OT; Your first Beer! Lets hear about it........

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T-Minus 3 hours to the weekend. Lets hear some great first beer stories. Was it with your old man or buddies? What was the occasion? My first cold one was with my grandpa up north when i was 16. I will never forget that day and will always cherish that my first beer was with such an awesome man. Only 36 days. Go Blue!



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O'Douls - 8th grade, told my buddy to bring beer from his dad's fridge, he said his dad always had a lot in there. Brings a six of it and we chugged them behind my folks house. My brother, was a Jr in High School caught us. He ratted us out to my parents, who laughed when they found out it was O'douls. They grounded me, for being a dumbass and drinking a non-alcoholic beer.


Coool story, breh.


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I remember asking for a beer from my dad when I was about seven or eight.  I did it just for the lulz.  Obviously he was going to say no, but just to get a rise out of him.  He said, OK, here, have a sip of mine.  I did, and so the next beer I had was in college and I think it was Bud Light. I didn't even drink for the first few months of college until I went to Mardi Gras, then got really blitzed on Hand Grenades and decided to give beer another try when I got back to school.


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My neighbor kept a few sixes of O'Douls in his garage fridge.  My buddy snuck some out and we drank them behind his shed.  Dumbasses that we were, we spent the next hour or so staggering around acting drunk.  I'm sure the neighbor had a good laugh when he saw the missing near-beers.


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I grew up in the 60's and there were four boys in the family.  We would do yard work with our dad every weekend.  In the afternoon, especially in the summer, he would say "go get me a beer".  One of would go get it and that was that. 

Until one day one of us said "can we have on?".  He said yes and that two of us could have one and the other two could share a second one.

I still remember the bottle shape.


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don't remember what kind it was, who I was with, or where I drank it.  What I can remember is that it was in a can, it was pretty warm, and it was really, really gross.


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SENIOR YEAR??? Yikes, are you Amish??? I was 15, second semester of my freshman year in HS. Sister bought me and a friend a 30-pack of Stroh's. Friend and I drank (at most) 6 or 7 each, both threw up violently, went back to his house, got caught by his dad, got punished mercilessly. That started a long love affair with beer, for me... 

Hemlock Philosopher

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When I was 15, I worked at a grocery store with my brother. We spent a lot of time in the bottle returns area playing floor hockey. One day a customer returned some full cans of the High Life, Light version, so that was the first beer I drank. 


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was a 40 oz of Colt Ice. My friend had season tickets to the pistons and we told our parents we were going to the game but drove down to Detroit where we knew they sold alcohol to teenagers. 


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Many family type parties growing up. My responsibility as a kid was to fetch new beers for my uncles. So, my first beer was backwash drinking. My first real beer of my own was heisting one of my dad when I was around 12. He drank Black Label so that took me awhile to rebound from. Also because of that I could never figure out why Mabel would get on the table.


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Dad used to travel to the Czech Republic fairly often and would bring back this Radegast beer.  Hooked it up when I was 14 or 15.  Been putting 'em back ever since. 

CRISPed in the DIAG

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First full beer was a can of Old Milwaukee. I was 13. After one of my stepdad's softball games, I picked a beer out of the cooler and opened it right in front of everyone. When nobody said "HEY! PUT THAT DOWN!!" I had to follow through with it. It didn't suck, because my parents had been letting my sip at beers for a few years. So I never had the squemish reaction to it that other people have to beer when they try it the first time. In other words, I don't remember a time when I disliked beer.


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After years of bringing my dad his beer and getting a sip I asked my mom jokingly if I could have one. I was probably 12 and shocked when she said sure. It was a hot summer day and we sat on our deck and had a beer together. Wouldn't change it for the world. RIP, Mom and fuck cancer.

PS I didn't drink at all in high school.


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Genesee Cream Ale, 9th grade.

A few of my 9th grade friends and I were camping after riding dirt bikes into the woods.  We lit a camp fire and one of the guys pulls out a six pack of Genesee Cream Ale and handed out the cans.

Being my first beer, it took a while to choke down the whole can.  But I finally did it.  Proud of my accomplishment, I yelled out "One down!" and threw the empty can in the woods.

My friends yelled at me "Are you an idiot?  We'll get caught if you leave cans around this area.  Everybody knows we go here."

I sheepishly retrieved the can and put it with the other empties.  

Another six pack was pulled out and we kept drinking.  It did not take too long for me to get my first buzz, which I quite liked.

Then we decided it was a good idea to go dirt bike riding in the dark while drunk.  We fell as often as we moved forward.  Fortunately it was on muddy sawmill trails in the woods and nobody got hurt.

The next morning I was hungover, guilty, and scared.  And my handlebars were bent.

Looking back, the whole thing feels like a line from Kid Rock's All Summer Long song.




Wolverine In Iowa 68

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our family is German, dad never wanted us to hide it, so when we were little, if we wanted a sip of his beer, and we asked, he'd let us have it.  I was probably 8 the first time.

I liked it and did it fairly regularly, but he wasn't a big drinker, so it's not like I had it every week or anything.


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I am the product of an English father and German mother, so yeah, there was a drinking tradition in the house and my parents never overimbibed but they were also very open about it as well. I was probably 8 or 9, and I remember for some reason that it was a Fuller's or some other English pub ale that my dad let me try and I remember liking it. Actually didn't have my first Bud or Miller until after college, strangely enough. 


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16 hanging with a cousin a year older then me. He scored some Miller High life's and gave me one. Had never drank an entire beer and wanted to be cool, so opened it up and drank it as we hung out in the woods away from our parents.

Perkis-Size Me

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I accidentally grabbed a budweiser by mistake when I was maybe 7-8. Went to the fridge to grab a coke and that was the most disgusting Coke I ever had in my life. 

The first time I intentionally tried beer was when I went to go visit my sister while she was in college. I had just finished sophomore year of HS. First thing she does after picking me up from the airport is takes us to the liquor store. She went easy on me and got Capt. Morgan Coconut Rum and Sam Adams Boston Lager. I thought the beer tasted like horse piss and it took me about an hour just go get through maybe half of one bottle of it. Switched to Capt. Morgan but that didn't taste much better. 

Honestly wondered why people ever wanted to drink when the stuff tastes that bad. Then I got drunk for the first time at my 18th birthday party, and it all of a sudden became crystal clear. Then it got hazy again and bad decisions were made. 


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My first beer wasn't too memorable, a Bud at a party after my summer job at the Drive-In in Westland.

My most memerable was at Dooley's where I was hanging out with some friends.  Much of the offensive line was there with Rick Leach.  It was someone's birthday and the linemen were drinking pitchers - no mugs, pitchers.  I thought that was the coolest thing ever.  They invited me over and before you knew it, I was drinking out of a pitcher.  Now, I'm not close to lineman size so it hit me pretty hard.  On the way out of the bar I could feel it coming up.  I lunged for the trash can near the door and ended up gakking all over the bouncer who had a shaved head and WAS lineman size.  Luckily for me the players thought it was hilarious and helped me outside before the guy could cave my skull in.


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For my 21st birthday I went with a college group from my church to Grizzly Peak for a Bible study. The beer was flowing liberally. I had two pints of their porter and still love it to this day.

But my first beer was at an Irish pub in Windsor when I was 19. Guinness.

Mr. Yost

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Oskar Blues IPA...it was decent, but the bar/restaurant didn't have a great selection.

4 more later and I'm home on my couch watching the Russillo Show ready for this awesome nap that I can feel is on the horizon.









...wait, are we talking about today?


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14 yrs old, freshman in highschool. It was a Natty Light, procured through the classic friend's-sister's-friend-who-isn't-21-but-at-least-has-a-fake method. Drank it in my friend's basement, I thought it was so gross I stopped at one and didn't even try drinking again for over a year until my dad let me have an Oberon left over from his work party. 14 years later I don't think I've ever stopped at one again. 


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I think I was 14 or 15 living in East GR (Eastown) and our neighborhood had a block party. My old man splurged and got a keg of Dirty Bastard back when there were only 4 or 5 rotating beers at Founders. If I remember correctly, we didn't have enough mugs or plastic cups so I drank out of a XL McDonalds Red Wings-edition cup. About 6 or 7 of those later I was violently ill and spinning like a damn ballerina.

No harsh feelings though. Still my fav beer of all time.


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I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade during a high school grad party (my parents do not know this fact).

I then had a Guiness as my first ever "real beer" during freshman year of HS. Boy was that ever a rude awakening. I couldn't understand why anyone would drink that for fun, and the only way I was able to finish the 4-pack was using copious amounts of vanilla ice cream.

Experimented with lagers, which were _okay_, albeit a little gross. Still don't much care for Heineken.

Then I tried Blue Moon, which was my gateway to Oberon, which was my gateway to craft beer.

Now I'm a craft beer snob.


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We got some warm Rolling Rock beers from my buddies older brother. We didn't have any way to get them cold, because we were drinking them in the neighborhood hangout in the woods. Horrible. To this day, I never touch Rolling Rock.