OT:Bills running two scrimmages at the same time

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The Bills have an open QB competition and will be running two scrimmages at the same time.

I thought this was intersting as Greg Roman is Harbaugh's former OC and Michigan appears to be doing the same thing.    From the article:


Ryan however, intends to run practices a bit different than Bills fans have seen in the past with two offensive units and two defensive units going at the same time on two different fields at St. John Fisher.

“When we get to training camp we’ll do a lot of things on two fields,” Ryan said. “It won’t just be the offense going and the defense going, we’re going to be working on two fields. That’s how you develop young quarterbacks. We’re blessed to have guys on our staff who can really develop quarterbacks.  Greg Roman, Chris Palmer and this is how they did it. You switch whoever is running with the twos on one field and then the ones are on another field. That’s how you get better. We’re going to have that.

“We have some young quarterbacks and we want to make sure that everybody gets the right amount of reps. We’ll have the exact same practice that we have on field one as field two so everybody gets the same reps. You just basically double them up.”

Wonder if Harbaugh will keep running the two sets of Os and Ds once the QB is settled.



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The two scrimmage practice is a great idea as stated, when you need to find a starting QB and you have young guys that need the reps to figure that out. But, once you have a starting QB known, it would be a lot more beneficial to have only 1 scrimmage as that will make it a lot easier for coaches to asses their players and not have to go field to field, they are all at the same place. It would just be a logistical nightmare to continue the 2 scrimmages. So if Michigan announces a starting QB I would not be surprised to see UM head back to just 1 scrimmage during practices.


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While that is a potential issue its relatively easy to solve by splitting your offensive and defensive coaching staff so that you have coaches who know each position watching both scrimmages. While the offensive coordinator watches Game 1 the QBs coach could watch Game 2(edit: meaning someone with knowledge of the QB position is watching every snap live). While this isn't perfect, you never have enough coaches in football to see everything, it solves much of the issue.


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Yes that is true, it's possible to do many different things but IMO having every coach watching the same thing is a much better way to go, but obviously it can go many ways with coaches preference and their philosophy on coaching during practices. No one way is the best way.


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They could run a dozen scrimmages at once and with this roster of QBs its not really going to matter:

Cassel, Matt
Manuel, EJ
Taylor, Tyrod
Tuel, Jeff
Plus they have no 1st round pick unless they trade for one.  So, I don't think Mariotta or Winston is coming to save the day (and I don't think either will pan out anyways). 
Add Rex Ryan to the mix, it should be real fun.
In all fairness though, I do like some of their other off-season moves (Clay, Harvin, McCoy), but if you don't have anyone to get them the ball...  I think Miami is ahead of them talent wise.  Obviously New England is much better.  They can beat the Jets for 2 wins in division, but that's assuming they don't get a QB and continue to be a tire fire.


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Buffalo already had a top 5 defense before Rex so they will definitely be just as good or better this year. The offensive moves have been very solid and most mock drafts have them taking Bryce Petty. No doubt the QB position is a big concern but Rex went to back to back afc championship games with rookie and 2nd year mark Sanchez. Sure Miami got better but they almost always split with them, the jets are similar in make with buffalo but the bills have had their number recently. Patriots are the patriots. I think the bills are tied with Miami for 2nd in that division. Buffalo has a better schedule this year so they could finally make it to the playoffs.


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Petty would be a solid option and probably win the job in camp.  I heard a rumor the Jets were trying for Brees?  That could change the division altogether.  I think the Bills could have the top 1 or 2 defense next year.  I'd really like to see what Rex could do with a solld offense because i don't think he's a bad coach at all.


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Check out the terms of his contract:

Year Base Salary Signing Bonus Workout Bonus Cap Hit Dead Cap
2015 $18,750,000 $7,400,000 $250,000 $26,400,000 $33,550,000
2016 $19,750,000 $7,400,000 $250,000 $27,400,000 $7,400,000 

The Jets currently have about $16 million in cap space (LINK). I don't see how the Jets could do it unless they could convince Brees to renegotiate his contract, which he doesn't have to do. The Saints could cut Brees next year, though.


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They are supposedly running a MANBALL offense with a FB, solid tight end and a running back who smacks you in the mouth.  Will be interesting to see what parallels there are to Michigan.  (I may be reading too much into the Roman/Harbaugh connection.)