OTish and SIAP - Bert going to be jobless

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Rumors are the last saving grace for Bret Bielema's job are now gone and they plan to move on from him after this season.  Where do you think he lands?  Think he could go to Florida?  Maybe Tennessee?  Lots of options for him.  Not sure the SEC is where he should look, but maybe Nebraska will make a move on him.  



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ha, it is interesting.  if youre actually serious id guess it began and subsequently became more popular as means to better travel thru traffic and/or over distances - safer and more efficient for 100 plus people (some whom are fairly famous) traveling thru crowds and whatnot.

college football is big business with well known coaches and players (both popularly liked and disliked) and they often deal with huge crowds.  if they need assistance, why not seek it in the community


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... and so was my response.

IIRC, Bo Pelini's abrasiveness had alienated many people and Mike Riley was seen as an easy-going alternative who would help the program heal.  Riley had engineered several upsets of better-financed, higher-talented teams, including cross state rival U of Oregon.  Personally, I was interested to see how Riley would do in a program with a history of success.  With the record at 4-7 heading into a final home game against Iowa, Riley appears to be toast.


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Difference was people were guessing with MD/Duzz. Nobody had ever seen Dantonio without Narduzzi and since their defense was good they assumed it was because of Narduzzi and not Dantonio. However, Dantonio is a defensive guy and it turned out he knows what he's doing.


Franklin is different in that we saw him before Moorhead, clearly floundering. He hires a guy with a big offense at Fordham, and boom his offense and team takes off. However, Franklin is a numbskull guy come game time. So, it's much safer to say that Penn State will regress without Moorhead because we've seen them without Moorhead.


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No one wants him fired people get emotional after a loss myself included and regardless Michigan will not fire him. But is it too much to ask him to beat his rivals and a top 25 opponent? All I’ve been saying is the guy has not met expectations mayb they were high from the start but if he starts 0-3 against OSU you can’t tell me he doesn’t deserve a little pressure?


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I'm OK with some pressure on Harbaugh, but not for his OSU record. He wasn't dealt anywhere near the same hand as Urban Meyer was a few years ago.

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Or, maybe I could just scream "NO EXCUSES! HE NEEDS TO BEAT OSU OR ELSE! OR ELSE!!!" Yeah .....

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We can start having serious Harbaugh conversations halfway through next year. At that point, we'll have had enough time to see how his first full class is turning out. There are already some clues (mostly positive) ...