OTish - CFB Nutrition - what do M players eat?

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Do we have some MGo folks would be able to comment on the nutritional intake / calories / macros of what Michigan players eat in their meals, how many grams of protein do they focus on, what sorts of supplements do they take (like multivitamins, glucosamine, calcium, etc).?  Also wondering what their typical meals look like (breakfast, lunch & dinner).

Teams do a pretty good job of taking HS kids & beefing them up with weightlifting and diet.  Curiosity aside, I'm also interested to see if there is something they are doing that might be good to emulate.



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OT kinda - I wonder what Rashan's diet is like? He said it would pay into his recruitment but I have to think it's been tempered back to some degree.


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At many major programs, dietary programs are tailored to individual players based on their needs. For instance, a team trainer may decide after evaluation that a player needs to gain muscle mass- this would likely require more protein intake.

Nutritionist-designed meals are offered- this 6 oz. of salmon provides x amount of protein, this quinoa provides y amount of protein, etc. In these programs there's often a choice of different foods that allow a player to hit a macro goal, and they need to eat however much has been calculated for them to maximize results as determined by a nutritionist.

I don't have insight specific to the Michigan program, but I know that at some other D1 programs this is the procedure.


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I know a player on a different B1G team and this sounds about right.  They also have access to the "training table" basically all hours of the day, which is stocked with healthy options - chicken, fish, rice, fruit, veggies, etc.  Eggs at breakfast for sure.  A few desserts now and again, but most guys keep that to a minimum.  

I believe D1 scholarship kids also get some kind of stipend which I assume most spend on eating out (or beer...they are college kids).  


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This is kind of a bad question. Everybody is different. Everybody has a different maintenance level of caloric intake. For example, someone who is 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds might maintain their weight at about 3500 calories whereas a high-end athlete at the same height and weight may need to eat 4000 calories a week. Kind of the normal standard when it comes to putting on muscle as a one to one and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. It all differentiate with every person there. Some people need more calories than people need more fat, it's different for every person.


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The athletic department's nutritionists are highly skilled with advanced degrees and  have one job and that is to ensure our athletes eat appropriately to support what they are trying to achieve.  


Lots of people work to support Michigan athletics which is why the average annual cost for each football player is north of 100K, not counting the scholarship.


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They don't eat that healthy. They get meal vouchers redeemable at 5 restaurants in Ann Arbor. They get 5 a week. I know because I work at one of the restaurants... rashan Gary can put down some food, but nobody eats like big Mike

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Wife and I On a few occasions were in Spots and ate with Glasgow and Taylor Lewan. While I was there long ago we were on our own, I had a GA who took me to Ponderosa for all you can eat and had to match him plate for plate he was 315 I was 185 as a frosh...not fun. Plus as many pbj sandwiches as I could stomach all day. Hit 240 by my sophomore season at 8% body fat tested in the hydrostatic pools during class at the ccrb...some guys may get special management but most just do what they do. I think the cafeterias are considerably better now but the late 80s it was trash.


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I'm surprised at how often you hear football players say after two or three years as an elite college athlete that they just figured out they need to give up fast food. Then again, look how Brady Hoke used to eat.

Evil Empire

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No more grinders.  What will the east coast kids eat?

Frankly I'm amazed at how many Ann Arbor eateries have survived through the years.  I would think changing tastes and competition would be vicious.

I miss The Burro on E. William, that was a personal favorite.  It was cranking out tasty burritos long before people even had a chance to mispronounce Chipotle.


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Dont know the exact numbers but i can tell you athletes have an intake of 7-10k calories a day during the season. Some will have higher protein intake if they want to lean out and gain muscle but most of the calories are carbs since you need carbs to give you energy. During the season carbs are more important, and offseason i assume the calories are more balanced.

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my experience and background would agree with you. I am sure they are eating all the good calories they can get during the season. During the offseason they are more than likely given a food intake/menu plan template of some sort I would think. To the average human, its a lot of food.


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In a UMFootball snapchat story they go through the player cafeteria. Looks like a typical cafeteria spread with a few extra stations of lean meats, protein shakes, etc.

They also showed players drinking recovery smoothies and protein "balls" after practices -- peanut butter, protein powder, oats, honey, etc.

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Ran into Kareem Walker and RoJo at Mister Spots last Thursday around 11 pm. Kareem was rapping in line. Later when I was getting in my car, Kareem rode off with RoJo on the back of whatever the kids are calling a moped these days, screaming "that's my teammate!" So in response to OP's question, the ballers are feasting on chicken wings and onion rings deep into the night. Dear god I love Spots wings.