OT: Zone Read Explained By NU RB

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My fellow Alumnus Tyrell Sutton explains/diagrams how to execute the Zone Read. I know many veterans here can diagram this in their sleep and probably even explain it better but it's interesting to get a write up from a guy who actually ran it in the BIG and lead the nation in touchdowns at one point. This will be a regular feature from him so here's hoping we learn much more going forward about what its like to be a running back. http://www.huddlepass.com/feature/120643 Excerpt: If the quarterback gives the handoff, the running back has three options: bend it behind the double team, bang it between the middle or bounce it to the outside front-side (side with 3 receivers in this case). These reads by the running back must be made sooner than your typical I formation because we are closer to the line of scrimmage, thus making reaction time essential to a running back in the zone read scheme. apologies for the formatting, I don't make threads and not sure how to fix.



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but not with the RB's perspective and what do they do if they get the ball. Really good read. I wish more former athletes can write articles like this with their own respective positions, explaining their jobs and why they chose what they choose.  More people would read it IMO instead of the stupid fluff piece that we see every day (ESPN is the biggest offender and they think that we're 10 yr old viewers who don't know shit about football).


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I clicked around on that site a bit (huddlepass.com) and found out the whole thing is done by former BIG 10 players.
Unfortunatley there were not any articles by our players, but these guys are listed as experts available to directly answer our questions for the Michigan page:
Tim Massaquoi
 Brandon Williams
Tyrece Butler
Donovan Warren
Todd Howard
Larry Stevens Jr


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Very interesting read, and yeah, I think we sometimes overlook the RB's perspective when we talk about these plays sometimes, so it was also refreshing in that sense. 

I liked the first question in the comments on this blog because it is the question I had - as a smaller back, which version of the play would Sutton prefer? Which would Hyde - a bigger guy - prefer? I would be very interested in the answer. 


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Here is a link to another NU alumnus discussing defending the zone read.


What I like about reading huddlepass is that many of the guys are pretty sound writers. There used to be an example of a T. Pryor essay on this board that looked like a young child wrote it. Sometimes I think people expect that all of the talented skill players didn't come to play school. I used to see arguments about Notre Dame not being able to recruit good athletes due to academic standards. While some athletes really can't succeed in the classroom, clearly T. Sutton is an educated and articulate guy. I'm sure Michigan is similar to NU and most other D1 schools in that they have a few on the team who are really in over their head academically but many more who really have what it takes scholastically albeit being stretched very thin due to their athletic commitment.

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but like I was trying to say in my post, read the rest of the Huddle website. Its filled with decent writers from many different schools who don't match the NU/Duke/Stanford model. Sutton was just my example since I linked to his article and he was a very good player who could have started at a lot of those other schools.


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Center snaps ball to Devin
Devin places ball in Fitz stomach & then releases
Fitz is tackled by multiple DLs & LBs

I AM optimistic about next year. Not so much about the 2013 season.