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Submitted by Cam57 on April 20th, 2011 at 12:20 AM

I just got a dog today, and while thinking of names nothing great was coming to mind. Then...all of a sudden...it came to me. This dog is destined for greatness. In honor of the man himself.



April 20th, 2011 at 1:32 PM ^

As Cbus 91Wolverine has stated please do not name your puppy Bo, it’s too similar to “No” and will confuse them.  It will hinder your training greatly, and in my opinion is extremely unfair to them.  aawolverine also is correct in stating that sticking with a two syllable name is best. If your dog is still a pup the 1st 3 months after bringing them home are the most important so be prepared for the dedication needed  early on.  I strongly recommend you read a book called “Family Dog: A Simple and Time Proven Method,” by Richard Wolters available at most local libraries.  While dated it offers a wealth of knowledge on how to raise your pup and the time you need to spend with him/her while he or she’s still growing. 

Also while I’m sure there’s a better way I could pass this along here’s small socialization checklist you can use during the 3 months I eluded to above.  He/she will be socialized plenty using the below.


• toddler

• young girl

• young boy

• teenage girl

• teenage boy

• another puppy

• older dog(s)

• cat(s)

• farm animal(s)

• person w/ motorcycle

• person w/ bicycle

• person w/ stroller

• person in uniform

• person wearing glasses

• person wearing a big hat

• person wearing strong perfume

• person w/ an umbrella

• person mowing their yard

• person using a hose

• person using a power washer

• person in a wheelchair

• person using a cane/crutches/walker


• baby crying

• people shouting

• thunder

• siren(s)

• blender

• fireworks

• loud music

• vacuum

• train whistle

• car starting

• blow dryer

• blow dryer

• garbage truck


• over a bridge

• on a sidewalk grate

• up and down stairs

• through tall grass

• in shallow water

• on gravel


• veterinarian

• pet supply store

• playground

• drive-thru

• lake/river

• beach

• construction site

Lastly below are (4) other posts on potential name choices….

For what it’s worth my lab is named after Bo, but his name is Schemey and he's one of the best things in our life.