OT: Writing a Speech on how NCAA Should Pay Student-Athletes

Submitted by CincyWolverine on January 31st, 2011 at 3:17 PM

So here's the deal.  I have a speech due to present tomorrow for my composition class and I am writing it on how the NCAA should pay, or at least give a stipend to its student-athletes. My reason for posting here is to ask for additional suggestions or reasons as to why student-athletes should be paid.

The only reason I know I will use is the most obvious one, that universities and colleges make millions off of some players in exchange for paying for a comparably small fee for tuition, room and board.

My first thought on who I could talk to for more suggestions was this blog, so anyone have anything for me?



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Here's why your Bivouac example is a problem: Let's say modeling for money is legal as an NCAA athlete. Phil Knight decides he wants to pay Jadaveon Clowney, George Farmer and Curtis Grant 500' each to be in his Nike ads for the next 3-4 years, as long as they're playing for Oregon. Or if they don't go to Oregon he might choose someone else. And then they get to Oregon, they do one photo shoot, take their money and play for the Ducks. Is that how we want college football to work?


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Here's why your example is a problem:

Under your scenario, you are barring people from working for their going wage. While treading a fine line between sports and politics, do you really want to be in the business of stopping an 18-23 year old young man/woman from earning money? Especially money that is not ill-gotten?


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I guess I'm on the "don't pay athletes side", but if you need another point, say that more athletes would stay in school longer if they were getting paid. This would maybe make it so more of them would have an education when they get out of college.


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Maybe you could point out how colleges making money off of student athlete's abilities is the very definition of exploitation.  AJ Green getting suspended for seeing his bowl jersey would be an interesting thing to talk about.  

Video game likeness, footage used in commercials that the NCAA gets money for, jersey sales would all be things to talk about.

As for the room, board and tuition arguments, point out that the stars are earning far more than that for their university.  

I actually don't think college athletes should be paid.  A good solution, in my opinion, would be to let players enter the draft whenever they want.  People like John Wall should not be forced to go to college.  


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But for the majority of schools the players are not bringing in more profit than they are getting through tuition/room and board/etc. We are just spoiled by profit here.

And I don't buy that the dorms aren't big enough. After living in an 11x12 in Markley then visiting West Quad I can tell you that it feels like a palace in there. I'm no small guy either, about 6'4" and 215lbs. Hell, west quads rooms are bigger than the living room in my house. Sure, taking a shower in the dorms is a pain in the ass since they are designed for short people, but its surely not unliveable. And it wouldn't hurt an athlete to take a loan like the rest of us.