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"A minor league baseball team changed a Tim Tebow promotion after receiving a cease and desist e-mail from the University of Florida."

Fort Myers Miracle fans expected "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" night Wednesday, but the theme was changed to "What Would T.T. Do?"

The best part of this story is that a tornado cloud was spotted outside of the stadium which begged the question of whether or not Tim was about to release his fury on them for this promotion! Oh, and they were thinking about performing a fake circumcision. CLASSIC!

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Terry Tate?

"These ain't your pens Richard! These pens belong in my house! You can't come in my house and kick my dog and take a box full of ballpoints. Your ass must be crazy!"

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Considering that the universities are not allowed to profit off their players' likeliness, I'm surprised that U of F sent a cease and desist letter. The NCAA sending a cease and desist letter would make more sense. Or am I totally off base her?


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I'm assuming this is one of those things that they just didn't want to take a chance with. The player can become ineligible and Florida could have gotten in trouble if they didn't handle it. Just like if I talk to a recruit and commit a violation - because I donated to the University at some point they University would be the one getting in trouble.