Other Michigan fans in Ohio can your friends take the jokes?

Submitted by no joke its hoke on June 22nd, 2011 at 8:49 PM
After the beating I have taken the last 10 years in Ohio I have been taking my fair jabbs at tsio and my friends even best friends can not take it! lol other Michigan fans in Ohio are you getting the same really,really pissed buckeye respones about the"playfull" banter?? Wow when the tide has turned they can't take it. Example: I posted a pic of Hoke and a it said all your recruits belong to us. One response was Thats the only way we could beat them is buy stealing recruits and not selling our program. Lol which I added was better than having to offer extra benefits for players to commit. Lol



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Ohio fans deserve everything they get.  They are about to pay for every reference to "scUM" or "DickRod."

On Monday, I was at the local (St Pete area) supermarket and saw an Ohio license plate that said, "TAT6."  I really wanted to wait for whoever it was and ask if they were glad TAT5 was already taken, or if they were going to get TAT28 next, but it was one of those Florida summer days: 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity.  Consequently, I decided they didn't need my input.  Besides, I'm sure they were pissed enough when the scandal hit.  


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Example: I was at a golf outing, and a friend of mine, who was a high jumper at OSU, was in the group.  As a joke, before we teed off, she said "So we're all agreed that we're going to cheat, right?"  My response: "Well, as an OSU grad, you should be a natural at that."  Her retort: "Fuck."


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My friends always go you should worry about Michigan and not osu and that we suck and they don't. They also don't think it won't hurt them in recruiting and that theta three star players that have recently committed are better than our more highly regarded recruits because they are going to osu and now recruiting rankings don't matter. Their snowing their most pride before the fall. Delusional and arrogant as ever. God I hate buckeye fans. GO BLUE!


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"That's the only way you can beat us.  By stealing our recruits."

I knew it wouldn't be long before they started pulling that crap.  They had a logical excuse for the 56 times we beat them before Tressel arrived too.  Now they have the, you only won because ____________ excuse in their pocket for the next time we beat them and end their cheating streak.  Their BS is always well planned in advance. 

In answer to your original question, I don't live down in America's armpit, thank GOD, but a friend of mine lives in Dublin which is just outside Columbus.  She told me her coworkers have been walking around like zombies for weeks. 


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Friend of mine is an OSU diehard. Every joke I make about the downfall of the program receives a comeback of "Michigan still sucks". Sadly very intelligent for a Buckeye...


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I'll take all the jokes with a smile because deep down I'd rather have our last 10 years and the 2 year bowl ban that is probably coming than your last 10 years ;) Let's be real, worst case, we get slapped and suffer for 3 years then we re-emerge as Ohio State again. Michigan has suffered for the last 3 years on their own, and didn't have a National title, a Fiesta Bowl, another Fiesta Bowl, a Rose Bowl, a Sugar Bowl, 9 wins over their rival and 7 Big Ten titles to remember while they waited. So the NCAA vacates stuff, and people make jokes about how our program was tainted and shady because our players traded jerseys for tattoos, whatever, I have the DVDs, T-shirts, newspapers and most importantly the memories that tell me we were the Big Ten's ruler for a decade, and those aren't going anywhere.

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Three things: 1., You do realize that you fucking cheated to get those great 10 years, right? Historically (let's say 1970-2000, in the "modern era" or whatever) your program has been outstanding, but has not been as dominant in the Big Ten as it was the last 10, don't you think? Bo won more than Woody did when they faced off. 2. Along those lines, when you say "going back to being Ohio State," do you refer to the prior 100 years or so when you were about 20 games below .500 against us, or the 1990's when we owned you, or the 1970's when we won the 10 year war...just wanting some clarification. 3. Why stop cheating now if it's all worth it? Seriously- why not just keep doing the same shit? That's the logical extension of your justification. What is "enough" for you to learn your lesson? the Death Penalty? Or would that, too, be worth it because of the last 10 years plus, say, another 7 of cheating, with another national championship before such a Draconian penalty would be instituted by the NCAA? Why not just keep doing it, and maybe even double down on it and do it even bigger and more blatantly, if it doesn't matter because some pain is worth all of the years of glory, even if there is shame attached to it? I'm just curious where the line is drawn.


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Your idea of cheating is very different than mine. Technically OSU only cheated in 2010, because that is the only year Tressel was proven to show that he knowingly played ineligible players. Now you can say that 28 players were ineligible druing the era because of the tattoo mess, but officially Tressel only knew about the 5 that played last season. Until other facts are shown, OSU only "cheated" in 2010.


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He cheated at Youngstown, so don't act like it's a sudden apparition. When you foster an environment of non-compliance, recruits are obviously more willing to come there. It's an unfair advantage and that's why there's rules against it.
<br>Look, we're just happy that you are now exposed for the dirty rotten program you always have been (in one way or another). No reasonable fan thinks you're suddenly a mac-level team and that Ohio U or cinci will start soaking up all the Ohio talent. But we Michigan fans strongly believe that given equal terms we can have a great rivalry and beat you more times than not. Sanctions won't kill you but look at what that cloud is doing to your recruiting already. We'll deservingly enjoy a few wins based off of that advantage and then it'll be back to normal - our preferred version of normal that is.


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Titanic sank in 1912.

Since then, Michigan has won 7 National Championships.

Ohio State has also won 7 National Championships.

And also since the Titanic sank the series record would be 44-44-5.


Conclusion:  We have won shit since the Titanic sank.  And you have not been better from us since then.  We are literally on par with each other.


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is the slow bleeding.  It is that ceaseless nagging feeling as you fall into a pit of excrement that, first, you haven't reached the bottom and, second, there is more crap about to land on you. It's okay. You haven't experienced it before. It bites. It is a huge lesson in humility.

So, as a reminder, the stages of grief are:

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

It seems most OSU fans are somewhere between 1 and 3, with a few starting to reach #4. When the notice of allegations comes, it will probably restart all over again.


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When the NCAA comes down with their ruling at some point, I would like to see you write this all in the past tense. Banners will come down and wins will be vacated. If you think OSU will be back to running shit in 3 years after they get hit with scholarship reductions, you will be sadly disappointed. See this years recruiting class for a glimpse into the future. You lost a recruit to fucking Sparty. Let that sink in for a bit.


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I see it taking about 5 years maybe 4 before you would be considered anywhere remotely near what you were. Miami has had a moment or two at most and Bama hired Saban. Now if your new coach can generate some buzz like that then maybe you bounce back sooner. If Fickell is your coach, forget about it, 5 to 6 years for sure. You do realize OSU is missing out on an extremely talented  Ohio class this year? This is happening even before the sanctions hit. I think you maybe the homer in this situation.


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You're assuming Ohio State was only good because they cheated, as if kids picked Ohio State because they could get free tattoos for their cleats. Come on, those tattoos didn't make players run faster, and if you think that 5 star recruit X wouldn't get the same treatment at Florida, Texas, USC etc. then idk what to tell you. OSU won because they had better players and better coaching, not because their players sold their trinkets. Now, it's fair to say OSU and UM dominated Big Ten football for the last 30 years, and that will be the norm for the next 30 assuming Hoke is good, but assuming OSU was only good this decade because they cheated? That's incorrect.


June 23rd, 2011 at 3:25 AM ^

The difference: OSU was good whether they cheated or no; they were dominant because they cheated. Like Cooper said, he didn't beat Michigan but he played clean. Under Cooper, OSU was very good. But they weren't dominant.

Also, OSU is notorious for giving players "benefits." They were one of the largest schools to do so back when it was still legal to do so in the NCAA if I remember my facts right. Of course a kid will choose a place where he can have his cake and eat it too over one where he will only be able to look at the cake.

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Define "subpar," and "dominant," while you're at it. You haven't had a run like you had the last 10 years since the 1960's. I would agree with the hypothesis that you dominated the Big Ten for the last 10 years- that's pretty much uncontrovertible. But you didn't "dominate" the Big 10 in the 1970's, 80's, 90's, 40's, 50's, etc. So you "dominated" the Big in two decades post-WWII, and that is your natural state? I think that math would dictate that your team is, historically, one of the top 2 in the conference. But far and away "domination" hasn't happened nearly as often as you think. How quickly you forget the 80's and 90's. "Dominating" the Big Ten means kicking Michigan's ass AND everyone else's ass, not just everyone else's ass. Being around .500 vs. Michigan in any one significantly measurable time period  (save for the two decades previously mentioned) and being (still) below .500 against Michigan overall does not indicate "dominance." What you did the last 10 years? That's dominance.