OT: WVU - Marshall game .. Fan struck by lightning

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I know a lot of people were happy, yet unhappy, with the game being called yesterday. We U of M fans were left with a feeling of emptiness, as we got cheated out of the 4th quarter, but it was a great call by the AD's. The question for WVU and Marshall is .... at what point does Marshall just give in to defeat. They are down by 24 points with roughly 14 minutes left, and the game has been going on for 6 1/2 hours ... mostly a lightning delay. It was just announced on ESPN that one of the fans who refused to leave the stadium when it was evacuated, and the police have confirmed he was unresponsive after being struck by lightning.

I think it's ridiculous that these 2 AD's cannot come to an agreement after nearly 7 hours, when WMU and U of M were able to do so very quickly. The game is out of hand, and I think it's ridiculous they are going to keep this game going, especially since thay are saying there is at least 2 more hours of storms coming, and the fact that lightning directly struck the stadium and affected a fan.



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Yeah they need to think about the players and fans. Those players are probably exhausted, and all the stop and go play wont do them any good. If Marshall thinks they have any chance left, then thats pretty sad. And the ad's should take some blame for the guy getting struck, he probably didnt want to leave and miss any of the game, but still it was dumb he did not leave.


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Laws about event tickets is interesting but the short answer is yes, the venue can definitely demand that people leave. Tickets are basically short-term license that can be revoked at any time. The problem is logistics. If someone wants to stay, there's not enough law enforcement to remove everyone by force in a short amount of time.

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I didn't leave during the first delay and only left during the second one because I was completely drenched. A vast amount of the student section stayed - and wouldn't leave - until they ordered them out. I went to the very top of the west side and was amazed at how much lightening was going on.

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According to Mike Casazza's (WVU athletics beat writer for the Charleston Daily Mail) twitter: "An agitated WVU is saying EMS hasn't responded to or treated anyone for a lightning strike."


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Police: Stadium Struck by Lightning, Not Fan
Posted Sunday, September 4, 2011 ; 10:13 PM

The state police issued a statement on the rumors of a fan being struck during the Friends of Coal Bowl.


MORGANTOWN -- Sgt. James Merrill of the West Virginia State Police issued a statement on the rumor that a fan was hit by lightning during the delay of the Friends of Coal Bowl.

The statement said there was a lightning strike outside of Milan Puskar Stadium but they are not aware of anyone being hit.

EMS and State Police were sent to the scene but found no one to be hit.

The game between WVU and Marshall, was delayed because of lightning within a six mile radius of the stadium.

During these delays, fans are asked to leave the stadium and as well as players and staff.



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Safety precautions are important, and today showed why. We may be upset because the game is being suspended, but they're doing it to try to keep people safe. 


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the good news is that it appears no one was hurt.  Hopefully the weather from this weekend will open the discussion of how protocol is handled during games when incliment weather is present.  I'm glad the Michigan game was handled in a safe and timely manner.


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They described it earlier as a big brother, little brother type of rivalry and that the Marshall's coach couldn't call it and let the players down. So, if we were playing MSU yesterday, do you think that Dantonio would let them call the game? I don't.


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I find it kind of funny that it's considered a "precaution" when you wait for the first bolt of lightning within 6 miles to evacuate.  The first bolt could be the one that hits the stadium.  The only truly safe thing to do would be evacuate when the radar looks bad.  But that would be crazy.  


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I think they can "make" you leave the stadium, since it is University property and/or normally closed to the public. There's also liability issues for the university should something bad happen, I believe (though they have insurance).

I like watching thunderstorms as much as the next guy, but the possibility of 30,000+ amperes of electricity coursing through my body in a nanosecond is not my idea of fun.