Other Michigan Free Agents?

Submitted by Duval Wolverine on May 11th, 2014 at 4:17 PM

I have been lookikng at a couple sites but have not found anything.  Does anyone know if any other Michigan seniors besides Cam Gordon has signed with an NFL team as an undrafted free agent?



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The clearly titled first thread you list is still on the front page.  Also, I believe all three players posted above were not signed as undrafted free agents.  They, along with Jibreel Black,  received invitations to camp, which means it's a try-out.  A big difference to the players.  [Thomas Gordon, posted below, was signed as a UDFA, along with Marvin Robinson-- see info in another title still visible.]


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For those who don't want to click, here's the abridged version:

  • Fitz Toussaint will have a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens at their rookie camp, a source told MLive. He will attempt to earn a contract at the camp.
  • Cam Gordon, a captain last season will get a chance to play with the Baltimore Ravens
  • Jibreel Black will get a tryout with the Pittsburgh Steeler
  • Thomas Gordon has signed a rookie free agent contract with the New York Giants, per his agent
  • Quinton Washington will have a tryout with the Oakland Raiders at their upcoming rookie camp, per his agent
  • Jareth Glanda will have a tryout with the New Orleans Saints
  • Marvin Robinson, a former Michigan safety who transferred from the program after the 2012 season, has signed a rookie free agent deal with the Dallas Cowboys


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Have to admit a grin crossed my face when reading that Jareth Glanda got a camp invite from the Saints. If he makes the team, he'll get to play in the Superdome, site of his most memorable play as a Wolverine -- his first-down catch on the bizarre broken-play fake field goal in the Sugar Bowl. Usually you never want to hear your long-snapper's name b/c it means something has gone horribly wrong; Glanda was solid so we never heard his name except once, and it was for something good! Good luck to him, and all the guys trying to make it in the League.


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Seems like every decent college starter is picked up as an UDFA. Do NFL teams generally scoop up whoever they can just in case there's a diamond in the rough out there? Because generally it seems none of these guys stick for too long


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and training camp bodies. Occasionally you find guys that can play like Detroit did last year with Waddle and Fauria. Many times guys slip due to injury concerns or off the field issues (Vontaze Burfict) that you can bring in at zero guaranteed financial obligation.


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Teams can sign like 90? players for training camp and then there are progressive cuts through the preseason games. so yeah they basically scoop up most solid players from the bigger name schools especially. final roster is only 53 players with 8? practice squad guys so most get cut but they at least get some money maybe get a chance to play in one of the first two preaseason games and get something more on tape to help them out.  You never know when you'll get the next victor cruz or somebody like that to flash in a preseason game