with the genre rather than flipping out.


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I loved SVP on the radio.  Would listen when I could or catch the podcast later.  I mostly enjoyed their discussions on pop culture and their ability to be self depricating.  My issue with M&M is they seem to blatantly play the good cop/bad cop roles or just decide in pre production who is going to be on the different sides of the issues of the day.  

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I dont dislike them. They have their own opinions that hardly ever fall in lockstep with the rest of ESPN.


I fucking loathe Danny Kinnel, so he can get fired ASAP.


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When Mike and Mike first began airing, I enjoyed it very much and liked the banter and obvious differences between the Mikes.

Eventually, I thought the show became extremely formulatic and a caricature of itself. It was as if they were just following the same recycled "brainy metro guy vs. gregarious dumb jock" plotline.


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Greenie was entertaining for a while, but I am sick of his constant focus on off-the-field controversies.  That is all he wants to talk about.  Some talk about that is fine, but he is just always trying to create arguments.

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Greenberg isn't going anywhere. They are building a new morning show on ESPN around him. Supposed to be in New York and that's all the details that are currently out about it.

No word on what will replace Mike and Mike or if Golic will be on the new show.

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I will miss them.  I flip between them , Zarzour & McElroy, and WTKA in the mornings.  I really like Greenie - I really dig his honesty and humility.  Not much of a fan of Golic.   

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I still enjoy the Mike and Mike bantor even though it is getting stale. I do hate all the SEC-loving jackasses they bring on every day. And Jemele Hill. Grrrrrr.

I do like Mark Schlereth when he guests.