OT:EMU lands a 4 star(Scout) QB.

Submitted by SalvatoreQuattro on July 7th, 2012 at 1:11 PM

Brogan Roback from Toledo.

This is only tangentially related to UM, but this is big for the other Washtenaw school. Real big.I did  take a look at his offer list and it isn't particularly impressive. But hey, Scout fancies him a 4 star and I'll take it.


English has done some remarkable things at EMU over the past year. If EMU can somehow contend and win a MAC title, English ought to win a Nobel Prize or something.



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Agreed.  EMU is where coaching careers go to die, so if English succeeds there it would be, to me, more impressive than the Lions turnaround.  


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That's awesome for EMU. It's awesome to see EMU and English do well. A 4 star QB on both Scout and Rivals going to EMU is big.

But at the same time, he's a top 250 QB on Rivals with offers only from MAC schools. On all sites he only has offers from MAC schools, which is a little surprising for a 4 star QB.


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But eitherway it is an impressive accomplishment for English. Getting a kid from Tolede--especially one with a high ranking--for a school like Eastern is truly remarkable.


Now we'll see if EMU can hold on to the kid.That's a big if.


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I remember seeing his profile on rivals and wondering why he wasn't on our radar and then I saw his offer sheet was entirely MAC schools. Very strange situation where both Rivals and Scout have him as a 4* (and RIvals even has him at #215 OVR) but apparently all the coaches think otherwise.

EIther way, for a guy that highly regarded to choose Eastern (even if his overs were only MAC schools) is a big get for them. We're talking about the bottom-feeder of bottom-feeders there. I'm really hoping English can turn them around

Naked Bootlegger

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Carr's coaching tree may be sprouting some buds!   Hoke is obviously on the right track.  English seems to be pumping a little life into EMU.   It's only a matter of time before Scot Loeffler gets his due (unless he stays on course as a high-flying, well-paid Al Borges o-coordinator/QB coach).   

But I don't have a good track record with predicting future head coaching success after uttering these infamous words in '97:  "Jim Hermann will be the next UM head coach."  And I wish we could erase the DeBord CMU 12-34 coaching stint from the record books.


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Big big get for them. If I recall, wasn't this the kid who's been to every Michigan home game since he was 5 or something like that? Strange that he never got any bigger offers; maybe they'll come later toward signing day.


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I think English has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Mount Pleasant are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Eastern jerseys is a good start.


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This is a huge get for them.  I remember there was some interest in him from this board early on (so that we could "Roback-it").  EMU is making some waves in the MAC.  I like it.


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Congrats to Ron English. I had a chance to meet him at the Michigan Football camp when I was a senior and he is truly a class act. He is also a very good coach and knows what he is talking about, he is also a harn nosed guy with a lot of energy so he really made things more exciting too. Good luck to him.

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Good for them. EMU seems like a place where football goes to die, and English seems like he's been able to slowly turn things around there. If they can build a winning season this year, there will be some BCS programs looking to hire English next year.

After all, I can't possibly imagine him wanting to stay there.....


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The kid started at sjj from his freshman year but it never was a primary pass offense. He has had attitude problems from my understanding. The 4 star kind of came from left field. No one saw it coming. If his head is on straight, it will be a huge get. Very good qb to replace Gillette. As a UT student I'm sad to see him leave the city but glad it wasnt for bg.


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Wow this is great news for them and for that coaching staff.  If they can really transfer him into their offense watch out.  English could easily build a MAC power and find a bigger coaching job.  Would be cool to see a Michigan guy succeed


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This will be two good classes in a row for EMU, something that has never happened in my lifetime. Ypsi is getting better and EMUs academics have also been improving. 

Things looking up for EMU - I love it.


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An impressive get by Ron English...unfortunately my memory of Ron is the shot of him on the sideline with that blank face look as Oregon's qb and pretty much every other team who had a running qb tore through his defense, it was a look of....shit, what do I do????